51 Thank You Son Messages (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

A son is one of the most precious gifts a parent can receive. Show your gratitude for all your son has done for you by sending him a heartfelt message expressing your appreciation. Here are some sample thank you messages and quotes to help get you started.

smiling man carrying toddler boy while holding pumpkins


#1 You’ve brought joy and laughter to our family and I hope that never ends. You keep us close, no matter how far apart we may be. We are a team and always will be! I am thankful for you, son; thank you for all the memories of good times we have shared!

#2 Son, every day with you is an adventure. You make me smile, laugh and appreciate life like never before. It would not be a life lived to its fullest if it was not spent with you my love. Thank you for being who you are and making me glad that in my heart, in some way or another, in God’s eyes -I do have a son!!

#3 You are my precious son, I never thought that one day I would have a son. When you came into our lives it was the best surprise ever! You are very special to me and I am so glad that you are in my life.

#4 My love for you does not come with strings attached. It is unconditional and pure. I don’t expect anything in return from you, because being your mom is enough for me.

#5 Life has its ups and downs but one thing has never changed, how much joy you bring to me through your beautiful smile. Knowing that we get to see your gorgeous smile every day makes our world brighter.

#6 Thank you for always standing up for what is right and doing is needed of you no matter how difficult it might be. It takes courage to do what is right and you demonstrate that everyday!

#7 Son, I am so proud of the man that you have become and everything that you do for our family and your community. You are a role model and an inspiration for your peers. Keep up the good work son, we are very proud of you!

#8 I will always love you unconditionally, no matter how old you get or what choices in life that you make. You can always depend on me to give advice when needed but otherwise I will not overstep my boundaries with trying to control your life.

#9 We all have dreams for our future, yours was just a little bit different than most parents would have liked but we knew that you would find your path and we could not be happier with the decision you made. Keep doing what makes you happy.

#10 There was a time when I wanted to hold onto you forever but let me tell you this, no matter how old you get you will ALWAYS be my little boy and I will always want to protect and guide you through life! Just know that we are here for anything that might come up in life.

#11 Son, I am often reminded of how young and fearless you were when we first meet each other. It makes me smile because it seems like yesterday where we had our first family photo taken together as a new family unit. You make me very proud every day.

#12 I really don’t know where I would be in life if it wasn’t for you. You are the reason I am where I am today and who I am today, because of you! Thank you for being my icon son.

#13 Thank you for always trying to make me feel good about myself, even when things may be rough between us. When there are tough times I know that no matter what happens we will always get through it together as a family.

#14 You work so hard in everything that you do! Even when I think that you have already done enough for the day, you find something else to give 100%. Your work ethic is unmatched and inspiring. Keep putting all of your heart into everything that you do!

#15 Son, thank YOU for being YOU! You are truly amazing and I will always be here for you no matter what. You are my rock!

#16 It may not seem like it but you really do have a heart of gold son. You help people when they ask for help, something that is rare these days. It makes me proud to know that the world is in good hands with you standing up for what is right!

#17 You are so kind and gentle-natured. Your love for your family shines through your actions every day. Always remember how much we love you son, never forget that or take it for granted!

#18 No matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other, all I need to do is see you again and look into your eyes to realize that time has stood still for us. You are the love of my life son, I will always be there for you.

#19 You are very blessed to have such a beautiful daughter, she is one of the most loving and caring people that I know! She has a great heart!

#20 I am very happy that we became friends when our relationship started getting tough. You are an amazing friend son and I do not doubt your intentions at all. I really appreciate you being by my side every step of the way through this process. It means more than you will ever know!

#21 I’m not a mother who likes to cook, clean, and tend to a baby. For me, that was too mundane. I needed something more exciting and that is where you come in my son. You have been the highlight of my life and I will happily care for you until the day I die.

#22 You are growing up so fast! When did this happen? It seems like it was only yesterday when you came home from school crying because someone said your shirt had a stain on it. Now here you are all grown up with your own job and apartment. Time flies by so quickly but know that inside you will always be my baby no matter how old you get.

#23 Thank God for creating us a perfect child together. He knew what he was doing. It is as if you were made from some sort of divine plan and I am very lucky to have been chosen as your mommy.

#24 I want you to know how proud I am of the incredible man that you are growing into. You work hard, treat women with respect and care for those who matter most in your life. Your generosity knows no bounds and all I want is for you to be happy my son.

#25 My smile would fade and darkness would take over without you my sweet boy. As a child, your laughter filled our house with so much joy! And even now watching you grow up has been a wonderful experience. Know that I will always love you unconditionally until the day comes when we must part.

#26 You came into this world and made it a better place. You love without judgement and treat everyone with such care and understanding. You are truly an amazing person and I am so blessed to be your mother.

#27 Thank you for being such a good son to me my sweet boy! It warms my heart to see you caring for others the way that you do. Your generosity is beyond compare but most importantly, you always try your best and that makes me so proud of you.

#28 My dear child, I want nothing more than for you to feel appreciated every day of your life. Know that no matter what happens in life, I will always love and support you because we share something very special together: love! That will never change my son.

#29 My son, you make me feel like the happiest mother alive and for that I am truly grateful. You are such a strong young man with many talents and gifts that will take you far in life. Just know that no matter what, I will always be there for you to lean on whenever needed.

#30 My sweet baby boy! All I want is for you to be happy, healthy and successful in life! As your mommy it brings me great joy to watch as you grow into an amazing man who knows how to treat others and show kindness and compassion to all those around him. My wish for you is nothing but happiness my son!

#31 I remember when we brought you home from the hospital as newborn baby; I was so excited to meet you. Now here you are all grown up! Look at how far we have come my baby boy. I am so happy that God chose me to be your mother because I cherish every moment spent with you.

#32 You are one of the most wonderful people in the world and I can’t wait for what lies ahead for us. Thank you for always being there when times get tough and thank you for making me feel like the luckiest mom alive.

#33 Thank God for creating us a perfect child together, he knew what he was doing. You came into this world and made it a better place by sharing your love with others each day of your life. My wish is that even more joy comes your way because without you happiness would not be possible. You deserve nothing but happiness my son!

#34 I thank you for being a kind hearted, gentle soul. You are an incredibly thoughtful person and always put others first before yourself. There is no doubt you will go on to be a great man thanks to the way you care for those who need it most.

#35 You inspire me my boy and I am proud of everything that you do. I believe in your unique talents and abilities and know that you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. I will always support you as long as we both shall live because I love YOU with all of my heart…beyond words or time, forever and ever!

#36 ?Although the world could use more people like you, simply having such a wonderful human being in this world is enough for me. You are honest, kind, intelligent and trustworthy. These characteristics will propel you to accomplish much in life. I am lucky to be your mother!

#37 We need more people like you in this world; it would certainly make it a better place. You put others before yourself and take care of the ones who really need help. The world would benefit immensely from having more men like you so thank you for being an exceptional son!

#38 One look at your sweet face makes me smile. I love how thoughtful and loving you are towards everyone…most importantly our family. Your generous heart is definitely one that should be commended just as much as your father’s! Thank you for making us proud by setting such a great example for others to follow.

#39 You are the son every parent dreams of having! You are so talented, loving, kind and considerate. I am very fortunate to have you as my son and thank God every day for blessing me with you in my life. You may not realize it but your actions speak volumes…you give us great joy by just being YOU!

#40 I want to express how thankful I am that our paths crossed. Thank you for making me a mother which is one if the best gifts that has ever happened to me. You came into my life when I needed someone most and changed my whole world around for the better. Thank you beautiful boy!

#41 A son like you makes his parents proud beyond words; I blessed everyday thanks to having such a wonderful son. You are responsible, kind and loving beyond your years. I am so proud to call you my son!

#42 You are an incredible person and a wonderful friend to have in this world. There is no doubt that you will go on to do great things in life because of your drive and passion for success. Thank you for making us all smile with pride by just being who you are!

#43 My dear child, you deserved a better mother but God gave me the privilege of being yours which makes me happy every day. But it’s not only me blessed with such a beautiful gift from God…it’s our whole family. Your presence means everything to us baby boy!

#44 You touch everyone’s heart with your kindness and your smile radiates warmth. I am so proud of the amazing young man you are becoming. You remind me so much of myself when I was growing up, which is one reason why it’s easy for me to love you even more than words can explain.

#45 My son, you have no idea how wonderful a person you are…to see your face brings a smile to my heart every single day. Thank you for being such an inspiration! With a personality like yours, our family will always be blessed because there is nobody in this world quite like my handsome son!

#46 Your sweet smile makes my heart skip a beat from time to time just as it did when I first saw your beautiful face over twenty years ago. You are one of the best gifts that I ever received in life and words cannot express how much joy you bring me day after day.

#47 Our family is so blessed to have you as our son…you are kind, loving, considerate and especially caring. You will go on to do big things if given the chance my handsome boy because you possess so many wonderful traits others lack. Keep shining like the star that you are!

#48 Being your mother has been an immeasurable privilege for me; thank goodness God chose me amongst all people to be your mommy. Thank you for making us proud everyday by just being yourself…we love having a son like you!

#49 I must confess that I am not much different than any other parent when it comes to loving their kids. You are my only child and the reason why I breathe my dear boy. Your love for us is unconditional which makes me love you even more!

#50 Your personality brings happiness to others…I am so lucky our paths crossed because life would be very lonely without you in it. Thank you for being such a blessing in our family’s life. May God bless you always beautiful baby boy!

#51 You give us great joy by just being alive…even when we have been down or feeling blue, your presence brightens up our day unexpectedly. We did not know what we were missing until we got a son like you who completed our family perfectly!

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