31 Thank You for the Donuts Messages (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Is anyone here a donut aficionado? If yes, then chances are that you probably have your favorite flavor of the day. And whether it is oreo-fudge or plain glazed with sprinkles, all this sweetness combined with coffee in the morning is what life dreams are made off!

But how can you show your gratitude to others for delivering these heavenly treats? Yes, through thank you messages after receiving donuts! People love getting appreciation for their efforts and that’s why today we have a list of sample thank you for donuts messages that will help convey your thanks in words.

Here is a list of thank you for the donuts messages just waiting to be shared: Read on!


#1 Thank you for stopping by my office with the donuts. That was very thoughtful of you! It was definitely a pleasant surprise!

#2 You were such a sweetheart for stopping by with the coffee and donuts this morning before our meeting. You really saved us all from having an awkward pre-meeting moment with growling stomachs! Thank you again!

#3 I wanted to thank you for stopping by my office with the donuts before I left this morning. As always, they were delicious! You are too sweet!

#4 Thank you again for bringing in donuts today. I know that was really last minute but it was a nice gesture nonetheless. The boys in the IT department also loved them! Thank you even more for thinking of them as well.

#5 The company picnic is tomorrow and we all couldn’t be more excited! Thank you so much for your donation of lunch. We all appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness immensely. It was such a nice surprise to get such a tasty lunch on such short notice. You’re awesome!

#6 Thank you for the donuts yesterday… it was so thoughtful of you to stop by! I’ll be looking forward to lunchtime today!

#7 I just wanted you to know that your thoughtfulness has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for bringing in donuts for everyone. It was very generous, and I appreciate it!

#8 There are days where I want to say no, but then you bring donuts into work, and suddenly my day is made. Thanks for always thinking of me when bringing treats in!

#9 Thank you for always thinking about me. That is just one of the many reasons why I love you so much. I really appreciate that you are trying to make my life better, and one of those ways is by bringing donuts every morning. Thank you!

#10 You are so sweet for always thinking about me first thing in the morning. Donuts are my favorite breakfast food, so thank you very much for stopping by with them this morning!

#11 It was wonderful seeing your smiling face this morning because it meant that you brought me donuts again! You know how much I enjoy receiving them, and that makes me happy too. Thank you for being thoughtful enough to bring them to me every day!

#12 Thank you once again for stopping by with the lovely box of donuts today! They are my favorite kind too! It was very sweet of you to think of me when you saw them at the store.

#13 Thank you for the delicious box of donuts. It was a lovely surprise that brightened my day!

#14 I’m always up for a good donut, especially when someone brings one to share. Thanks! My afternoon is much better with delicious sugar as a treat!

#15 Today I got to work and saw the most beautiful thing – a box full of donuts from my secret admirer! You knew exactly what to get me, and I am so grateful. Thank you very much indeed!

#16 Thanks for the donuts, they really hit the spot. I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I had one.

#17 I appreciate you and all your hard work! Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to share some delicious donuts with me.

#18 The donuts were amazing; thank you so much for bringing them in for everyone! Not only did we get to enjoy something delicious, but everyone was talking about it afterward. You kept us all happy and that’s very important here at work.

#19 Aww, thanks so much for bringing in those yummy doughnuts this morning! We all really appreciate it – thank you so much They look scrumptious!

#20 I was really craving a sweet snack this afternoon, and you came through with those delicious-looking doughnuts. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

#21 You’re too kind to bring everyone donuts on your way into work today. I hope it wasn’t any trouble – please let me know if there’s anything I can do to repay you. Thanks so much again, they look amazing!

#22 Thanks for the thoughtfulness of bringing in donuts for us all today. They look fantastic! Not only that but they smell great too 🙂 I appreciate it

#23 Thank you for thinking of me before anybody else today and taking the time out of your busy day to stop by my office with the donuts. I’m really touched!

#24 I can’t tell you how much it meant to me when you brought in the donuts for everybody. You’re such a great guy that deserves all the best! Congratulations on being Employee of The Month. You deserve it.

#25 Thank you for thinking of me, even though we haven’t spoken in a while. It was very nice of you to remember that I love your favorite kind of donut and bring some into work for everyone today. Thank you so much!

#26 Thank you for taking the time out of your day to run into Dunkin Donuts and get me a dozen! It was such a sweet thing to do. I will look forward to working on this new project with you.

#27 It’s not even 9:00 AM yet and the donuts are the best ever! Thank you for getting up so early to surprise me with these delicious treats, my love. How can I repay you?

#28 The donut alarm clock is my favorite alarm clock of all time! You know exactly how to make someone smile even on days where they might be having a bad start. I’m very lucky that you’re in my life and that your sense of humor matches mine perfectly.

#29 The donuts that you brought were delicious! I’m not sure how long it will take me to get through them all but I appreciate your bringing them over. Thank you again, they are wonderful!

#30 The donuts look amazing! Next time, only bring enough for only me though. Thanks for bringing them over though; they are really great.

#31 Thank you for coming in with the donuts this morning! They smelled so good and tasted just as good too. We all had a nice treat today because of you, thank you.

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In conclusion, when you want to say thank you for the donuts, consider saying something like “I really enjoyed my time with you.”

Thanking someone for their generosity can be done in a number of ways. If the person is a stranger they may not expect anything in return. If it’s a close friend or a family member there are many ways to say thank you for the donuts.

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