40 Thank You for Rejecting Me Messages (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Rejection is hard to swallow, especially when it comes from the people we love. Sincere thanks also seem less since you are looking at things from your point of view only. Here’s where thank you for rejecting me messages come in handy! They help show empathy and care towards people who were not able to help you in the past.

This post provides a list of sample thank you for rejecting me messages that can assist you in conveying your feelings of gratitude through words. Read on!


#1 I understand that you don’t feel the same way about me, but I want to thank you for letting me down so easily. It would have been much more difficult if you had given me false hope and let me suffer longer. Thank you for your honesty.

#2 Thank you for being so kind when you rejected me. Your words were much more gentle than I thought they would be, and it makes me feel better knowing that there is at least one nice person in the world. Thank you!

#3 I can’t thank you enough for rejecting me. It really showed how difficult the task was to tell me no, which made what you did even more special. You are truly a wonderful person.

#4 It meant a lot to hear your rejection face-to-face rather than over text or email (or worse yet, not at all). Thank you for sparing my feelings, and enabling me to move on with dignity intact! Thank you again

#5 Thank you so much for being honest with me. If you had kept quiet and given me false hope, I wouldn’t have been able to start healing from this relationship. Thank you for letting me down easily.

#6 You know that I love you, and it hurts a lot knowing that you don’t feel the same way about me. However, thank you for letting our friendship stay intact after rejecting my feelings toward you. It would have made things difficult if we didn’t remain friends after your rejection.

#7 Please tell me why? What did I do wrong? How could I have changed? Why wasn’t I good enough for you? These are questions that go through one’s head when they lose someone they love. There will never be a satisfactory answer, and I do thank you for not making this harder on me by stringing me along.

#8 Thank you for choosing not to get into something with me. I know it would have ended up in heartbreak for me. Thank you for sparing my feelings and also sparing yours too, I guess!

#9 I’m glad that you got out of this before it turned sour because the truth is, we probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway. Sometimes 2 people just don’t click no matter how hard they try.

#10 It wasn’t meant to be between us! You are perfect just the way you are and there is someone out there who will appreciate all of your qualities. I wish nothing but luck in finding them.

#11 Thanks for being honest with me about your feelings. It was good while it lasted!

#12 I am glad that you were honest with me upfront. It makes things a lot easier knowing your true feelings rather than wondering what might have happened or stressing over trying too hard to make something work out when it wasn’t working out before. Thank you for your honesty.

#13 It was great getting to know you, even if it wasn’t in a romantic sense. You are a wonderful person and I hope that we can remain friends! I wish only the best for you.

#14 Thank you for being honest with me. Though it might have been hard at first, I am glad things turned out the way they did instead of going on with false expectations or having my hopes dashed later on down the road.

#15 I truly enjoyed our time together and while some people may not understand it, I am truly thankful that we had a chance to get to know each other before any feelings were hurt. Maybe one day we will bump into each other again!

#16 Well… thanks for telling me up front! At least now I don’t have to wonder what could have happened or get my hopes up high only to be crushed later. You are very considerate!

#17 I realize that you don’t feel the same way about me, but I want to thank you for being so kind even though it was clear. It could have been difficult, but you helped me face the truth with an open heart.

#18 Well… at least now I know where I stand! You made it easy on me to move on and find someone who is right for me by being so direct. Thanks for being so nice through this whole encounter!

#19 Even though I am disappointed, I appreciate you for being honest with me. It would have been harder to know that this was happening and not be told about it.

#20 I’m sorry if this isn’t the outcome that you were hoping for, but thank you for being so kind about it. Being rejected can feel very awful, especially when the other party is insensitive to your feelings.

#21 Thank you for being mature enough to let me down gently. This will remind me to do the same in the future if need be.

#22 Thank you for not stringing me along for months, teasing my emotions. You were very kind in letting me know that I didn’t stand a chance.

#23 I appreciate the honesty of your refusal to go out with me. It is so much better than being told ‘no’ through someone else or by reading it in the newspaper!

#24 Thank you for breaking up with me face-to-face instead of avoiding telling me in person or over text or email.

#25 Your rejection brought clarity and closure to our relationship, which was long overdue. Thank you for being respectful enough of my feelings to handle it like adults.

#26 I want to thank you for letting me down easily after I confessed my feelings towards you. It would have been painful if you had said nothing and made me feel like there was something there when in reality there wasn’t. And it would have hurt much more if you had led me on.

#27 Thank you for not dragging out the inevitable. No matter what, I would have gotten over it in time, but I appreciate that you didn’t make it harder than it already was.

#28 I really appreciated your honesty when you told me there wasn’t anything between us. Thank you for rejecting me clearly instead of making me feel like there might be a chance in the future. It would have been so much more painful if we had gone on being “just friends.”

#29 It may seem strange to thank you for not wanting me, but I’m grateful that you ended things before they went any further. You didn’t lead me on or break my heart.

#30 I know it’s hard to let someone down, so thank you for making things easy when you rejected me. I hope that when the time comes when someone asks you the same thing, that 10 years from now I can say the same thing to them.

#31 Thank you for declining my offer of courtship! It would be difficult dating someone who is already in love with another person, and this rejection has made things easier on me emotionally.

#32 Thank you for not stringing me along! I know that it would be difficult to turn down someone like myself, but you did what was best for the both of us. I hope you will find love soon!

#33 I appreciate your honesty. I can’t say that my ego is crushed, because I already knew how you felt about me. Thank you for ruling out the possibility of a relationship between us so early on. It made things less awkward later on.

#34 You are amazing and wonderful in so many ways, but there are just some things that wouldn’t work between us, physically or emotionally. Thank you for being honest with me about this from day one. This has certainly made things easier me too.

#35 I am sorry that things did not work out differently between us. Thank you so much for letting me down honestly. At least I know where I stand now, and that is truly a blessing.

#36 Thank you for your time spent with me today. Even though the answer was no, it was nice to have someone listen to my feelings without being too pushy about their own feelings. Thank you so much!

#37 I appreciate all of the effort you went through just to say “no”. You are very considerate, and I thank you for your time even if the answer was not what I wanted to hear.

#38 Thank you for rejecting me! I know that doesn’t make any sense, but it means I won’t have the hurt feelings of getting rejected. I appreciate your honesty, and I hope you can move on from this easily also.

#39 No matter what happens, know that it is okay. Thank you for being my friend always, even when you don’t want to be anything more than that. I feel lucky knowing that we will remain friends despite this situation.

#40 I understand why you do not want me in your life anymore, but thank you for still being a great friend to me. It means a lot that we can continue to love each other without anything more between us. You are a wonderful person!

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Rejection is never easy on anyone. The best way to handle it is to face it with a smile on your face. By doing so, you will be showing the person who rejected you that you are not affected by their decision and still think positively of them.

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