53 Birthday Invitation Message Sample (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Birthday parties are always a fun event to celebrate. If you’re sending out invitations for a birthday party, take the opportunity to write them a thoughtful message about what they mean to you and express your excitement about seeing them on their special day. Here are some ideas of what to include in your note.

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#1 We want you to join us on [date] for a grand celebration of [name’s] birthday. You and your family are welcome!

#2 Please mark the date, [date], in your calendar and come over to celebrate the birthday of [name]. Bring some presents and we promise you will love it!

#3 Please help us celebrate our big day by coming to our home on the auspicious occasion of the birthday party of [name]. Do not miss it!

#4 We would like to invite you and your entire family to attend the party we are going to throw in honor of somebody special—a person who is near and dear to all of our hearts: [name].

#5 The whole idea behind this spectacular event is that we get an opportunity to celebrate the birthday of [name]. You are most cordially invited.

#6 We are excited about hosting a party to commemorate the crowning day of our life—the birthday of [name]. Come be part of it!

#7 This is an exciting invitation for you to help us in celebrating the momentous occasion. You are cordially invited for this great event which will take place on [date] at our residence.

#8 You are cordially invited on [date] to attend our grand celebration of [name]’s birthday. Do not miss it!

#9 Please come on over and celebrate with us, for one night only, the birthday of someone special—a person who is near and dear to all of our hearts: [name]. We promise it will be a blast!

#10 We are pleased to invite you for the birthday celebration of someone special—someone who is near and dear to all of our hearts: [name]. We look forward to having your company at our place on [date] so please mark your calendar.

#11 Please join us in commemorating the crowning day of our life—the birthday of [name]. It will be great fun, so don’t miss it!

#12 The only thing we wish for this year is that you come over and praise with us the momentous occasion. You are cordially invited to attend this grand event on [date], which will take place at our residence.

#13 We cordially invite you and your friends to the first birthday party of [name] at our place.

#14 Please join us on [date] for a night of good food, good company and good birthday fun as we celebrate this special morning with [name].

#15 The first birthday of [name] is going to be celebrated by all those who love him/her as we present to you an invitation. We hope you will accept it and grace us with your presence on the wonderful occasion.

#16 We invite you to come over on [date] so that we can share some pleasant moments together as we celebrate the first birthday of our beloved son/daughter whose name is: “[name]”. We look forward to seeing you there!

#17 We are really looking forward to having the night of our life. We want you to be part of this special occasion, so we invite you along with your family for a party at our house on [date].

#18 Our wonderful time will not be complete without your presence. You are cordially invited to join us in celebrating the birthday of [name] by attending our event on [date].

#19 This is to inform you that I am organizing my son’s 6th birthday party on [date] and everyone who cares about him is most welcome. Please share this invitation with your friends and relatives.

#20 You’re special enough for me to invite you to my daughter’s birthday party which is taking place on [date]. Please let me know if you’re coming so I can reserve plenty of cake for you.

#21 It’s an invitation to join us on [date] as we celebrate my loving daughter’s birthday. We are looking forward to your presence at our party, please bring your family too.

#22 I’m inviting you to the most wonderful evening of the year! Come and celebrate my little girl’s 6th birthday with us on [date]. Please tell me if you’re able to attend so I can save enough cake for you.

#23 We are going to have a grand party at our house on [date]. Come along with your family and friends to enjoy the festivities.

#24 As we prepare ourselves for an exciting celebration of the birthday of our most beloved [name], we cordially invite you all to come over with your near and dear ones.

#25 We look forward to having you as our esteemed guest in order that we may share some good food, good times, and good fun during the birthday celebration of [name] on [date].

#26 Your presence will be an icing on the cake. Come and have a wonderful time with us during [name]’s birthday party at our home on [date].

#27 It’s going to be a fun-filled party, if you can just confirm your invitation for [name]’s birthday celebration. We are counting on seeing you!

#28 Having you here with us is going to add more flavor in [birthday boy/girl]’s special day – come celebrate this milestone with us. You are cordially invited!

#29 We hope that you can grace us with your company as we help [name] celebrate his/her big day at our place on [date]. Your presence means so much to all of us.

#30 With great excitement, we invite you and your family to join in celebrating the birthday of [name] at our residence. We promise you a wonderful time and excellent food & drinks.

#31 I want to invite you for the birthday party arranged in honor of [name]. You are cordially invited! I hope you can make it because we would love to celebrate with you.

#32 You and your friends are cordially invited to attend the celebration party of my daughter, [name], who is turning [age]. Let us rejoice and enjoy the evening together; we will cherish this night forever.

#33 We hope that everyone will be able to make it for this grand event filled with splendor and merriment which shall include dinner followed by cake cutting ceremony . It’s going to take place on [date] from [time] onwards at [address]. We look forward to seeing you!

#34 The occasion will be even more beautiful if you are with us. Please join us on [date] at [time] at our place for the birthday party of my dearest daughter, [name].

#35 We cordially invite your family to attend the birthday bash of our dear child, [name], who turns [age] this year. You are most welcome to come over & have a wonderful time together.

#36 We hope that you can find time in your busy schedule and attend my kid’s birthday party on [date] at 5 pm – 8 pm . We will treat you with some amazing treats.

#37 We are having an awesome party in his honor, so you cannot afford to be absent when your presence is most needed. We are inviting you right now!

#38 You will never regret coming to our house on the big day because we have all sorts of things lined up for everyone’s amusement. Please accept our cordial invitation.

#39 We are in dire need of your company in the celebration of [name]’s birthday at our home on [date]. You would not want to miss it, trust me! So please give us a chance to hear from you soon.

#40 The only way anyone can have a great time is when they’re around friends and loved ones. That’s why we’re all preparing ourselves for one fantastic evening, where we get to spend time with friends and loved ones. We’d love it if you were there.

#41 We are all ready to have a wonderful time together at our place on [date]. You, your family members and friends are cordially invited to be part of this joyous event.

#42 You are formally invited to be present at our residence for the celebration of the birthday of [name] on [date] where we will help him/her in marking his/her presence in this world. Let’s dance, sing, eat good food and enjoy ourselves!

#43 Everyone has their specific memories associated with birthdays since they mark another year that goes by which reminds them about everything that happened in their lives till then. It is indeed an unforgettable experience that none would like to miss. Please do attend our party on [date].

#44 This is to formally invite you to the wonderful celebration of the birthday of someone very special – that’s right, it’s [name]’s Birthday! The venue for this event will be at [address], and we’re looking forward to celebrating this occasion with you.

#45 Just like every year, another annual cycle comes round again so as the years keep passing by. Birthdays are always reminders to us about how long we’ve actually lived in this world. And since there isn’t much time left before his/her birthday arrives, please join me in wishing my love a really happy birthday on [date] which happens to fall on a Wednesday this year.

#46 We are counting on you to grace our birthday party. We are inviting you and your family to be with us as we celebrate the birthday of [name]

#47 Please don’t miss out the grand celebration of my birthday, just because it is going to be fun and exciting. You and your family should come too!

#48 You’re invited to our delightful party. Come celebrate the birthday of [name] at our house!

#49 I hope you can join us as we celebrate the birthdays of me and [name]. It’s going to be a blast so please don’t miss it!

#50 Join us in celebrating me turning another year older by partying until dawn breaks! Just come over because I’m really inviting you all.

#51 Please accept this invitation to our birthday party. I would like you to join us in celebrating the birthday of [name]. It’s going to be so much fun!

#52 Please don’t miss out on this eventful occasion because I’m inviting you and your family to my residence for an amazing celebration. Come celebrate the day with us!

#53 I want to personally invite you to my birthday party, which will happen on [date] at [time] at [address]. Please come early enough for some grilled food. Also, please bring along your loved ones for this special event!

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