51 Funny Happy Birthday 30th (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

It’s the person’s 30th birthday and you want to send him/her a funny card. You can’t just write “Happy Birthday.” Here are some ideas of what you might include in your card.




#1 30 is the age when you can start doing the things you’ve always wanted to do. Go out and have fun. Happy 30th birthday.

#2 At this age, you should be a man with his head screwed on straight, with a clear sense of direction.

#3 You’ve come of age — but don’t throw away your birthdays! Celebrate this milestone with one of these fabulous cards.

#4 It takes a lot to be at the top of your game as a thirtysomething. You can make your 30th birthday every day! Happy birthday.

#5 If you are going to turn thirty, you might just find God. If you are going to turn thirty, you might have some really great surprises at Christmases and birthdays. Happy 30th birthday.

#6 Thirty is the age when our dreams are hardly ever realized. But your dreams have only just begun! Happy 30th birthday. You’re still only halfway there.

#7 At thirty you can sit back and relax because you’ve already done most of the things you wanted to do in life, and so what’s left is to achieve your personal goals. Happy 30th birthday.

#8 If I were you, I would write something that inspires you or that makes you laugh every time you read it (this will also make the card look more authentic).

#9 At 30, you have seen many things. You have had many people but still, you are no wiser than when you started. Happy 30th birthday.

#10 30 is the age at which you can do a lot of stupid things that later on make a lot of sense. Happy 30th birthday!

#11 When it comes to getting older, your expression usually means more than your sentence does.

#12 At thirty, you are officially old. Unofficially, nobody cares. Have a good one.

#13 Congratulations on 30! There is no need to apologise for being 30. You are not ashamed of being 30, you are proud of it.

#14 It’s thirty now. Time to settle down and grow up like your mother, father and sister did before you. Happy 30th birthday.

#15 At 30, you have experienced enough ups and downs to last anyone a lifetime – but only if they have one as big as yours! Happy birthday.

#16 At thirty, you can have your pick of the youth. You’re young enough to be beautiful, experienced enough to know what you like and brave enough for anything. Happy 30th birthday.

#17 It’s never too late, at 30, to start doing what you love – or what you want to do anyway – in life. Enjoy your 30th birthday!

#18 30 is a turning point in the life cycle of the human being, marking a new stage and a new career.

#19 You’ve been thinking about the future your entire life. At 30, you are officially a grown-up. Enjoy being 30 and start making your dreams come true. Happy 30th birthday to you!

#20 30 is the age between youth and old age. Go out there and have fun before it’s too late! Happy birthday!

#21 30 brings about the inevitable change of pace in life. Don’t sell yourself short by pretending to be the same person you were at 20. Happy 30th birthday.

#22 At 30, you finally have the wherewithal to see things clearly, to think things through and become more pragmatic, easier-going and less flighty. You can finally see what lies ahead! Happy 30th birthday.

#23 30 is a watershed age that marks a significant turning point in your life. Has it been an easy ride? Of course not. But you have grown and matured, both physically and mentally, so that you can look forward to the future with confidence. Happy 30th birthday.

#24 30 is the age where you finally start taking charge of your future. Just as you learned when to be a kid, at 30 you can start looking after yourself by doing things for yourself instead of letting other people do it for you. You are on the road to being a responsible, confident adult! Happy 30th birthday.

#25 Birthdays make everyone more aware of the passage of time. Today, it is your 30th birthday. Happy birthday from me to you.

#26 From now on, I’m going to call you sir or ma’am. Sorry about that when you were still younger than 30 – but it’s all official now! Happy 30th birthday.

#27 How do you feel about another year older and twice as wise? You’ve really grown up since you were thirteen. Happy 30th birthday.

#28 Have a wonderful time, today and everyday for the rest of your life. You may be thirty years old, but you will always be my kid brother or sister. Happy birthday little one!

#29 I can hardly believe that I am older than you for the very first time in my life. But it is true that I am only five months and seventeen days older than you are.

#30 You’re officially over the hill now – but only just. You’re still climbing up. You have yet to reach the peak of the hill. Many happy returns at thirty!

#31 Today is a milestone in your life, and you’re probably feeling rather jaded about it. But you should also feel proud of it, and confident that there are more great milestones to come in your life. Happy 30th birthday!

#32 I hope your birthday is as special and joyful as you are. Have a great 30th birthday.

#33 I’m glad to know you’re over that 20s hump, but I wish your forties would be more fun too. Have a great birthday.

#34 I hope your thirties will be better than your twenties, when you were just learning from your own mistakes, and teaching others from them too. Happy birthday!

#35 At thirty, you’re a whole decade past your teenage years and one decade closer to menopause. You’re halfway through growing up, but still too young to grow old. Happy birthday.

#36 Before turning 30, you probably looked forward to adulthood with some trepidation and some excitement. Now you know it isn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Happy birthday!

#37 Birthdays are always special. It’s the one time of the year when no matter what happens, someone will remembered your age and will ask how old you are.

#38 From 30 to 40, your whole life will flash before your eyes. Make the most of it!

#39 30 is as good as any age — if not more so — to start making your dreams come true. Have a great 30th birthday. Here’s hoping it’s the start of something really big. Happy 30th birthday.

#40 At thirty, you can shave all the gray hairs you want. You don’t have to dye your hair anymore, and yet you still look younger than ever. Happy 30th birthday.

#41 At thirty, you’re finally getting smarter – now that the last of your youth is gone. And you are officially someone who deserves to get treated with respect, so here it is: Happy 30th birthday.

#42 There were times when I thought I would never see this day come…but here we are on your thirtieth birthday. What a great feeling! Happy 30th birthday.

#43 You are no longer a teenager, but you still have some life to live. You’ll get there. Happy thirty!

#44 I used to think that at age 30, you could retire from all the excitement of life. At thirty, I know better – there’s no room for retirement in your life! Have a blast this year!

#45 I thought that at 30 I was getting old, but then I realized that people over forty were even older. Happy birthday.

#46 Time goes by so fast you can hardly believe it. Happy 30th birthday.

#47 Your 30th birthday is just another milestone on the road to 60, 70, 80…You’re not there yet. But you are getting closer. Have a great 30th birthday!

#48 At 30, your friends will have families of their own, but you’ll still have time for fun and games – just like kids! Happy Birthday!

#49 30 is the first half of a trip. May your second half be as good as your first. Happy 30th birthday.

#50 After 30, you realize that age is just a number and it’s time to get serious with your life and make use of your energy to be productive in everything you do. Happy birthday!

#51 Thirty brings two things to mind – how far you have come and how far you still have to go.

#52 At thirty, the adults are much older than you and you are officially too old to love them back. Happy birthday.

#53 At thirty, your worst moments have happened and you have had more chances than most to make a success of your life so far. Happy birthday.

#54 At thirty, there’s still time to enjoy life, but it’s time to get serious about living it. Have a good 30th birthday.

#55 At thirty-something, we’re supposed to have everything figured out — but we don’t.

#56 Dear thirty year old, I hope you’ll have better luck than I did at the same age.

#57 Dear thirty year old, I hope you will never get the chance to say the same things I do at your age.

#58 Dear thirty year old, if you are reading this letter, then that means that you are already thirty years old — or already planning on turning 30 — which means that we never got to go out on a date. Happy 30th birthday anyway.

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