51 Quotes for 18th Birthday (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Today is a very special day because it’s your 18th birthday! This milestone should be celebrated with a lot of friends and family. If you want to wish someone who has been celebrating their birthday a happy 18th birthday, here are some ideas for what you could write inside the card.

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#1 I remember when you were this tiny baby that I held in my arms… Today, here you are still a child, but a lot more grown up. I’ve watched you grow from a little kid into a young adult… And I couldn’t be happier for you on your 18th birthday!

#2 Are you really an adult now? Congrats on reaching the just legal drinking age. Have a great birthday and we wish you all the best for your future!

#3 18 years ago today, our lives were changed forever. That was the day you came into this world, and we’ve been your biggest fans ever since. We hope that you have a wonderful birthday party.

#4 You’re 18!! Any idea of what you want to do for your 18th birthday party? If not, maybe I could help plan it for you! Just kidding – but seriously, happy 18th Birthday! You turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself 😉

#5 May every year of your life be filled with happiness and love! Have a very special day today.

#6 Happy Birthday Sweetie! We want you to know that no matter how old you get, or how many years pass us by, our love for you will never falter. For as long as I live, my daughter will always be my little baby girl.

#7 I’m so proud of the young woman that you are today, and I love you so much! Always remember to take every day one step at a time. And remember, no matter what happens in your life, never stop believing in yourself. You have the strength inside you to get through any obstacles or challenges that may come your way. Happy Birthday!

#8 Our Darling Daughter! We’re happy to be able to share this special day with you, and hope that it brings lots of joy into your world. May all the happiness in the world shine down on you right now, and continue throughout this wonderful year ahead of us!

#9 Happy 18th birthday sweetheart! You have changed our lives for the better, and we’re so happy to be your parents. We will always support you in anything that you do, and we hope that this year brings nothing but joy and happiness into your beautiful life.

#10 You know how important today is, right? It’s your 18th birthday! For most people it won’t mean much at all, but for you it means the world because you just turned 18 and are now an adult in the eyes of the law. You can vote and drink alcohol now…oh and get a job too!

#11 It’s not every day that a girl turns eighteen, but I wish it were. I love you to pieces, and I won’t get tired of saying that until the end of time! We are more than proud to have you in our lives, and your 18th birthday is one of the most special days on which we could ever wish for you to have more success in your life.

#12 Happy 18th Birthday! As an adult now, remember always to cherish yourself in all possible ways. Nothing in this world will ever be able to replace you in any way shape or form, so don’t let anyone try! You only deserve the best because you are yours truly.

#13 Congratulations on your eighteenth birthday! It’s an important day – the day when you’re officially a grown up. Have a great one and stay awesome.

#14 You have a whole life ahead of yourself, so make sure to enjoy this next year before going “adulthood” on everyone! It’ll be a blast, I can assure you of that! Now get out there and have fun little lady!

#15 I may not say it every single day, but I want you to know just how much happiness you bring into our lives each time that we see your smiling face. We couldn’t have imagined the adventures that lay ahead for us after 18 years of bringing you into this world. You are our last and only child together, and you look so much like your mom from behind.

#16 Happy 18th Birthday! We couldn’t have asked for a better child. You are our only daughter, and we wouldn’t change a thing about you. You mean more to us than anything else in this world, and we love everything about you.

#17 You have made all the right decisions in life, and it shows just how bright of a star you have become over these past few years. We hope that every decision that you make will be a smart one, and that you live life to its fullest extent possible each day! Congratulations on becoming an adult today.

#18 Now is your time to shine from the very moment that the clock strikes twelve tonight to go out there and start this amazing new chapter in your life. You are beautiful, talented, and intelligent beyond belief which is why we believe in you so much! Have a great birthday!!!

#19 You’ll be 18 today! I can remember how excited you were to finally become an adult. Now that the day has come, I feel like I should remind you that having fun is what birthdays are for! Enjoy yourself today because if it goes well then maybe we can do this again next year!

#20 Happy 18th birthday dear _________! We are so glad to have watched you grow up into this wonderful young man/woman who has come so far already. May your future bring you as much happiness as you deserve.

#21 You’ve been a great 18 years, now make this the best birthday yet! Have fun and party hard on your special day. We love you very much! Happy Birthday!

#22 Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter on her 18th birthday! You’re all grown up and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the person that you have become. As we watch you leave at the end of the day, we remember when we first brought you home from the hospital and thinking how wonderful it was to watch you grow up into such a bright and amazing young woman. We love you so much and hope that your special day is everything that you want it to be…and more!

#23 Having kids is an amazing feeling. But, I must warn you… once the kid turns 18 they tend to hate you more than love ya! Just kidding of course – Happy Birthday!!

#24 On your 18th birthday… You now have all the power in this world. Use it wisely, and remember that no matter what people tell you today about how adult life will be, nothing can prepare you for it until it arrives. Enjoy every second of your day with reckless abandon, because this is a milestone that only comes once in a lifetime after all!

#25 May you have many, many more birthdays to celebrate. However, this year there is a change in the celebrations. Since you’re now all grown up and 18 years old already, we can’t really give presents anymore. But to make up for that, we decided to get back at it with a bang by giving each one of your friends a birthday smacks! It’s going to be epic!

#26 On your 18th birthday I wanted to write something meaningful and beautiful for you but then realized that when words fail me; I could just tell you how much I love you everyday. Happy 18th Birthday sweetheart!

#27 We’re wishing you an incredible 18th birthday, my little girl. We hope that all of your dreams come true, and that everyone comes to celebrate with you on your special day!

#28 You know the saying “The older they get, the faster time goes?” Well, I can tell you from experience that it’s one hundred percent true. The days are now flying by faster than ever before. You may be 18 now but we still love you as if you were only 3 years old…happy birthday!

#29 There are 18 candles on your birthday cake because we want you to make it all the way to heaven. Happy 18th Birthday!

#30 Happy 18th birthday! This day marks the beginning of you taking control of your own life, making your own choices and deciding for yourself what is best for you. You’ve got this!

#31 We hope that every year of your life gets better than the last, so here’s to another great year ahead with friends and family. Have an amazing day and very happy birthday!

#32 18 years ago today, I became a mommy… And I am still in love with you just as much now as I was then. Welcome to being an adult sweetheart, but don’t give up on us just yet!

#33 We’re proud to call you our son/daughter today, and we wish for your dreams to come true. With you by our side, the future is bright and hopeful. Enjoy your day!

#34 Happy 18th birthday! Since becoming an adult means that I get to leave the house more often, then I’m happy too. Now go have fun with your friends today! Love you lots darling.

#35 An amazing day deserves an amazing message, so here’s wishing you a very happy 18th birthday! May the next year of your life be full of laughter and joy because hey…you’ve definitely earned it!!!

#36 If you’re turning 18 this year, then it means that you’re finally old enough to consume alcohol! Better make the most of it and make sure everyone else has a great time too. Have an awesome birthday!

#37 Happy Birthday! May your daily decisions always be guided by your heart, rather than by what other people will think about them. Make every day count, and live each one like it was your last!

#38 As soon as I open my eyes on the morning of December 19th, their first thought is how can they wish their daughter happy birthday before she wakes up. That’s my present to you – not worrying about when to send these messages because now you’re officially an adult who can decide for herself. Enjoy!

#39 Happy 18th Birthday! May you have a day filled with cake, champagne and dancing. Let’s party like it’s 1999!

#40 18 years ago today fate brought us together as mother and son, today it brings you honor as an adult making your own life choices. Have a great birthday dear one… enjoy every minute life has in store for you.

#41 It feels weird knowing that growing up means that people are suddenly looking at me differently… but hey, eighteen is supposed to be about change isn’t it? So I can handle this too 🙂 Happy Birthday!

#42 Happy 18th birthday, honey! Today is your special day, the day that you will officially be recognized as an adult by all of society. You’ve finally reached legal age, so please drink responsibly and have fun on this big milestone in your life.

#43 To our loving son on his 18th birthday… We are so proud to see who you are becoming, and we are excited about what the future holds for you. May this next year bring nothing but joy into your life, success into your goals, and happiness into your heart.

#44 There’s not much we can add to your 18th birthday that hasn’t already been said, except maybe “Happy Birthday!” We hope you have an amazing day filled with fun and laughter, and lots of friends over for the party afterwards.

#45 As parents, we know that 18 years ago today was when you were born into this world in our arms, but as your friends and loved-ones, we all want to congratulate you on becoming an adult today! Enjoy it while it lasts; adulthood comes with its own responsibilities.

#46 Your 18th is something everyone should celebrate at least once in their life because it marks the day when you became a legal adult… No more being told what to do by parents, no more ridiculous curfews and you’re allowed to vote! Make sure you enjoy it.

#47 We hope that every day on which we have the honor of being your parent has been as wonderful as your 18th birthday is going to be. Happy Birthday!

#48 As parents, there isn’t a lot that we can give you today besides our love

#49 May your special day be filled with wonderful memories and gifts, love and laughter, many friends to share the celebration with you. Happy 18th Birthday!

#50 On this special occasion, I want to congratulate You on reaching another milestone in Your life. The day You were born was truly a miracle of God. On this very day, He gave us a great blessing when He sent You into our lives. Happy birthday my dear child!

#51 You are not just one year older today but wiser too because each precious year that passes brings you closer towards fulfilling all your dreams. Happy birthday to an amazing human being! We wish that may every happiness in the world comes your way during the next 365 days of your life! Congratulations!!

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