30 Thank You for Letting Me Go Messages (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Letting someone go from personal or professional life is a difficult task for most of us. If you have been let go, it can be difficult but sending a note of appreciation for the time spent together in the form of thank you for letting me go messages is good to help maintain a cordial relationship in future.

Here are some sample thank you for letting me go messages that you can use when it’s time to show your gratitude towards someone who has let go! Read on, and find one which fits your need.


#1 When we’re together, I feel so safe and so warm. But as wonderful as those moments are, you deserve to be free to experience the world without me. I know that sometimes it might seem like I don’t want you to be happy but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

#2 What’s better than having you around is knowing that I have the privilege of being one of your memories. Thank you for letting me go, so that I may become the best version of myself.

#3 Thank you for being the first person to ever break my heart. Your willingness to love me even though you knew I couldn’t return it taught me so much about myself and what real love is. I hope that wherever your travels take you, you are happy.

#4 I don’t regret our time together because no matter how short or long it was, I learned something valuable from every single moment. Thank you for loving me unconditionally; it changed my life.

#5 Thank you for making me feel like there could be someone else who loved me as much as I loved them; taught me that if they can do it, then maybe someday (someday soon) someone else would too!

#6 I don’t blame you for letting go of us – sometimes we just grow apart and it doesn’t mean we love each other any less, it just means we are moving in different directions. I know that letting go is the only way you will ever find true happiness, and for that I can’t be more grateful.

#7 I hope that someday you discover what it feels like to be truly free, not only of me but of everything else holding you back. You deserve to explore yourself without any burdens or chains, and I hope you do that soon.

#8 Thank you for your honesty – it really does mean a lot! Please know that no matter where life takes us, I will always hold those memories close to my heart and treasure them forever.

#9 You have helped me understand a lot about myself and what I need in a relationship, so thank you for allowing me to grow into the person that I am today. I hope that we can still be friends, and if you ever want to hang out or try again, I am always open.

#10 You were the first person who taught me what relationships were like and how much work they take. Thank you for teaching me and allowing me to be better prepared for the future.

#11 Writing these messages has allowed me to realize just how thankful I am for your friendship over the years. You’ve been such an inspiration in my life and have taught me so many things about myself. Thank you for being such a good friend to me!

#12 I want you to be free to chase your dreams and make our life together. I know that there is no one else for me but, if you find someone who makes you feel like the world isn’t the same without them, then I will let you go.

#13 Thank you for letting me go, even though it may not seem like it now; I truly believe this is what’s best for both of us. You were always meant to be out there doing wonderful things without me because I know that wherever you are is where my heart will always be.

#14 Thank you for letting go… If you hadn’t done it then, I would have had to eventually let go later. There was only so long where I could wait before my own heart started hurting too much or before someone else noticed what was going on… It might be hard, but you need to find love and live your life.

#15 You could have fought for me, but I’m so grateful that you didn’t. Sometimes fighting means agony and sometimes it means holding onto something too tightly until it suffocates. Even if we can no longer be together, I’ll always wish the very best for you because you deserve nothing less.

#16 Thank you for letting me go…. You treated me with kindness even though my departure must have been a blow. Thank you for being understanding and gentle as this transition happened… Even if we cannot make our relationship work, I know that I’ll hold this moment in my heart forever.

#17 When you told me “it was over,” I hardly knew how to react. It felt like one minute I was flying through the clouds, and then suddenly there were no more skies above me anymore… I wanted to fight for you, but I know that it wasn’t the right thing to do.

#18 I love that even though we are apart, you are still thinking about me, protecting me, and helping me get back on my feet. For that, I am forever grateful. Sometimes I forget how much goodness is in your heart because of our time together. Thank you for being so kind when things ended. You will always be special to me.

#19 I know that it’s only a matter of time before you find someone special. I couldn’t be happier for you and the life that we will both eventually build. Thank you for letting me go so I can finally follow my dreams.

#20 You don’t owe me anything – not even an explanation – for wanting to move on with your life and start anew. You put up with me for as long as we were together, and now it is my turn to let you experience what freedom feels like.

#21 Thank you for letting me experience what our lives could have been like if we stayed together – because now I understand why we couldn’t be! Letting us go sets us free, and I hope that someday we can genuinely be friends again.

#22 Wherever life takes us next, thank you for being my first love and teaching me about what real heartbreak feels like. Letting me go is probably one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me.

#23 Thank you for letting me go. I know that you wanted to be with me forever, but the great thing about love is that it’s infinite and there is always someone else out there who will come into your life one day.

#24 Thank you for letting me go. It was hard at first, but I know it had to happen eventually and we both need to grow as individuals before we can truly fall in love again and make a commitment to each other forever.

#25 You deserve to be with someone who loves you as much as I do, but for now it’s enough knowing that you are happy with me even if we aren’t together. Thank you for letting me go.

#26 I guess sometimes love isn’t enough to make a relationship work. And whether or not this was something we could have fixed didn’t really matter after all because at least I know you were happy and free from the pain I caused you by choosing to stay instead of going to London.

#27 I know that if we had stayed together, we both would have regretted it eventually. It was never meant to last forever, and maybe we just didn’t realize it beforehand. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we figured it out together.

#28 Thank you for giving me space to figure out my life even though I gave you no signs of trouble at all! Sometimes people need their space and they don’t even know it. Thank you for recognizing when I needed time and acting accordingly.

#29 Thank you for seeing that we both had to let go of each other in order to find what we were looking for, even though that meant being apart from one another. Sometimes it is better to be apart so you can see the bigger picture.

#30 It was wonderful knowing you, but sadly our paths have chosen different directions in life. I wish you all the best on your journey and hope that someday our paths will cross again. Thank you for everything!

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Being left behind is never a nice feeling. Although it may be for the best, we tend to still feel upset and confused about everything that has happened. What we can do though, is try and remember all of the good times we’ve spent with our significant others and always remind ourselves: this is for the best.

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