51 Thank You for the Surprise (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Surprise birthday parties are always fun, because it means you can make a big deal out of your day. If you’ve been the recipient of such an event, take the time to thank those who put it together for you. Here are some ideas on what to include in your thank you note or message.

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#1 I’m not sure what to say other than thank you. It was such a nice surprise, and you gave me the best birthday present I could have ever asked for. You must have spent hours upon hours planning and then it paid off when the party you planned was an absolute success. Thank you for being so thoughtful, generous, and kind to me.

#2 Your party was so much fun that I didn’t want to leave. I can’t remember having that much fun at a party before, and I want to thank you for putting it together. You did so much work to make it happen and I really appreciate it.

#3 The surprise was so good that I wish it were my birthday every day! I never expected my birthday would be like that. It was such a great party with all of my friends and family there to celebrate with me. I’m sure there wasn’t anything left to do but celebrate, since you did everything else!

#4 It can be difficult to know the best way to show love and gratitude, but you did it with a surprise birthday party. I am so lucky to be loved by someone so thoughtful and generous.

#5 You don’t know how much I appreciate all you went through for my birthday. Those who think we live in a self-serving society should have seen what you did for me. I love you more than ever before, thank you!

#6 Everyone is surprised twice in their lives. Once when they are born, and once when someone throws them a surprise birthday party.

#7 You are the best friend a girl could ever have. You never fail to brighten up my day and make me smile. Thank you for throwing such a great surprise party for me, it was truly a blessing.

#8 You are so amazing and so generous! You are a dear friend who is always there when I need you. Your birthday party was not only fun but also very thoughtful, I will treasure the gift of your friendship always. Happy birthday!

#9 Birthday gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but your birthday presents are the ones that last forever. I will never forget my birthday celebration, it was so special. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

#10 Sometimes I really feel like I am a nobody in life and people do not have time for me. But you prove me wrong every time! You blew my mind off with the best surprise birthday party ever! You pay attention to everything and make me feel wanted. It’s amazing how you always manage to see the good side of people, thanks for that! Have a great day!

#11 Birthday present is what you give someone on their birthday, but your gift of friendship is one that lasts all year long.

#12 How grateful I am for your effort and your love. You were thoughtful to throw me a surprise birthday party, it was even more thoughtful of you to think of my friends. We had a wonderful time together.

#13 It’s so touching that you managed to pull off the surprise birthday party! I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun.

#14 You’re the bee’s knees. I love you. Thanks for the surprise birthday party! It was a beautiful surprise that I will never forget.

#15 The party was super and to complete the picture, you were there as well! Your presence made all the difference in my world, as always. Thank you for everything you do for me and loving me more than I deserve. Thank you for being mine and being so good to me.

#16 It meant so much to have all of our friends come together and celebrate my birthday with us this year. I really appreciate you for making it happen. You’re a kind soul, and the best friend anyone could possibly have. Thanks so much!

#17 I say that you are one of a kind but, honestly, there is no one else like you in this world. Just as there can never be another me in your heart and life, there can never be another person like you. You’re my favorite person in the whole world! You are special! I will always love you for it.

#18 Thank you for having everyone at our party this week! I can’t believe how many people love me and wanted to celebrate with me on my birthday this year.

#19 A party is a great gift. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciated the surprise birthday party and all that went into it. You made me feel so special, and I am forever grateful.

#20 The birthday is the cake, the party is the ice cream, and the surprise is the cherry on top. Thanks for such a delicious gift!

#21 Thank you for throwing such an extraordinary surprise party! It was truly unexpected and gave me the best birthday present of my life. It meant so much that everyone pulled together, and you worked so hard, to make it happen for me. You are exceptional. I love you.

#22 Many thanks to all of you who joined me at the surprise birthday party. It was truly a group effort and I appreciate the gifts and love you showed me that day. I wish you could have all been there so that I could have felt your presence, but it was still absolutely wonderful! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

#23 The surprise birthday party is one of the best birthdays presents for a loved one. That feeling of appreciation, joy, happiness, and comfort is priceless! Thanks for bringing my gift to me with a huge cupcake on top! It’s unbelievable how much you care about me. Feelings like these are hard to find in life. Don’t ever change.

#24 I was so surprised by your surprise party. It was the best surprise birthday party ever! I love that you surprised everyone with this wonderful celebration and everyone made it their gift to me. You don’t know how much I will cherish this gift for my whole life!

#25 Every birthday is special. But your speciality is extraordinary! Let me thank you for making my birthday something to remember forever. You are a super-special person and you deserve the best gifts in life. You’re worth more than a million bucks!

#26 Wow, it really has been a long time since we’ve last met.

#27   My heart skipped a few beats when everyone shouted: “Surprise!” Your surprise party was the best birthday present I could ever ask for!

#28 Thank you for throwing such an extraordinary surprise party! It was truly unexpected and gave me the best birthday present of my life. It meant so much that everyone pulled together, and you worked so hard, to make it happen for me. You are exceptional.

#29 I did not know what to expect…but that was what made it such a thrill.

#30 I can’t believe you threw me a surprise birthday party! You’ve gone to so much trouble … again. I know how much work it takes to plan a big party and I want you to know how grateful I am.

#31 A surprise party is great because it surprises them and gives everyone a chance to join in and celebrate with the birthday girl. The guests get to feel special themselves, by being included in the celebration. The birthday girl gets the best of all worlds.

#32 I’m so glad you’re my friend and that you threw such an incredible surprise party. Not only was it a wonderfully magical experience, but it made me realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by people who care so much.

#33 Thank you for being there to celebrate and support me all the time. When you threw a surprise birthday party for me, I was filled with gratitude and love that keeps on giving every day. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

#34 You’ve done so much for me since we met, and now you couldn’t possibly do anymore! It was such a fun surprise party to surprise you. I hope it brought back some of that happy, carefree feeling from the past. I know my life is better because of you.

#35 You’ve done so much for me since we started dating. Now that I am a wife and mother, you only continue to make my world a better place.

#36 A surprise party is the best way to celebrate a birthday. The last thing I expected after walking into my house was for you to throw me a surprise birthday party! It showed me that you love me enough to go through all of that trouble. Thanks, babe.

#37 I never knew how much fun a surprise birthday party could be! I’ve always been wrapped up in the idea of being surprised, but experiencing one was amazing! Everyone threw themselves into it and it was a blast. Thanks for putting it all together for me.

#38 After seeing all the effort that you put into my surprise birthday Party, and all the hard work you have done for me as a parent, I can’t help but feel grateful for you. You are my rock! Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family.

#39 The best thing about birthdays is that everyone gets excited. This one was no exception. Your party was a total surprise, but nothing could prepare me for how much I would love it.

#40 You are the best gift in my life. Thank you for the surprise birthday party.

#41 You are the best friend I could ever ask for. Thank you so much for throwing such a great surprise party! Though I already knew that, your efforts and thoughtfulness were never more apparent than today. It was spectacular.

#42 There is no better feeling than having a whole room full of people who love you, who want to spend their time and energy to make you happy. Thank you for giving me that feeling.

#43 A surprise birthday party is like a little slice of Halloween, Christmas and Hanukkah all rolled into one! Thank you so much for being part of my celebrations with me.

#44 I don’t know how you did it, but you are truly the best at surprises and I appreciate it more than I can say. You will always be my hero.

#45 You definitely made my day with that fun surprise party! Now that the fun part is out of the way, we can get down to business… I don’t want any cake or ice cream today. All I want is your tender touch, passionate kiss, and sweet words whispering in my ear…

#46 You surprised me last night with a birthday party. Everyone was so nice and had a great time celebrating my birthday.

#47 I have been enjoying my birthday and all the gifts you’ve given me. All the effort you put into making me a surprise birthday party was so thoughtful and generous. Thank you.

#48 I am overwhelmed by your great, thoughtful gift of a surprise birthday party celebrating my 60th birthday. You must have spent a lot of time and energy on it, planning and preparing everything! The whole experience was delightful. Thanks so much for making this day one I will always remember.

#49 I’m sure you know that you are the sweetest person I’ve ever known but I want to tell you one more time. You constantly surprise me with your thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness. In life, there are people who make things happen and those that just watch them happen, but it’s the people who make things happen in a way that makes us happier who really matter. That describes you perfectly!

#50 You are a thoughtful, generous person. I’ll never forget that wonderful surprise party. Your effort was so much appreciated. I was truly speechless when you surprised me with a birthday party and gifts that I wanted but did not expect.

#51 Many people come to your house to see them off at the door, others have the privilege of remembering their birthdays. But only few can be so considered as to invite them into your own home on their birthday and treat them like they are worth it.

#52 I can’t believe you paid off my debts and bought me a car! There really is no way to thank you enough. You are the most extraordinary person I have ever met. Every day, I try to be a little more like you, but then I realize that it is a hopeless quest!

#53 The best birthday party was the one my parents threw for me when we were kids. It was out on the back patio and there were lots of family friends and food.

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