51 Thank You for Your Support During Our Time of Loss Messages (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Thank you cards and messages of appreciation are always a nice gesture after someone supports you through a difficult time. Here is a collection of some sample thank you for your support during our time of loss messages that you can use as inspiration when drafting your own personal message.

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#1 Every word of encouragement, every text that said you were thinking of me, and also being there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on… It was all greatly appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support during this trying time.

#2 Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to attend our loved one’s visitation. Your thoughtfulness has been very comforting, and it meant a lot to us knowing we could count on you even though we live far away from each other.

#3 Your kind thoughts and words brought a smile to our faces when we were feeling lost in despair. You always know what to say at just the right time, which is why friends like you are priceless. Your heartfelt condolences gave us strength while we reflected on his wonderful life.

#4 You were a true friend when we needed one the most. You helped us get through this ordeal by showing your support in every way possible. We couldn’t ask for a better shoulder to lean on, and words can never express how grateful we are for our sweet friendship.

#5 Thank you so much for everything you did to help us during this very difficult time. Your unending support was felt throughout all aspects of life, including helping with tasks such as funeral arrangements and coverage at work while I grieved. Our thoughts and prayers remain with you always, especially knowing that we will be there should you ever need anything from us in return. Thank you again!

#6 Although it may small, please know that these words are from the depths of my heart. I thank you for your support and friendship during this difficult time, and I hope that our bond continues to grow in times of happiness as well.

#7 It is such a comfort knowing that we have friends like you to lean on when we need it most. You were there at every step along the way, and I am so grateful for your support. Thank you!

#8 The warmth of your compassion has been a big help during this difficult time. I have no idea how I would have gotten through these days without the friendship and strength that emanate from your sweet presence. Thank you all for standing by me as we grieve together, dealing with our loss.

#9 I am so very grateful to all the beautiful souls who are there for me at this time of sorrow. Every single card, call, visit, letter or other loving gesture brought comfort into my life at a moment when it is needed more than ever before. I could not ask for better friends or family members then those present by my side today. Your support means everything to me now.

#10 The messages of sympathy that you sent after my loss made such a difference to me. I felt so comforted by your kind words and more than anything, I was glad you called. The fact that you were thinking of me when I needed it most meant a lot.

#11 Your kindest thoughts at this time are much appreciated. It was such a relief to have friends who knew what to say and how to help after the loss of my loved one. We treasure our friendships more than ever through difficult times like these!

#12 Thank you for all your prayers, flowers, cards, notes, calls, hugs, food deliveries, visits to our home or office…you name it! The comfort and peace of mind knowing that people are thinking about us helped tremendously in this troubling time.

#13 I am so grateful for your support during this difficult time. I do not know what we would have done without you guys by our side, helping us with the preparation of the funeral and afterwards with making decisions. The most important thing in a time like this is having people around you who help you if you need them to do anything.

#14 As always, all your messages of condolence were a great comfort to me when I needed it most. Your words helped me realize that my husband’s death affected many people, although he was gone from us forever. We may never see each other again in this life but hope that the love we shared will remain in our hearts forever.

#15 Thank you for your heartfelt condolences and support during my bereavement. The comfort and peace of mind that your daily phone calls brought me cannot be measured in words. I am so glad to have such a sweet friend like you when I needed it most.

#16 Words cannot express how grateful we are for the loving gesture of sympathy when our beloved one departed from this world. You sent us flowers, cards, food, and shared lots of memories with me and my family members in our time of grief and loss. We will cherish these memories forever in our hearts and minds.

#17 Your kind thoughts and prayers mean so much to us at this very difficult time in our lives, especially with the unfathomable sense of loss. Your friendship has helped us tremendously to cope with this incredible tragedy, and we want you to know that we will always be grateful for these sweet memories.

#18 I cannot thank you enough for all your support during our time of bereavement. You brought smiles on my face even when I felt like crying my heart out, and you made me laugh when I wanted nothing more than to cry. Thank you so much for your priceless gift of love and caring at this difficult time.

#19 Thank you for reaching out to me after the death of our loved one. It meant so much that my friends were there for me in such a meaningful way. We are fortunate to have people like you in our lives who care too much to be there in the time of need.

#20 I am forever indebted for your support and friendship after my beloved one left this world. Your comforting words healed me, and I am stronger today because of your tender care and love.

#21 Your kind words meant a lot during those difficult days; it is true that those little things make us feel better at such times as these. Thank you so much for the support you gave us, we really appreciate it more than you can ever imagine!

#22 Thank you for standing beside me throughout the process of saying goodbye to my loved one. I hope that you will continue to surround me with your love and support during this incredibly hard time.

#23 Your desire to be there for me in my time of need was more than I could ever ask for, or expect. You did not have to come forward out of concern, but you did anyway. Thank you so very much for thinking about me during this trying time.

#24 Without your timely offer of assistance, our situation would have been even more difficult than it needed to be, and we are extremely grateful you came by when you did. It helped having people around able to lend a hand when we didn’t know where else to turn in our grief-stricken state.

#25 Thank you for your well-wishes during this time of sorrow, and please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the comfort and encouragement you offered me when we took our beloved one home. As difficult as this has been, knowing I have such caring people in my life has given me hope and made it a little easier. Thank you so much for everything!

#26 It was wonderful having your support after the passing of our loved one; we were comforted by knowing that others cared about us in this time of need. Your friendliness, warmth, sympathy, and care will be cherished always by us all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

#27 Your kind words brought relief when I was suffering from a broken heart. This is an emotional time for me, and I am deeply grateful you were willing to be there for me in my grief.

#28 Thank you so much for your calls, messages, visits, and support during this time of loss. The love and encouragement you gave us made a big difference in our lives – especially when we needed it most. We will never forget the wonderful things you did.

#29 As difficult as this experience has been, knowing that friends care about us has helped immensely. Thank you again for your sweet messages, phone calls offering comfort and hope, and loving offer to help in any way possible.

#30 Your caring thoughts brought joy when times were hard; thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend to us.

#31 We appreciate your support during this difficult time and the kind words and thoughtfulness you’ve shown our family is greatly valued. Thank you so much for caring about us when we needed it most!

#32 From the bottom of my heart I thank you for coming by in-person to offer comfort and condolences. You were so thoughtful, and I will always remember how comforting your visit was for me when I was in such pain.

#33 We treasure your friendship very much, and know that we can always turn to you in times of sorrow or need. Your sweet message of condolence has given us great comfort, which we will always remember with gratitude. Thank you from the depths of my heart!

#34 I want you to know that you were greatly appreciated for all the loving support throughout this heartbreaking experience. Through the tears, I feel blessed to have such kindhearted friends like you. It has made this journey so much easier for me, and I hope you know how truly thankful I am for your support .

#35 Your lovely message of condolence really lifted my spirits. Knowing that our friends are being so supportive makes the pain of loss a little more bearable. Thank you so much for being here with me during this difficult time.

#36 I cannot express in words just how thankful I am to have had your support at this difficult time in my life. You were always there when I needed someone the most throughout this truly painful experience, and it means the world to me that you cared enough to be by my side through it all.

#37 I want to offer my thanks for your kind words at such a somber moment in my life. Your condolences were truly comforting me throughout this hard time, and I will always cherish them. Just knowing that you care about me during this tragic event is enough to help speed up my recovery.

#38 I want to thank you for your sympathy in our time of grief. The love you have shown brings comfort to my heart, and I cannot tell you how much the thoughtfulness of friends like you means to me at this difficult time.

#39 Thank you for all the sweet messages, phone calls, and visits these past weeks while we mourned the loss of our loved one. Your support has meant so much to us; words are not enough to express the gratitude we feel towards people like you who help pick us up when we are feeling down.

#40 Your loving invitation brought a sense of joy into our house of sorrow and loss. While we were sad to turn down your thoughtful offer, it is a comfort knowing that you care about our family during this tragic time.

#41 Thank you for all the condolences you have offered me as I grieve my lost loved one. Although it is difficult to be alone during this troubling time, knowing that there are people like you who care makes life a bit easier on me. As comforting as these kind words are, please know they will never fully repay my gratitude towards those who have been there for me at a low point in my life, but it’s a start!

#42 I cannot begin to tell you how much our hearts were lifted by your loving thoughts and words of encouragement we experienced the death of someone close. The additional help that you have given is truly an invaluable gift to us during this time of need.

#43 Thank you for all the heartfelt sympathy during our trying time. Your kindness towards me and my family has really helped lift our spirits, which was more than I could hope for at such a difficult period in my life.

#44 I am so thankful to have friends like you who are kind enough to think about my family after the loss of someone dear to us both. These words are not enough to express how much they mean to me now, but perhaps with time I will find a way to fully repay your kindness.

#45 Thank you so much for standing by me in this time of loss. Although I am still coming to terms with the tragic event, it is comforting knowing that my dear friends and family are there for me through good days and bad. The condolences and words of affection helped me greatly during this difficult time.

#46 When we first met, I never would have guessed we were going to become such close friends. We may not always agree, but we do understand each other as no one else can. Your support after my loved one’s passing has been indescribable; I find deep comfort knowing that you are here for me during my time of grief.

#47 I know that everyone says the same things when trying to console those who have experienced a death of a loved one, but each person’s words carry great meaning. I am beyond grateful that you were there for me when I needed understanding and support the most.

#48 At the end of even the best friendships, there is always sadness at saying goodbye. Although our time together ended too soon, your friendship will be cherished forever. Our closeness meant so much to me during my dark days after losing my dear friend; I will always remember all you did for me with fondness.

#49 I want to offer my thanks to all who sent their condolences after the death of my loved one. Your cards and messages comforted me during this difficult time in my life more than you could ever know. Thank you again for reaching out to me in friendship and kindness.

#50 Your words of comfort will never be forgotten, and I know that you are just doing what many others would have done in your place. Thank you for being there when my family was needed during this time of grief; it really meant a lot to us all.

#51 We truly appreciate the heartfelt condolence messages we received from our loved ones’ friends after their passing. Although time has passed since the tragic event, these moments still manage to bring tears to our eyes whenever we think about them. We are thankful, too, that you are there for us during this difficult time in our lives.

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