51 60th Birthday Sayings (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

A 60th birthday is a major milestone, and deserves to be celebrated. When someone reaches this age, take the time to write them a sweet message. Here are some ideas of what you might include in your message.

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#1 Age is a high price to pay for maturity.

#2 Be happy and enjoy your 60th birthday!

#3 Be your age, not mine! Happy Birthday!

#4 Better than a sharp stick in the eye. Happy 60th birthday. Good luck on getting through another year.

#5 All men are gifted in one way or another. Unfortunately, mine is getting old.

#6 Any 60-year-old woman who looks as good as you deserves a beer!

#7 A friend is someone who knows all about you, and likes you anyway.

#8 An old person is a person who looks old.

#9 Beating your time can give you that extra year.

#10 Being over 60 isn’t better than being dead. It’s just the same, only older.

#11 A woman’s 60th birthday is so close to 30 that it scares her.

#12 After sixty, you feel the same and look the same.

#13 At sixty one, you can lie on a rug for an hour and pretend you’re twenty-two.

#14 Being wise before your time is nothing but dumb when towards your time..

#15 Can’t take care of my wrinkles now, but I sure can take care of my grandkids!

#16 Congratulations to my grandma on her 60th birthday…

#17 Getting older isn’t what it used to be.

#18 A young man is an old man’s dream, and an old man is a young woman’s nightmare.

#19 All 60-year-olds are children and all children are sixty years old.

#20 At sixty the cold begins to seep in.

#21 Never trust anyone over 60 unless they can still remember their name.

#22 Old people don’t need companionship; they need to be isolated and studied so it can be determined what nutrients they have that might be extracted for our personal use.

#23 A woman over 60 is a menace, unless she’s got a great personality.

#24 Back in my day, birthdays only came once a year. Now we have to wait an entire year just to get old again.

#25 Bragging about how old you are is wrong unless you’re over 70.

#26 Beautiful Birthday Gift

#27 Before you came along, I never knew what it was like to be old.

#28 Birthdays are good for you. The more you have the longer you live.

#29 Birthday Celebrations of 60 years have got the New Year beat by light years. Happy B-day!

#30 Catchy Birthday Slogan For 60th birthday or any other milestone anniversary party celebration.

#31 After 60, you’ve earned the right to wear what you want, not what you can afford.

#32 After 60 years of ups and downs, today I am on top of the world! Happy birthday.

#33 All good things must come to an end and so does your 60th birthday celebration. Lots of love.

#34 All we get is one chance to celebrate your 60th birthday. You deserve to be happy and have a good time on this day that comes once in a lifetime.

#35 A very happy 60th birthday wish to a nice guy.

#36 All the cool kids have birthdays in January. You’re not really cool if you don’t.

#37 Another year of good health, great food and even greater friends. Happy 60th birthday!

#38 Another year older and younger than the rest. Happy 60th birthday!

#39 As we age, sometimes it takes longer to get started and more time to get finished but it’s never too late to be happy.

#40 A year of sixty will make it difficult to distinguish between older and younger.

#41 A wife, or a man, or a boy – at 60 is all the same when you consider them growing old.

#42 Age not only talks, it yells too.

#43 All you need is love (until you reach middle-age) then all you need are more love (in your teen years).

#44 B-day blues start at age forty add up like compound interest from the time of birth – so have the best time possible.

#45 Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.

#46 Age may be a matter of mind over matter, but it doesn’t matter to the mind.

#47 Age only shows in your eyes, if you’ve been young.

#48 Age doesn’t make us old, it makes us older.

#49 Age is the first true quality.

#50 Age is only a number, and the last true fact.

#51 Aged 60? Yippee! Now who can I kill?

#52 Arthritis is the price you have to pay for getting old.

#53 As I grow older, I get wiser, so why waste my time?

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