51 Dinosaur Birthday Wishes (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Dinosaurs are always popular when it comes to birthday parties. If you’re looking for some great dinosaur-related phrases, take a look at this list of sayings that will help inspire your card.

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How to Throw An Exciting Dinosaur Birthday Party

Anyone who has a child knows that they can be very particular when it comes to their birthday party. You want to make sure that everything is perfect so that they have the best day possible. If your child is obsessed with dinosaurs, then you’re in luck. Here are some ways that you can throw an exciting dinosaur birthday party that they’ll never forget.

Theme your party around dinosaurs

A dinosaur theme is perfect for an exciting birthday party. You can decorate with all sorts of dinosaur-themed items, from wall decals to tablecloths. Don’t forget to include a few fun activities that are related to dinosaurs. A visit from someone dressed up as a live dinosaur would be the icing on the cake. With a little bit of planning, you can make your child’s dinosaur birthday party one to remember.

Serve up food that looks like dinosaurs – think green and brown

Your menu for a dinosaur birthday party should be kid-friendly and easy to eat. Fingers foods are always a good option, especially if they can be easily managed by small hands. Try to avoid anything that is too messy or difficult to eat. Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets would be a hit with the kids, as would veggie sticks dipped in dino-themed ranch dressing. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with an ice cream cake decorated with dinosaurs.

Send invitations that look like dinosaur eggs

Get your guests excited for the party by sending out invitations that look like dinosaur eggs. You can easily make these yourself with some construction paper and a bit of glue. Or, you can buy some pre-made ones online. Either way, your guests will be thrilled to get a dino-themed invitation in the mail.

Plan fun activities that are related to dinosaurs

No birthday party is complete without some fun activities. For a dinosaur theme, you could have a fossil dig, where the kids have to use tools to excavate toy dinosaurs from a sand table. Or, you could set up a Dino Obstacle Course, where the kids have to navigate through Dino-themed obstacles. Be sure to include some prehistoric prizes for the winners. You can also play games that involve dinosaurs, such as “Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur” or “Dinosaur Egg Hunt”.

Decorate with lots of green and brown streamers, balloons, and other props

To really bring your dinosaur birthday party to life, be sure to decorate with lots of green and brown streamers, balloons, and other props. You can even hanging some papier-mache dinosaurs from the ceiling. The more dino-themed decor you have, the more excitement your guests will feel.

Give out favors like small plastic dinosaurs or dinosaur stickers

When the party is over, be sure to send your guests home with some fun favors. Small plastic dinosaurs or dinosaur stickers would be perfect. You could also include some dino-themed candy, like chocolate coins wrapped in green foil. Whatever you choose, your guests will love their dinosaur-themed party favors.

Have fun! The birthday boy or girl is sure to enjoy an exciting dinosaur party surrounded by friends and family.

Dinosaur birthday party planning doesn’t have to be daunting. By following our simple tips, you can throw an exciting and memorable dinosaur birthday party for your child that they will love! So what are you waiting for? Get started planning your prehistoric bash today!


#1 Boom! A Dinosaur party is finally happening!

#2 We’ll never forget your first birthday, [name]. Happy Birthday!

#3 On your special day, come celebrate with our family. We’ll take you on an expedition to the Jurassic Jungle.

#4 Would you like to throw a Dinosaur birthday party with us?

#5 We have a big surprise for you today.

#6 “Hey, Birthday Boy! I found a dinosaur bone! Don’t worry, it’s not real. Happy Birthday.”

#7 “Let’s play Dinosaur Hide and Seek! I’ll be hiding under my rock. You be the dinosaur!

#8 Why don’t we honk our horns and sing [in unison] Dino-mite? That dinosaur certainly is a treat.

#9 Dino-mite, Dino-mite… is that an egg in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Hooray for a birthday Special days are made for Dinosaurs on their special day too! Cheer them to Dinosaur Zoo with our collection of funny Dinosaur birthday cards.

#10 The only tool you need to collect this Dinosaur egg is a dinosaur, just like you!

#11 When was your last dinosaur extinction?” (Re-Birthday)

#12 Did you see the nest on that guy or what? Way to go!

#13 Watch out for the T-Rex in this Dinosaur birthday party.

#14 We’re digging into a great [name] dinosaur birthday party.

#15 Blow Out the candles and make a wish on your Dinosaur birthday cake.

#16 Dinosaur birthdays are always quite a roar! Pardon me.” ^_^

#17 Turn your homes into Jurassic jungles when you throw a Dinosaur themed Birthday Party.

#18 I wish you a birthday as wild as the Dinosaur jungle.

#19 Raptor, Raptor, Raptor, what do you get when you cross a Dinosaur with a car? A Jurassic Parked Car!

#20 I can think of only one thing to give for your birthday. My personal address so I can run away in time when you come to visit.

#21 We had such an amazing time celebrating your birthday last year that we couldn’t imagine doing anything else today! Happy [name] Birthday.

#22 Send your [name] to bed with a smile on their face.

#23 We know when a Dinosaur turns 1 year old they all want the same thing, to be BIG!

#24 What do you call a dinosaur that is ready for his bath? A Baby Dinosaur!

#25 All of these are great ideas for Dinosaur Birthday Cards. I have personally made several of these cards and have received so many positive comments about them! They are very easy to make and fun, too! So these are definitely worth making and sending out.

#26 Hooray! Dinosaur Birthday party! We’re on the brink of discovery.

#27 Happy birthday to [Name]! Today we honor your appearance and stature on earth.

#28 Dinosaurs are truly the greatest. No wonder they ate their own.

#29 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of discovery, it was the age of extinction… It’s [name] birthday!

#30 Let’s go back to a time where there were no rules and you could show up for someone else’s birthday wearing a loincloth. Happy Birthday!

#31 I hope you have a happy birthday, unless you are in front of a T-Rex – then we hope you run faster than you have ever run before. We will be cheering for ya.

#32 What do you call a Dinosaur that won’t eat his vegetables? A Tyrannosaurus-tantrum!

#33 It’s [Name] birthday, so lets all go wild.

#34 It’s [Name] birthday, which means we should all behave like dinosaurs. And by that, I mean eat cake and throw the wrapper at each other.

#35 Huge, Loud, and Unpredictable. That’s what we call a Dinosaur on his/her birthday!

#36 Let’s focus on the present and play a game. What does a Dinosaur like to eat?

#37 Isle of the Dinosaur is a great place to visit for the birthday dinosaur!

#38 I feel that my dinosaur, who happens to be [name], is growing up too fast.

#39 {Name}’s birthday party was an immense success. As it should be – he is an immense Dinosaur!

#40 Don’t forget to check back when you get home – there might be a huge Dinosaur waiting to greet you!

#41 Did you know there is a prehistoric art gallery in [name] hometown? Well, guess what? There’s a Dinosaur birthday party there this weekend!

#42 You’re the T-Rex that makes my heart melt. Happy Dinosaur birthday.

#43 For your Dinosaur birthday, may all your wildest dreams come true.

#44 We invite you to share the magic of your Dinosaur party with us on [date].

#45 Greet [name] with a Dinosaur-ful birthday party at the Dino Den!

#46 A dinosaur with a sore throat can only wish for more dinosaurs to kiss.

#47 What do dinosaurs call their favorite kinds of pudding? No, not SPIKES, Nailed it!

#48 How does a Dinosaur plan an ecological expedition? Dinocraft.

#49 Happy Birthday to a dinosaur who’s growing up too fast.

#50 What do you get when you cross a dinosaur with a desk-jet? A Dinosaur-o-Jet!

#51 @7 “Congratulations to [name] on your new dinosaur job. We know its salary will be big this year.

Bonus Dinosaur Wishes

Happy Birthday to the coolest dinosaur ever! SWEEET!

Best wishes on your birthday to a dinosaur named after you.

Take a break from digging and rest on the Dinosaur Groomers’ Green Friend *sighs* are you a Dinosaur?

On your Dinosaur birthday you can take the dinosaur train and ride around a prehistoric park!

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time… To the day I was born… It would be my Dinosaur birthday!

My brother is turning [age] and today he’s celebrating his Dinosaur birthday.

Go ahead and blow your candles, a Dinosaur just told us to open our own jar of nuts!

Get ready for a Dinosaur birthday surprise! We have brought you the sound of trumpets and drums.

Dinosaur Outlaws are [age] today so have some cake and munchkins.

Today is the day that our friend, ‘The Dinosaur’ turns [year].

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