51 Thank You for a Great Night / Fun Messages (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Thank you notes are a great way to show your appreciation, but sometimes it can be tough to come up with the right words. Here is a list of sample ways to say thank you for a great night. Whether you want to traditional or creative, these compliments will let your date know that you had a good time.

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#1 Thank you for the other night. It was great getting out and having fun. We wish we could do it all over again, but it is time to get back to reality. We hope you enjoyed yourself half as much as we did!

#2 Our evening together was so lovely! It’s amazing how quickly the time passed, and neither of us wanted the evening to end. You are a wonderful couple with whom we feel privileged to share our lives, and we want you both celebrate with us on this important occasion in our lives.

#3 If either of us presses send too soon or too late, know that these sentiments were typed from the bottom of our hearts! You really made an effort to make sure everyone had a good time at our housewarming party, and we could not thank you enough for that.

#4 It is always a pleasure to see you both, and we are very lucky to have such great friends in our lives. We cannot wait for the next time when the four of us can get together again!

#5 Thank you for everything, especially putting up with all of Kory’s pickiness about where things should go. We couldn’t have done it without you!

#6 We really enjoyed having dinner at your place last night. It was so nice meeting your friends, who were also very lovely people. You two sure know how to throw an eventful evening filled with good food and good company!

#7 Thank you so much for inviting us over before the game started. What a wonderful time we had and we wish we could be there to share it with you. We just saw the highlights on Facebook, and they looked like such a blast!

#8 We have discussed the details of our night together numerous times over the last few days. It was so much fun to hang out with you, and your friends are wonderful too! Thanks for inviting us & spending some time with us. We really enjoyed ourselves.

#9 It is always a treat to spend time with you guys. You are good people, and we are so happy that have the opportunity to celebrate life with you every now and then. Thank you for treating us to another excellent evening.

#10 We can never stop thanking you enough for all of the fun memories that we share together. We had a blast hanging out this past weekend, and it meant a lot that you included us into your group for an evening of entertainment.

#11 What an amazing night! We can still hear the music playing in our minds. Thank you for going to the trouble of finding us a place where we could have such an amazing time. You are indeed very thoughtful people, and we appreciate all that you do for us.

#12 You guys are simply too good to us. Thank you for taking us out on the town yet again. It is always a pleasure hanging out with you, and we had a blast last night. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening, and we were so glad that you thought of us when planning your event.

#13 Thank you for making yourself available during the week so that we could talk about all of the things that happened over the weekend! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at your party, and we had a blast spending time with you. You are always our favorite people, and we love doing things with you guys.

#14 Thank you for making the effort of calling us to inform us that there is an opportunity for some quality time together. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the gathering and had such a wonderful evening. It was great catching up with everybody, and we hope to do this again soon!

#15 There is no way that we can thank you enough for including us in your company last night. We sincerely appreciate all of your efforts in making sure that we felt welcomed and part of the group! Thank you so much for everything!

#16 It has been too long since we have spent some quality time together, and we were thrilled when you suggested that we meet up. It was so fun seeing everybody, and we had an amazing time with you guys! Thank you for inviting us into your group. We look forward to doing this again sometime soon!

#17 We simply cannot stop thinking about the wonderful evening that we spent together. It was fantastic getting to know more of your friends, and it was great connecting on another level with all of you. Thank you so much for making yourself available last night.

#18 Thank you for taking out some time during your week to touch base with us. We are very thankful for the friendship that we share with each other, and it is always nice to catch up after some time apart. You guys are awesome!

#19 Thank you for reaching out & inviting us

#20 You two are so sweet. As always, last night was wonderful and so great catching up with everyone! I really appreciate all of your help and guidance through the whole wedding process—I could never have done it without you! I will always remember last night as a highlight of the whole wedding process.

#21 It was such a pleasure to be with people who are so smart and witty. We know that we came into your life by accident, but we feel very grateful for our connection to you both. We wish there were more evenings like this, and will continue to hope for the future.

#22 That food was amazing, and the company even better! Thank you for inviting us over—it’s been a long time since we’ve had such an enjoyable evening out. You cooked up such a tasty meal, and your place is really cute! Even though we only just met each other, it feels like we have known one another forever because of how easy it is to talk.

#23 Thank you for inviting us over. We are so glad that we were able to share this great meal with you, and it was really nice to get to know each other better. Although we live far away, your friendship means the world to us! We hope that our relationship will continue into the future and grow even deeper than it already has.

#24 We had such a good time at dinner last night—the food was delicious, and I really enjoyed meeting some of your friends! Thank you for including us in your social life like this; I know how much you value the people who surround you. Drinking buddies are hard to come by these days…

#25 You two go above and beyond when it comes to hosting parties; last night was our first time at your house, and we were blown away. What a great space you have! You can let us know if there’s anything that we could do to help with the future events.

#26 You and your husband are such nice people—it seems like we hit it off right away and had a fantastic time getting to know each other better. Thank you for including us last night; we appreciate your thoughtfulness and hope we will get to spend more time together soon! We felt very lucky to be included in last night’s festivities.

#27 It has been far too long since we saw one another! It was so wonderful to see everyone again, although I’m afraid my memory is terrible these days… But enough about me—how have you been? I hope that we can catch up again soon and do this more often.

#28 I’m so glad that we were able to stay late and talk after everyone else left! You are such a great host, and your house is awesome. What a really unique place—it’s like a hidden gem in the city! We would love to be included in future gatherings with your friends, as they were most welcoming.

#29 We had such a good time last night! I didn’t expect it since we don’t know any of those people very well, but it was a fantastic evening nonetheless. Thank you for inviting us over; hopefully the next get-together will be even better because we’ll know each other better by then.

#30 Thank you so much for a lovely evening. We enjoyed your company, the food, the wine, and the music. It was a perfect night.

#31 The fun that we had tonight reminds us of how much we enjoy being with you both. There is something special about sharing laughter with our very favorite people, and it has always been so easy to find humor in your presence. It will be great to have more evenings like this one!

#32 Thank you for another spectacular evening. We are so grateful for your friendship, dear friends—for inviting us into your home and even taking care of everything yourselves! That’s love right there.

#33 You were both amazing hosts!!! What a gorgeous place you have here! And what a delicious meal! Thank for making last night feel like a million bucks!!

#34 Thank you for another wonderful evening. It is always a pleasure to be in your company, and we are thankful for the way that you have opened your home to us over the years. Spending time with good friends is perfect!

#35 We truly had a great time last night. Thanks so much for inviting us into your home, serving delicious food, pouring excellent wine, playing great music…and even doing the dishes afterward! That was very thoughtful of you both! We are lucky to have you in our lives!!

#36 You guys are incredible hosts!!! Everyone loved the food—the decor—the drinks—everything about last night was fabulous. And thank you for letting me bring my bandmates—they really enjoyed it too. I will for sure be back to visit you again very soon.

#37 Thanks so much for the lovely evening! The food was delicious, and we both had a great time with all of you. It’s always so much fun to spend time with good friends. We are close enough that it feels like family—and that is an amazing thing!

#38 Thank you both for making last night feel like home!!! Everything was perfect—the company, the conversation, the music….it made me wish that I lived closer to come over more often! Until then I will definitely be keeping up on your blog (which I love!!!) Thank you again…we look forward to seeing you both soon!!!

#39 I’m still enjoying my cigar…just thinking about what a perfect evening we all had! From the moment I arrived it felt like everything was just “right”. You were both such great hosts—and you sure know how to throw a party!!

#40 I hope that this year is treating you well and keeping you very happy. We were reminiscing last night about our adventures together and wanted to send along some love and thank-you’s: Thank you for inviting us into your home, preparing such delicious food, playing great music…and even doing dishes afterward! That was certainly above and beyond anything we could have expected (but definitely appreciated). We are grateful for good friends like you!

#41 Thank you both for making last night feel like home!!! Everything was perfect—the company, the conversation, the music….it made me wish that I lived closer to come over more often! Until then I will definitely be keeping up on your blog (which I love!!!) Thank you again…we look forward to seeing you both soon!!!

#42 It was such a nice time and dinner was delicious:) We can’t wait for the next dinner party. 🙂 The only thing we were thinking about is that we should have brought gifts for you guys, since we didn’t bring any because we thought it would be rude. So next time we will know better:)

#43 Thank you for a lovely evening. We really enjoyed being among the first to meet your new baby. You have a wonderful family, and we both feel great joy in knowing you. We hope that there will be many more shared occasions like this one for us all to enjoy together.

#44 It was such a pleasure sharing lunch with you today; it reminded us of how much we value our friendship with you. Not only do we love spending time with you, but we also thoroughly enjoyed meeting some of your friends and colleagues who were kind enough to join us as well. Thank you again for inviting us and letting us share this special day with you and yours; we truly appreciate it!

#45 With how much fun we had the other night, it was hard for us to say goodbye. We are so grateful for the wonderful evening you treated us to. For all the thoughtful planning and dedication that went into making last night a success, we send our heartfelt thanks and appreciation your way. May there be many more evenings like that one!

#46 Thank you for making our dinner party such a special event. It was delightful getting back in touch after months apart, and we had more fun than ever catching up with everyone over good food and drink at your place. Your thoughtfulness is second only to your generosity; it means so much to us both when friends open their home to us this way.

#47 I so appreciated the fact that you would let us into your intimate circle. We were both thrilled to be able to share with your friends and we feel very blessed that you considered us worthy of an invitation. It was a wonderful night and we both felt fulfilled by the experience.

#48 Your dinner party was such a hit! I don’t think we could have asked for anything more perfect, and we can’t thank you enough for including us in your plans. You are our favorite people, too, so it was a real treat to spend some time just drinking, talking, and laughing together.

#49 My wife is always saying how much she loves spending time with you guys because you are just so easygoing and fun. She says that being around you makes her happy – which is actually the highest compliment that she could ever give anybody.

#50 Thank you for inviting us to spend time with you. It was really nice, and the food was delicious. We are both flattered by your invitation and would love it if we could reciprocate soon. If you have some free time on Tuesday or Wednesday night, let us know. We will make sure to clear our schedule so that we can accommodate you!

#51 We were thrilled when you invited us over for dinner and had a wonderful time together. The meal was absolutely exquisite, the conversation engaging, and the company delightful. We are hoping that this is not just a one-time thing because your friendship is special to both of us. Let’s do it again real soon!

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