51 Funny 40th Birthday Quotes (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

When someone has a birthday, it’s a great time to send them a card. The best way to say thanks is by personalizing your gift with a funny saying. Here are some funny 40th birthday card sayings that should help get the ball rolling.

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#1 Forty is the number of beginnings and endings. You are at the place where you can have a fresh start in life. Let it be a year filled with opportunities to grow wiser, stronger and happier. Happy birthday.

#2 If you’ve reached forty, then you must be doing something right. Perhaps forty is the new twenty! And we all know that twenty was the new ten! Happy birthday.

#3 If turning forty makes you feel like doing something crazy, do not worry because by now you already know how to control your temper! Happy birthday!

#4 In our society, a lot of people choose to hide their age rather than show it openly.

#5 How old are you again? Are you ready to enter the sixties? I hope to God it’s not the seventies. Happy forty.

#6 This is your golden opportunity to reinvent yourself. You know, since the day hip has become obsolete and fashion has passed through decades of fashion seasons. Happy forty.

#7 You are growing older, though life is still young and beautiful. React as though you were younger or as if life were truly old! Happy birthday!

#8 When the day arrives, make sure that you have the right to celebrate it. Happy forty.

#9 Don’t look ahead to what awaits you. Instead, why don’t you concentrate on what has come and been? Happy fortieth birthday.

#10 Don’t make your life as hard as it would be if you were already in your fifties. Happy 40th birthday dear one.

#11 You were once gifted with a lot of energy and youthful life in your twenty years old, but now pass on those joys to your children so that they can enjoy your happiness in their lives too.

#12 Somewhere in your heart, you probably realize that you are not getting older but every year you celebrate a birthday, it is a reminder that life is indeed passing. Happy fortieth.

#13 The first four decades of your life were just an appetizer for what’s still in the menu for the next forty years of your life. Happy birthday.

#14 When it comes to age, no one can go backwards. Only forward, which means you will get older and wiser until the day you finally go back to where you came from.

#15 Forty is the year of living life to the fullest. Now that you have turned forty, you must make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the fun. Happy birthday.

#16 Hurray! You have finally entered your fifth decade in this world. It’s okay to be excited about it since only a few people can say they have done it! Happy birthday fella!

#17 Make the most of today and think about what you can do for tomorrow. The next twenty years are going to be even more special than your first four decades were. Happy birthday.

#18 How do you feel about growing older? I believe you have the right to make up your mind. Happy birthday.

#19 People die, but not a single one will ever confess his fears of getting old. Do you agree? Happy birthday.

#20 Growing older is not easy, so take care of yourself because there is no other way to maintain your youthfulness. Happy birthday.

#21 If someone says that your forty-something years are getting old, then let him come and tell you what he thinks will happen when you are sixty-something! Happy birthday.

#22 Life is short. So, make the most of it. Happy forty.

#23 The 18th is a special day, and it gives you a special chance to build your future, starting today. Happy xxxth birthday.

#24 Today being your 40th birthday means that life has been good to you! You have had 39 good years and by the time you reach 60 that number will rise to 40! You’re already ahead of the game! What are you going to do with the remaining five years? Happy birthday.

#25 You’re forty and I think you look gorgeous. Happy birthday.

#26 You really are a young forty year old woman. Happy birthday.

#27 Old age is not relative, you know. It does not matter what the number is or what you look like or how successful you are, as long as you are still alive and kicking, then that is acceptable to me! Happy 40th birthday!

#28 Age makes no difference; it’s how well we use it that counts. Happy 40th birthday! (Good luck using it well).

#29 Happiness doesn’t grow old. It may get a little wrinkled and grey, but it will always still be pretty. Happy birthday.

#30 As we grow older, there are times in our lives when we have to let go of the things that hold us back and discover the freedom that we always hoped for. Happy birthday.

#31 The most precious thing in your life is you, for you are the one that makes it magical. So cherish your days because not many will be as blessed as yours are. Happy birthday darling!

#32 It is a sign of maturity to know how to laugh at ourselves and admit when we have done something wrong or stupid.

#33 Everyone has milestones in life that they are celebrating on their own. Celebrate yours, and let them be the icing on the cake. Happy birthday.

#34 Thinking of what you want to become in life? Or maybe what you would like to do for work? Well, at age 40 is this a good time to start thinking about it? Happy 40th birthday.

#35 You are now married. Congratulations! And so is your wife! May you live together for a long, happy life together. Happy 40th birthday.

#36 Only a fool hides the fact that he is growing old. Happy birthday.

#37 Do you want to experience life at its best? Then make the most of every day, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Happy birthday.

#38 The passage of time can be a blessing or a curse. It depends on how we view it, right? Happy 40th birthday.

#39 Forty is old enough to be young, smart enough to be wise and mature enough to make the most of it. Happy birthday.

#40 If a person celebrates his or her fortieth birthday today, one can say that he or she has lived forty years well. Happy birthday.

#41 Learn from the past, prepare for the future and enjoy today – this is how happy people live until they reach forty. Have a great day.

#42 Let the age you are now not be an issue of concern because life is all about changes and challenges that come in your way.

#43 I hope that the wrinkles on your face won’t be permanent. I also hope you will learn to relax and enjoy your years. Happy birthday.

#44 Go out, party hard, work hard, play hard and relax hard – from now till you are eighty! You deserve it! Happy birthday.

#45 You’re 12 years shy of qualifying for a senior citizen’s discount. Young at heart! Happy birthday.

#46 If you took a time machine to the year 1900, people would have looked at you as a freak and not believed in longevity supplements or anti-aging products. How proud should you feel? Happy 40th birthday.

#47 Forty is the last time to live for yourself and the first time to live for others. Happy birthday, my friend.

#48 Make your forty the best in your life. It’s a forty-year age difference between your thirty’s and your fifties that guarantees you a new life. Happy birthday.

#49 May you be happy in all that you do, and with all those whom you love, both old and new. Happy 40th birthday, my dear friend.

#50 Beauty fades, but a hint of it can jolt you into the realization that time is fleeting. Happy birthday.

#51 A lot of things come to an end, like the passing of the seasons and the phases in life. But you have always been a source of hope, inspiration and motivation for others. Happy birthday.

#52 People around you might be growing older as well, but they can never outshine your youthful glow and vitality. Happy birthday.

#53 If you have been living for the past forty years, what can you expect in the next 40 years? Therefore, enjoy every moment of this day with friends, family and loved ones. Happy fortieth birthday.

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