101+ Happy Birthday Nephew Wishes (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Wishing a happy birthday to your nephew is one of the best things you can do. Here are some sample happy birthday wishes for your nephew that will make his day even more special. From heartfelt messages to funny ones, there’s something for everyone on this list!

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#1 Happy birthday! I’m so blessed to have such an incredible nephew. You deserve all the best things life has to offer today, and every day into the future. Congratulations on this special day of your life!

#2 Wishing that our next hug is a thousand times better than the last. You are an amazing person who deserves a spectacular birthday celebration filled with love and laughter from family and friends.

#3 As your uncle, it’s my duty to make sure you grow up knowing great pop songs from the ‘80s and early ‘90s. In honor of this goal, here is one of my favorite tunes by Tiffany. Enjoy your birthday!

#4 Thank you for existing, nephew! Without you in my life, I am nothing. You are my joy and pride. Happy birthday!

#5 For your birthday wish, all I want is to see you surrounded by people who love and cherish you like crazy today. Let the party begin!

#6 The day has finally arrived! It’s time to let the good times roll on your birthday. Enjoy every minute of it because it goes so fast!

#7 Wishing that this special day brings you everything that your heart desires most in this world. Have a very happy day, nephew.

#8 You have always been such a wonderful gift in my life, nephew. Looking to spending another year with you as your uncle. I hope you have a great birthday!

#9 Happy Birthday to my handsome nephew. May this day gives you all that your heart desires and more.

#10 Wishing that today is filled with happiness and joy, love and laughter, and lots of fun for my dearest nephew on his birthday and always!

#11 My dearest nephew, this wish goes out to you on your birthday – thank you for putting up with me for so long. You are such a wonderful person who deserves the best of everything! Enjoy this special day because it won’t last forever (at least I hope it doesn’t!). Have a very happy day!

#12 I wish you nothing but the best today, my dear nephew. Growing up is an exciting time for you! Enjoy yourself and do things that make you happy. Know that I am always just a phone call away if you want to chat or get some words of wisdom stolen from my years on this earth. Happy birthday!

#13 My dearest nephew, on your birthday, I cannot help but think back to when we met for the first time while holding your tiny hand in mine. You were so little and delicate at the time, while now it seems like only yesterday when you were born. You have grown into such a wonderful human being with many dreams and talents. As your aunt, it makes me so proud to witness your successes and milestones. I hope you have a day filled with happiness, love, and cake!

#14 Some people are fortunate enough to be part of a special family that loves each other all the time. Then there’s us; we argue like crazy sometimes but no matter what, I still love you anyway (and I will always remind you). Happy birthday, nephew! May all your dreams come true today and in the years to follow.

#15 You are one year older today, which means only one thing…you are even more awesome than ever before! Wishing you an outstanding birthday full of fun times with friends, family, laughter, relaxation – basically whatever makes YOU happy today. Never forget how incredible you are!

#16 Happy birthday to my dear nephew. Your style, wit, and laughter is something that I am forever grateful for in my life. You have helped me more than you know with your kindness and guidance. On your big day, I hope you go out of your way to make someone else feel good about themselves like you always do. May all the happiness in the world find its way to you today and eternally!

#17 Aunts are much like parents; they love their families no matter what happens (even if it’s not much). Have an amazing birthday, young man!

#18 When I first held you as a baby, I knew that there was something special about you. That special something has grown into a wonderful young man, who I adore more than you know. On your birthday, take the time to appreciate yourself and all of your many talents. May peace and happiness follow you throughout your days.

#19 Happy birthday to a truly incredible human being! You have never ceased to amaze me with how much love and care you have for others. Go have an amazing day filled with whatever makes YOU happy because that’s what birthdays are for!

#20 Dear nephew, not only are you getting older but so is this world around us…I say let’s make wishes together today to keep it from changing too much in these next few years. Make a wish!!

#21 It’s your birthday! I hope you are surrounded by people who love and care about you. Be sure to remind yourself how amazing you are every chance that you get! Happy birthday, nephew.

#22 You are one of the most interesting people I know; keep being eccentric! Happy birthday, dearest nephew.

#23 To my favorite nephew on his special day, enjoy your day because God has blessed you more than enough already. Thankful for having a wonderful son like you in our family. Happy Birthday Nephew!

#24 A very happy birthday to my precious child, congratulations on another year of existence, may this year give life to all your dreams and wishes…you deserve nothing but the best.

#25 I hope this is your happiest birthday ever, my dear nephew! May life continue to give you nothing but joy and happiness.

#26 On his special day, I want him to know that we love him; we will always be here for him in every step of his life and living our presence in his heart and soul because he deserves the world and more…wishing him a very happy birthday!

#27 You deserve only the best on your birthday, nephew. I wish you nothing but all the success in life; may you shine brighter than ever before. Wishing you a blessed year ahead filled with happiness. Happy Birthday Nephew!

#28 There’s no such thing as too much cake on your birthday, nephew. Enjoy!

#29 This day is so special and you should always get what you want, don’t worry because I am here to grant all your birthday wishes…love you nephew and wish happiness upon you.

#30 Happy birthday, nephew! May today be everything that you hoped for and more! May God bless the one and only person who has always been there for me through it all. You mean the world to me and I just want to wish you the best of birthdays ever!

#31 Meeting someone like you made my life complete; we were meant to be together forever. Wishing my sweet little angel with lots of love on his special day; we will be together forever.

#32 You are my shining star and I would like you to know that your happiness is the only thing that matters to me, nephew; this special day of yours should be full of beautiful things because you’re one-of-a-kind! Wishing you a very happy birthday!

#33 On your birthday, nephew, I wish for all your hopes and dreams come true because you deserve nothing but the best. Remember, life is too short so make sure to take risks because it’s not worth living if you are afraid of failing. Have an amazing year ahead. Happy Birthday To My Dearest Nephew!

#34 Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my favorite nephew! I hope you know that you are simply amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t ever change! I love everything about who you are today, and can’t wait to see who you become tomorrow. Happy birthday, dear boy!

#35 Just like the meaning of your name is true, so too will this day be filled with many moments of happiness. You deserve nothing but positivity today; happy birthday, sweet nephew!

#36 Ever since our family became complete, life has been truly memorable. From all the laughter we share to all the wonderful memories I cherish – having a nephew like you means the world to me. Even though you are miles away, know that I am right next door in my heart. This day is simply meant for saying: you’re the best nephew in the whole wide world!

#37 Happy birthday to my nephew, who is the coolest kid I know. You are one in a million! Your positive attitude and can-do spirit never ceases to amaze me. You are an inspiration! Keep up the good work, and congratulations on another successful year.

#38 As you blow out today’s candles, remember all of your wonderful qualities that make you who you are. Never stop learning, growing, or loving yourself for who you are. You deserve it. Best wishes on your birthday!

#39 Today is your special day – call your friends and family together to celebrate with cake and laughter because it’s time to party! Enjoy this momentous occasion with loved ones by your side. Happy birthday, nephew!

#40 Good luck in everything that you do today and every day. You’re brilliant just the way you are, so keep doing what you love with your whole heart. Here’s to another year of self-accomplishment and happiness!

#41 Happy birthday to my nephew who is not only extremely talented but also kind and loving. All of these wonderful qualities will take you far in life if you use them wisely. I am so happy to be celebrating this special occasion with you. Enjoy your big day!

#42 May God bless you on your birthday with success, good health, many years of prosperity, lots of joy, love from near and dear ones, and everything that you wish for.

#43 Today is the day you were born into this world! I know your mom and dad are so proud of the wonderful young man that you have become. Celebrate today because you are somebody amazing! Happy birthday, my sweet nephew!

#44 Wishing you a fantastic year full of laughter, fun, love, bliss, excitement, peace, prosperity and happiness. May every dream come true on your birthday. Have an incredible time!

#45 You make me want to be a better person with each passing day because of all the wonderful things you do by example. Keep shining like the star that shines down even in darkness. May your special day be filled with joy and love. Happy birthday, my dearest nephew!

#46 Your obvious charm and wit is contagious to everyone around you. As your uncle, I am of course always proud of you and the wonderful man that you are. Have a fabulous time celebrating another day on this Earth with us all! Wishing you a very happy birthday!

#47 Here’s to another year filled with fun and laughter because we know how much you love and appreciate it. May today and each day beyond be as amazing as possible, filled with all that you wish for. Enjoy your special day!

#48 This beautiful world has been made even more beautiful by the existence of such a fine young man as yourself. You have so much ahead of you, so keep making your dreams come true. Happy birthday, my dear nephew!

#49 May all of your hopes, wishes and dreams come true this year because you deserve it. May the special bond between an uncle and his nephew be one that never ends even when times get tough or challenging. Enjoy your day to the fullest!

#50 You are simply incredible in every way shape and form. Never let anyone make you feel like anything less than what you are – amazing! You can achieve any goal or dream that comes into your heart if only you try hard enough. I wish for nothing more than happiness for you today and always.

#51 Happy birthday to my amazing nephew. You are turning into such a handsome young man, and I am so proud of what you have become. Keep chasing your dreams and never forget how much you mean to me.

#52 When we think about the future, we see infinite possibilities for you—prosperity, happiness, love. Everything is within reach for you! Let’s get excited about the road ahead and take some time today to celebrate all that you have achieved so far! Happy birthday, nephew!

#53 Good things come in threes with birthdays, so let’s start this year off on an extra special note by celebrating your special day together with our loved ones. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with friends, family, and birthday cake. You are so very loved.

#54 Happy birthday to the little boy who filled my arms when he came home from the hospital! It was love at first sight for both of us, I’m sure—and now look at you! An amazing young man. Continue to follow your dreams, nephew, because only good things are in store for you this year and beyond! HBD!

#55 Today is your day to shine. To celebrate the best thing that ever happened to me, I’d like to offer up these words of encouragement… Your life will be full of fun times and even some tough times too. But no matter what happens, always stay true to yourself and never forget that I’m here for you.

#56 You are such a great nephew! Happy birthday, my little prince!

#57 Happy birthday to the most awesome nephew in the world! I hope you have a fantastic day filled with your favorite things. Enjoy every second of this year because it is the best one yet.

#58 A brilliant soul like you deserves nothing but the very best on his birthday. So make sure you do absolutely nothing today, my dear nephew! Just kick back and relax and let all of your wishes and dreams come true. You’ve worked hard thus far; now it’s time for some fun! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

#59 You are our family’s brightest star – always shining, always confident, always inspiring those around you to reach new heights and become better people than they ever thought possible. Keep shining, nephew! Happy birthday!!!

#60 If I could be half the person you are now when I’m your age, I would consider myself one lucky guy. Hope you have another awesome year filled with laughter, love, and awesome memories that will last a lifetime! HBD 🙂

#61 Happy birthday to my amazing nephew! It was great spending time with you recently. You sure continue to inspire me each and every day! Stay awesome. Cheers!! 😀

#62 To our favorite nephew! May your birthday be an awesome celebration of who you already are today – big things ahead for you this year because EVERY day is your birthday! <3

#63 Happy birthday, nephew! I know that the world has not always been easy for you. It hasn’t been easy for anyone your age, but it truly does get better with time—and you will be okay. Never forget to wish yourself well and always love yourself because you deserve it.

#64 Here is one very special birthday wish for my favorite person in the whole wide world! You are exceptionally amazing at everything that you do, and I feel like the luckiest person ever to call myself your aunt. On your special day, enjoy every minute of this milestone! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead filled with joy and tons of happiness.

#65 Happy birthday, nephew! I hope today is filled with nothing but fun and stress-free moments. Your birthdays are always the best days of the year for me. May you have a wonderful day, filled with happiness and laughter. I love you!

#66 As time goes on, you should know that I’m incredibly proud of you. You are growing up into an incredible young man. Keep chasing your dreams because they are important to me too! Happy birthday to my amazing nephew.

#67 Today is all about celebrating who you are as someone special in our lives. Don’t go changing now—you were made perfectly! Know that I wish you all the happiest things life can bring on this special day.

#68 Having a nephew like you is one of the best things life can bring! The world needs people with your kindness and generosity more than ever. Keep being an amazing person, and I’ll always be proud to say that I know you.

#69 You are very special to me—more than you will ever know. Thank you for all the memories we have shared over the years, and I cannot wait to see what new ones come about in your lifetime ahead! May your birthday celebration be one filled with love and laughter. Happy birthday, beautiful nephew!

#70 Niece, there isn’t another soul out there who deserves happiness as much as you do today on your special day. I wish you nothing but the best because you are worth it! Hope your birthday is filled with fun and excitement—and maybe a few surprises too!

#71 It’s amazing to get another year older, right? You get to do all kinds of new things for the first time. Just remember to take everything in stride, one step at a time. Enjoy this adventure of life because it goes by faster than you may think. Happy birthday, nephew!

#72 Here’s an envelope full of well wishes on your special day. Have fun opening it today because there are some great things inside that have been just for you! I hope you enjoy every last bit about your birthday celebration.

#73 You know how your mom loves you more than anything in the world? Well, I like to think of myself as your second mom because I love you just as much! On your birthday, get ready for the biggest family party ever. It will be fun and full of laughter. Happy happy birthday nephew!

#74 If you were any sweeter, you would give everyone an overwhelming sugar rush! This year has really made me proud of all that you have done and achieved. Your positive attitude brightens up my day every time we speak or chat online. Who knows what this coming year might hold for us? Let’s hope it brings us closer together than ever before. Happy birthday beautiful boy!

#75 I hope you enjoy your day, and that it is filled with lots of love and laughs. You are a truly special person who deserves to be celebrated! Happy birthday, nephew.

#76 You aren’t just a special nephew, you are an amazing person. I hope that today brings the joy and happiness that you have worked so hard to achieve. Thank you for being you! Happy birthday

#77 Today is the perfect day to say how thankful I am for everything you do. You are such a wonderful, caring, and sweet soul who has been a gift in my life. Happy birthday, sweet nephew!

#78 Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my wonderful nephew! Thanks for all your love and support; it means more than anything else in this world. Stay awesome and know that I love and care about you very much!

#79 Here’s wishing the grooviest birthday to my dear nephew. Keep on being awesome! Always know that you can reach for the stars because you have it going on!

#80 Happy birthday, nephew. You have a special place in my heart and I am so happy to share this day with you. May your smile light up the whole world, may your eyes always be bright, and may life follow you wherever you go.

#81 Whoa! Time flies.. It seems like just yesterday I was holding you as a newborn baby and now here we are celebrating another year of the wonderful person that is YOU! Wishing you lots of love, fun, laughter and happiness on your birthday today.

#82 A very happy birthday to my precious nephew! You have been such a gift to our family over the years. We couldn’t ask for a better little boy or adult man. We love you so much, sweetheart!

#83 Happy birthday to my wonderful nephew. It has been one of life’s greatest joys to watch you grow over the years. Your family loves you very much and I wish for nothing but your heart’s deepest desires to come true for this special day of yours.

#84 Yes, it is your birthday! Why? Because you are incredibly special and bring excitement into our lives each day! Wishing you all the best in the world, because that is what you deserve today and always. Happy birthday, nephew!

#85 To a fine young man on his big day… May every dream that makes your heart beat faster turn into reality today.

#86 Happy birthday to my sweet nephew! You truly are one of a kind and I’m so thrilled to be your aunt. Let this day be special, and enjoy every second because life is wonderful.

#87 Hey, handsome. Today you turn [insert age], and we still think you look pretty much the same as when we first saw you in the delivery room right after your mom gave birth to you. Where does the time go? Also what happened with that hair? Where did it disappear to? You should probably get on that, but whatever. Just know how amazing, wonderful, funny, smart, wonderful…okay I’ll stop…but seriously—happy birthday nephew!

#88 I have been so blessed to have had you as a part of my life. You truly are one-of-a-kind and I feel so lucky to be your aunt. Thank you for all the amazing memories we’ve had together, and here is to more! Happy birthday, nephew!

#89 Happy birthday, nephew! If I could give you a present on this special day, it would probably just be that I spend some time with you because time seems to go by faster every year! Just kidding…sort of. Maybe? Let’s do something fun today—just us two! There is nothing better than spending time with family, especially someone as wonderful as you.

#90 It’s your birthday! I am so happy you were born. You are such a special young man, and I cannot wait to see what the years ahead will bring for you. Happy birthday!

#91 There is something very special about nephews like you. From day one, you have brought joy into our lives with your sweet face and caring spirit. Through the good times and bad, you have always kept me laughing or smiling. Thank goodness for little boys like you…especially on their birthdays! Have an amazing day, cutie pie!

#92 I hope that every year of your life has been as wonderful as this past year has been for me because it has been filled with getting to know you. Happy birthday!

#93 I want to wish you a wonderful day filled with love, happiness, and many special surprises. May today be better than your birthday ever was actually…and that’s saying something because it is already spectacular! Enjoy your cake, my sweet nephew!

#94 All of the things good in my life are because of you. You show me joy every time I see you smiling or hear you laughing. You remind me what it means to care for someone else before myself. When I am feeling down, I look at you just knowing everything will work out fine. Thank goodness there are people like you who bring so much positivity into our world! Hope your birthday is as amazing as you are!

#95 Wishing you a wonderful day on your special day. Hope it is filled with good food, fun friends, and lots of love. Happy birthday!

#96 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best nephew who brightens my world every day with his smiles, laughs, and contagious personality. I wish you more happiness than words can express for this very special time of year when life seems more colorful, beautiful, and worthwhile because you are in it!

#97 Today is your birthday! You have become another year wiser, bigger, stronger…and cuter. Your smile is contagious and so are your jokes. Who knew laughter was so incredibly healthy? Hope today brings an overwhelming amount of joy into your life. Enjoy your special day!

#98 Having a nephew like you is one of life’s many blessings. You are the sweetest guy, and I am so blessed to be able to share this day with you. Have an amazing birthday filled with festive fun!

#99 Wishing my big, little handsome guy a happy birthday! Your laugh cheers me up when I’m feeling down, and your hugs mean everything in the world to me, perfect nephew. Hope today brings you much joy and happiness!

#100 Happy birthday to my favorite person in the entire world…my amazing nephew! Even if every other person on the planet disappeared off the face of it, I would still want to celebrate your birthday with you because you are the most special person in my life. I hope your day is filled with incredible surprises!

#101 You are one of a kind, handsome nephew. Always know that every single day I think about how amazing it is to have someone like you in my life. With all of the love I have for you, may your birthday be as wonderful as you are! Enjoy your special day!

#102 Today is even more glorious than yesterday…why? Because today is YOUR birthday!!! Wishing you lots of happiness and joy surrounded by people who love and care for you very much today and always. Happy birthday to my favorite fun-loving guy!

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