51 Thank You for Welcoming Me into Your Family Messages (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

When you become part of a family, it’s easy to feel like you’ve found your place. If you’ve recently become engaged, or are getting married, take the time to thank your family members for their kind words and support. Here are some ideas of what you might include in these kinds of messages.

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#1 I used to think my family was the center of my universe. I realize now that it is your family that holds that position. Thank you for making me a part of your world!

#2 Thank you for welcoming me into your home and sharing your traditions with me. These are memories I will cherish forever. This is not only a new chapter in my life, but a new book!

#3 There truly ain’t no place like home. There’s no one else I’d rather be at home with than you all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being an amazing family and becoming mine as well!

#4 In this crazy world we live in, it seems as though there is never enough time to spend with those who matter most – our family. With you, I feel like I am home again. Thank you for making me feel so welcome!

#5 I was hoping the love I had for my own family would be enough to fill this gaping hole in my heart. But it wasn’t until you welcomed me into your family with open arms that the void started to disappear. You are more than just my new family; you are my home now and always will be!

#6 You have given me a completely new perspective on what it means to have a loving, caring and supportive family. Thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful home and sharing all of yours traditions with me, no matter how big or small they might be! You truly made this an unforgettable experience for me! Before leaving on my exchange, I had no idea how much I needed a new family to call my own. You have filled that void with your love and support. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your family!

#7 I will never forget the first time we met – it was on a bus headed towards a new adventure in an unfamiliar place. Little did I know, soon after our paths would cross again and you all would become my very own family! Thank you for welcoming me into your lives and loving me like one of your own.

#8 Your home is more than just four walls where people sleep at night; It’s made up of the memories created during those fleeting moments together as a family that make life worth. That definition makes your house the best in the world because you all make my home feel like one I can’t wait to return to!

#9 I never thought I would make such close connections during my exchange year, but your family has made me feel like I am at home. Thank you for being a part of my journey and allowing me into your hearts. Together we have created memories that will last a lifetime!

#10 My heart is the fullest it has ever been because I finally have a family. I look forward to spending as much time as possible with you!

#11 You have brought so much happiness into my life. You are always there for me and that means more than anything in the world. Thank you for loving me unconditionally

#12 Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Every day with you feels like a fairy tale come true. I am completely enchanted by your love!

#13 I never knew what unconditional love was until I met all of you. Spending time with each one of you has made me happier than words can express!

#14 With every passing day, our bond becomes stronger and stronger, which makes all the difference in my life. Thank you for being my family, I love you all so very much!

#15 Thank you for welcoming me into your family with open arms. You have given me a feeling of belonging that I have never felt before. I am grateful to be a part of your lives and look forward to the adventures we will share together!

#16 You give me something most people can only dream about – a loving, caring, supportive family who wants nothing but the best for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel like one of your own!

#17 Thank you all for always being there when I need a helping hand or kind words to brighten up my day. It is truly an honor to be welcomed into your wonderful family. I am looking forward to more memories with you all!

#18 Family means a lot of different things to different people. For me, family is a group of people who will always have my back and support the decisions I make – even if they are not popular ones – and that is exactly what your family has done for me!

#19 I am so grateful for this loving, warm, funny and supportive family. You welcomed me into your hearts as though I was always meant to be here – which makes me feel invincible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the best new family I could have ever asked for. This life would no longer be complete without each one of you in it.

#20 Thank you for making me a part of your big family because it means that I get to be part of all your wonderful traditions and culture. You raise me up when I am down and make me feel like I can do anything! Thank you for always being there for me and treating me like one of your own.

#21 Thank you for inviting me into your family with open arms, even though we did not know each other before. You welcomed me with open hearts and made it possible for us become the best of friends in no time at all!

#22 Thank you for creating a warm, loving and supportive environment filled with happiness, positive energy and acceptance… The kind of place where anyone would love to call home! This life would be incomplete without each one of you in it.

#23 I want to thank you for giving me the best gift I could ever ask for – a family. You have given me so much love and affection that I can’t help but feel exhilarated about life!

#24 Thank you for making this season so special with your warm hospitality. It has been an honor to spend time with all of you and to experience what real, unconditional love is like. May this holiday season be filled with fond memories that will last forever in our hearts!

#25 I remember when we first met; it felt like only yesterday! The only thing that was on my mind was how quickly our relationship would progress because there’s something about your energy that brings out the best in me. You are my family!

#26 I am so happy with your decision to make me a part of this wonderful family. I feel blessed with all that is happening around us and look forward to all that lies ahead!

#27 You have no idea how good it feels when you say “we want you in our family.” It’s like not being able to breathe because of an overwhelming sense of relief, knowing my place is with you. Thank you for making me feel so welcome!

#28 Our lives are now better than ever. We achieved our goal together when we decided to create a loving, nurturing home – one where everyone would be welcomed with open arms. Each day, when I wake up next to your beautiful faces, I know I’ve made the right decision. Thank you for taking me in and making me feel at home!

#29 It is absolutely impossible to imagine our lives without each other. You have become an integral part of my life and I can’t picture spending a single day without your love and support. Thank you for opening up your hearts to me and making me feel like part of the family!

#30 I wake up every morning with the excitement only a child could understand, knowing I’m going to spend another day with you – people who make everyday better. Just writing this makes me realize how blessed we are to be surrounded by such wonderful people! We all deserve nothing but happiness, and it’s amazing that we found that here among one another. So, thank you for this new lease on life. It’s absolutely perfect!

#31 Thank you for allowing me to come into your family and experience the joys of unconditional love. You all embody everything that I believe a good family should be, and I’m proud to call myself part of it.

#32 Welcoming me with open arms may sound like an overstatement but not in your case – honestly, never have I felt so accepted by people who don’t even know me that well. There is just something about your energy that brings out the best in me as well, which makes me feel at home from day one. Thank you for letting me be part of your lives!

#33 Thank you for welcoming me into your family – it is beautiful here! To get fully integrated into your family was not something I ever thought would happen at such a high pace; we became like real within days and now we share each other’s lives. I look forward to many more exciting times together!

#34 Thank you for the best family I could ever wish for. You are all so kind and generous, it makes me love you even more. Thank you for accepting me into your family with open arms – my life is now complete!

#35 You have done what no one else has been able to do: make me feel as if I am part of a real family. You welcomed me with open arms from day one and now we celebrate birthdays and holidays together as a true family would. We may not be related by blood but we certainly share a bond that runs deep within our hearts! Thank you my new friend, you will never know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me!

#36 Thank you so much for welcoming me into your family. I know we were not related by blood and it makes my heart warm to know that you welcomed me as a new daughter and sister with open arms. I now see all of the wonderful parts of life through your loving eyes, feel joy whenever you are around, and feel peace within myself when thinking about our place in this world together. I’m extremely grateful to share this beautiful part of life with you – thank you!

#37 You took me in as one of your own instantly. We spend time together constantly now and I love each second. You show me how generous, kind, amazing people can be – especially those who are family members! Thank you for including me in every part of your life and making me feel so loved.

#38 I have been taken into a family by the couple I thought was my parents since I was born, but I have come to realize that you are the true definition of what a family is. You welcomed me with open arms from day one and you have shown me how to love unconditionally. Thank you for being an inspiration to all those around you – especially myself!

#39 We may not be related by blood but we certainly share a bond that runs deep within our hearts! The reason why I think we get on so well together is because we both see each other as a member of our own family. As a result, we spend together which leads us to getting to know each other better until we eventually became one. That is the goal! To be together forever – no matter what happens in life.

#40 Thank you so much for taking me into your family and making me feel so loved. We may not be related by blood but I feel like am part of this family since I was born! You are my true fam even though I didn’t grow up with you, your love matters more than anything to me. Thank you for all that you have done for me, it has helped shape who I am today.

#41 I would like to express my gratitude towards your family for accepting me into yours. When we first met, I was very nervous but it didn’t take long before that feeling disappeared because of your warmth and sense of humor. It has been a pleasure to get to know you better and I look forward to more quality time with your family.

#42 For all the challenges, for every tear-filled day, thank you for welcoming me into your family. We have overcome them together and it feels like home here now without any doubts. Family is about love, forgiveness and appreciation! And I feel that around your family every day! Thank you for making me one of your own!

#43 It can’t be said enough – thank you for accepting me into your family. We may not share blood but we are linked forever by the ties of our hearts which beat as one under this roof!

#44 Thank you so much for inviting me into your world and allowing me to become part of your family. I feel so blessed and lucky to have such a loving new family!

#45 I am writing this letter to express my gratitude towards the wonderful woman who has become one of the most important people in my life: you. Thank you for accepting me into your family and allowing me to get closer and closer to it, even though we weren’t really expected to meet each other. You are an amazing person with a generous heart and I feel honored that you call me your daughter. Love you, Mom!

#46 Thank you for opening up your heart and home to me. I am looking forward to spending time with you all and making memories that will last a lifetime!

#47 I have been blessed to have found a second family who loves me the way you do. You accepted me from day one as one of your own, and I can never repay you for it. Thank you so much for giving me a hug when I needed it most! We may not share blood, but we share something even stronger – our hearts.

#48 You have given my life new meaning by being part of my life now – thank you so much! Wishing you all the best as we embark on this journey together as a forever family!

#49 Thank you for being my second set of parents and for sharing your love with me. You have been more than family, you have been friends as well. I look forward to our new journey together!

#50 Being part of a loving, caring and fun family is what I have always wanted – thank you so much for making this possible!

#51 Giving me a beautiful life full of laughter and happiness was the best decision you could have made – thank you so much! I cannot wait to spend time with all of you during summer vacation!

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