51 Thank You God Parents Messages and Quotes (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

If you’re looking for what to say in a thank you card to your godparents, look no further. This list has a variety of sample thank you messages that will express your gratitude perfectly. Whether they helped with the baptism or just gave you a gift, be sure to send them a heartfelt message with one of these samples.

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#1 We cannot thank you enough for all that you do! Your commitment to [Child] will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. May God bless you abundantly in return!

#2 Thank you for being a part of our family. Our child benefits from having such loving and caring godparents. This is an incredibly rewarding role, as you play a special part in the life of our little one. We cherish your support and friendship!

#3 From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for joining us on this important journey as [Child]’s godparent. The gift you give to both our families is priceless, and I’m touched by your commitment to make a difference in this small corner of the world. All my love.

#4 Thank you so much for agreeing to be godparents for our baby! It means so much to us that you would take this oh-so-important role seriously and act as a spiritual guide for our child. You are already such an important part of our lives, and we are so grateful you have vowed to take the journey with us!

#5 May God keep you in his heart always, dear godparents! We cherish your thoughtful gift and promise to make good use of it during this exciting time in [Child]’s life. Thank you again for your loving friendship and constant support; we are lucky to have you two by our side.

#6 Our sweet little one is so blessed to have both of you as her godparents. From day one, I know she will be loved unconditionally like no other thanks to the infinite care and devotion you provide.

#7 We cannot begin to tell you how much having both of you as godparents means to us. The support, guidance and love you have already given has made all the difference in our lives, so we are thrilled that you will continue to share this journey with us. Thank you!

#8 I am inspired by your unconditional love, unwavering support and selfless generosity. I feel honored to have both of you as my child’s godparents and cannot wait to see what the future holds for all of us! Love, [Parent(s)]

#9 Thank you once again for making it possible for our family to start this new chapter together. I consider it a privilege that you would choose me as your child’s godmother/godfather. We are excited about our next adventure together – [Child] is so lucky to have us! You are amazing friends and I am grateful to have you in our lives.

#10 Thank you from the very bottom of my heart – [Child] couldn’t have godparents better suited for this important role. Our journey with you has been beautiful, challenging, confusing, eye-opening and just plain fun! I can’t wait to see what comes next! Love always.

#11 It’s an honor to have both of you as godparents for my child, who will grow up knowing that he/she was loved so deeply by two people whose hearts are bursting with joy at this precious time in his/her life.

#12 The two of you have been loving and supportive friends for so many years, not only to me but also to my husband and children. Your commitment to our family is precious and we are grateful that we share in this journey together. You both will play such an important role in the life and formation of our child and they couldn’t be more fortunate! I cannot wait for all that God has planned for us in raising our little one together.

#13 Thank you again for agreeing to stand alongside us as godparents; it means more than words can express. We feel blessed by your love and friendship. We cannot wait to see what blessings come from having such wonderful people like you two in our lives!

#14 On behalf of [Child], we greatly appreciate your commitment to be a part of their life and we cannot thank you enough for the love and support.

#15 You two are such special godparents that it is truly an honor for us to have you share this journey with us as we raise our child. Your loving friendship has been such a blessing, and we know that our child will be blessed by your faithfulness.

#16 Thank you both! We are eternally grateful for having such wonderful people like you in our lives who willingly step up and commit to something so significant. You not only make yourself available to talk or listen whenever we need but also help us see things from a different perspective, which has been incredibly helpful throughout the pregnancy. We definitely could not do this without you; we look to you for guidance and support and we hope our child will see the same in us.

#17 We cannot express how grateful we are to have someone like you both to guide us through this journey of parenthood. We know that you will not only be an integral part of our child’s life but also a big help along the way! Thank you for your patience, encouragement, and love—we could not do this without you!

#18 Our family has been blessed with many caring members who stand by us; none more so than [Godparents]. I am so touched and humbled by your unconditional love and commitment, which has made it possible for me to become a mother. It is such a privilege and joy to welcome [Child] into a community of loving people like you both. Thank you for stepping up to this important role and making it possible for our child to have two godparents—we couldn’t ask for better!

#19 Thank you for generously giving your time, attention, care, love, and affection to us as we prepare for this exciting new chapter in our journey as parents. We are amazed at how much our lives have been enriched by having known each of you. You bring so much joy and meaning to our lives; the gift of you is immeasurable.

#20 Thank you both for being such an integral part of our child’s life. You have always gone above and beyond to show love and support, and we truly appreciate your commitment. We know our son is in good hands with you!

#21 It’s so nice knowing you will be taking care of our little one when we can’t. Thank you for everything the two of you do, and we look forward to seeing what a wonderful influence on him/her you will continue to be!

#22 Thank you for all that you’re doing to help me raise this amazing child I get to share my life with. You’ve given us not only tools, but space to grow into healthy adults, and I’m looking forward to seeing the ways you bless our lives and those we touch as we grow and journey together.

#23 Thank you for your friendship, your advice, and your loving guidance. It’s an honor to have such wonderful godparents, and I can’t wait to see all that you do for our little one.

#24 It has been such a privilege to be part of this child’s history from birth. You two bring something very special to his/her life; we are grateful for everything the both of you do!

#25 This is such an exciting time in our lives! We love knowing that we will be able to share it with both of you (no one could make us happier!). Thank you for being great examples mommies-in-training, and for being so accessible to us.

#26 Thank you for always being there to listen to our struggles & giving helpful advice. Your love has changed our lives forever & we can’t wait to see what the future holds with your guidance!

#27 We are so grateful that you have agreed to be godparents for our child. God did not spare his only Son but gave him up for us all, and this is how we know that God loves us. You have loved us like that through friendship, mentorship, and support; pour into our little one as you do into us. Thank you!

#28 Our lives have been blessed by having two such incredible people care so much about us, and we love knowing that they will carry on supporting us even after we leave this world – especially since they can now help guide our beautiful baby. We cannot begin to express what an honor it is to have you in our lives and can’t wait for [Name] to meet you both!

#29 Thank you for stepping into this role in the life of our child, we’re excited that you will be able to share such an important milestone with us. We feel like we’ve known you both for much longer than we actually have and we know that [Name] will benefit from your guidance and support tremendously. You are already a vital part of our life and we knew right away when the time came that there was no better choice than having each of you as godparents.

#30 We feel so blessed to have been given such wonderful people in our lives, even if they’re not related by blood. We’re so happy and grateful to have you as our child’s godparents! You both bring such incredible love and positive energy into our lives, we can’t wait for them to know the special people that we do.

#31 Thank you so much for loving us enough to want to be a part of this new little life’s journey with us! We appreciate your care and support as our family grows – it means everything to us . You are such an important part of our life now, and we know how lucky [Name] is to already have two wonderful people in his or her life who will look out for them no matter what.

#32 It’s been said that choosing godparents is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make around parenting, but so far it has been one of the easiest. We are so blessed to have found two incredible people who love us unconditionally and want nothing more than for our child to grow up safe, happy, and true to themselves. We feel so thankful every day that you will be in [Name]’s life and we can’t wait for him or her meet you both!

#33 Thank you for being such an integral part of our child’s life and future. Thank you – not just as his mother and father, but also as his grandparents – for wanting to share some of the responsibility of bringing [Name] into this world with us! You’ve brought joy into our lives and we hope that [Name] will grow up knowing what fantastic people you are.

#34 Thank you so much for loving us so much to be the godmother/godfather of our child! We feel really blessed to have both of you on board in this adventure, and know that [Name] is equally as lucky on day one. No matter what happens, please know that you’ll always have a place in the heart of our family, including our beloved child. We can’t wait for you both to meet!

#35 What a relief it is to have the support of both families as we raise this child. You have been phenomenal godparents, and our baby couldn’t be more blessed to have you in his life.

#36 Thank you for being such amazing godparents! We know that our child will grow up proudly with lessons learned from both of your beautiful spirits.

#37 For us, there has never been any doubt about who should guide our child spiritually. The two of you are uniquely suited for this responsibility, and I am grateful that you share your enthusiasm for it. There could not possibly be better role models or mentors than the two of you, and I look forward to watching over the coming years as our little one takes solid steps thanks to your nurturing leadership.

#38 Being able to count on you both as parents is such a wonderful feeling. Who knows what we would have done without your support and love these past few months, but because of the two of you and the rest of our family and friends, we know our little one will be well cared for even when we can’t be there – and that feels great!

#39 Thank you so much for being such amazing godparents! We know that our child will grow up proudly with lessons learned from both of your beautiful spirits.

#40 The two of you are such an important part of this child’s life already, I could never imagine choosing anyone else to share in this role. Watching him grow into his own person thanks to all those around him, especially the two of you, is such a privilege for us.

#41 It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know both of you better these past few months. Your love and support has made all the difference in what has been one of our happiest times yet! Thank you so much for being such amazing godparents and friends – we could not be more grateful!

#42 Thank you both so very much for all that you do – we couldn’t ask for anything more from either of you, and we are incredibly grateful to have both of your loving hearts as part of our extended family. This little guy couldn’t be luckier as he grows up with two wonderful people guiding him toward becoming a great person himself someday.

#43 It warms our hearts to know that both of you are excited about helping raise our child, and we couldn’t think of anyone better suited to support him throughout his life than the two of you. Having such a positive role model in your lives will be immeasurably beneficial as he grows up – we wish we could thank you enough for this honor.

#44 Thank you for accepting our request to be godparents. We know that the road ahead will not always be easy, but we are confident that your faithfulness to God and His call on your life will guide our child in the right direction. We are honored to have you both involved in our child’s life, and it means a lot to us!

#45 Thank you for all your help and support as we prepare to be parents! This parenting thing is no easy task, especially as first-time parents, but because of your love and guidance, we know it’ll be a little easier. We couldn’t have done this without you!

#46 We are grateful for you both. Our child could not be more fortunate to have you as godparents, and we are excited to travel this road together. We appreciate your commitment to our family and the friendship that has blossomed between all three of us over the years.

#47 Thank you both for accepting this important role as godparents. It is a special honor for us, one we will not soon forget. You have been amazing cheerleaders throughout this pregnancy, and now we can’t imagine going forward without you – it seems like an extension of an already vital and treasured relationship between our families. Thank you for standing by us through all life has brought our way! Today marks a wonderful day, filled with friends and family eager to celebrate the momentous occasion alongside us – thank you both for making the time to attend and play such an integral role in this ongoing story.

#48 We are truly blessed to have the two of you as our child’s godparents. You exemplify what it means to be a loving, supportive part of our family, now extending into the next generation. Our child is so lucky to have your guidance, love, and support every day – thank you for making this momentous occasion so special!

#49 Thank you both for being here today with us. We are grateful for your commitment to our family and all that has blossomed between us over these years. It might seem like a relatively small thing at first glance but having loved ones who are willing to step into this important role during life’s most joyous moments is something all parents should share.

#50 With you by our side, we are confident in knowing that this next chapter will be filled with joy and adventure, the perfect backdrop to the story of love that exists at the heart of every family. We thank you for making time to celebrate with us today. You have touched our hearts in more ways than you know – may your lives be filled with many years of happiness!

#51 It has been truly wonderful getting to know both of you better during these past few months. Our child is very lucky to have you as godparents, and we are blessed beyond words to have people like you in our life who care so much about us all! May your lives be filled with many years of happiness ahead!

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