51 Sample Birthday Wishes (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Birthdays are always a great time to send your friends and family sweet messages. If you’re wondering what to write in your cards, take inspiration from these greeting samples.

blue and white cake with happy birthday candles


#1 This is all I want to say to you on your birthday: life is a gift and it’s ready to be unwrapped. Happy Birthday!

#2 There are some things that I can’t say to you on your birthday because it would ruin it. However, there are other things that I can say because they’re true. Happy Birthday!

#3 It’s my birthday. I want to give you this gift of love and affection using my talent of saying nice words. Happy Birthday love!

#4 Happy birthday to the best person I’ve ever met. There are no gifts better than you for me on this day. Thank you, love!

#5 This is the best gift of all – a wonderful friend, someone who understands and loves me like you do. Happy birthday my friend!

#6 My number one is yours too! Have a happy birthday!

#7 You are going to have an awesome birthday! Today will be one of the best days of the year. Have a great time my love.

#8 Happy birthday, my dearest friend. The life is never complete without you and that’s why I thank God for having you in my life. I wish you all the best on your special day. Be blessed, happy birthday dear friend! My Love for You is Limitless, Have Your Gift- A Happy Birthday with My Love.

#9 May you feel no responsibility for the gifts others bring. As long as I’m there with you to enjoy your birthday, nothing else matters. I love you!

#10 You are not only a beautiful and remarkable woman but also a woman on whom I depend for everything that is good in my life. Have the most beautiful birthday ever.

#11 My love for you is unlimited and so is my affection towards you. Don’t forget to live a long life because I don’t want to lose your company anytime soon.

#12 Good times, good friends, and fun. That’s all I wish for you on your birthday. I hope it is all that you want too. Happy birthday to the best husband there is!

#13 May your day be filled with happiness and may lots of love surround you just like I do. My birthday wish for you is that you multiply the love I feel for you to infinity!

#14 This is going to be a fun-filled day because we are spending it together! The only thing that would make this better, would be us doing nothing but the things we love most…

#15 My birthday and luckiest day of my life. I wonder if you are thinking the same too but don’t say anything, I just want to say “Happy Birthday!

#16 Celebrating your birthday is already an amazing thing, but with you beside me, nothing will hap- pen that I’ll be able to ignore. Happy Birthday!!!

#17 On your special day, I have just one wish for you. That is to love yourself, because that is the only way you can reach your true potential in life. Happy birthday!

#18 The most precious gift I have for you on this special day of yours is my love and affection for you.

#19 Friends just come and go. But the real ones stick around. Happy birthday to the most loyal friend I’ve ever had. You’re a keeper.

#20 Another year has gone by and you are still looking beautiful to me. Thanks for the blessings that you have brought in my life. You’re amazing!

#21 It’s said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but to me, every day is my birthday! And every hour of it is filled with love! Happy birthday!

#22 The stars are shining their brightest tonight. May your wishes come true this year and all the happy years to come. Happy Birthday

#23 Your birthday is like an open door to a whole new world of possibilities, a world where dreams come true and wishes become reality.

#24 I always thought that you were an angel in disguise, sent from heaven to comfort me in my time of sorrow. But now I know that you are an angel without a disguise, because your beauty is for everyone to see! Have a happy birthday!

#25 Happy birthday to my favourite son. May the Lord bless you with a lot of health and prosperity today.

#26 Happy birthday to my angel! I hope that you are breathing in plenty of happiness, love and success today!

#27 Please celebrate your birthday just like the star which looks shining brightly but hides itself behind clouds. I am wishing you a very special day.

#28 Have a day filled with fun and frolic and joy, just like a little kid. Happy birthday!

#29 How old are you, dear? I can’t get it right, since you make me feel like a kid every time we meet. Thank you for that. Happy birthday!

#30 If I were to describe your beauty in one word, it would be – breathtaking! Happy birthday!

#31 I want to wish you the best of the world on your  Birthday! Hope your day is everything you want and wish for. Have an awesome Birthday love.

#32 You are very special and that is why you need an extra special greeting on your birthday. Happy birthday to you!

#33 On this special day, I just want to let you know that I am with you in thought, word, and deed. Have a happy birthday.

#34 Always remember that today is your family’s chance to celebrate your many accomplishments. Happy birthday!

#35 May every gift be wrapped up in the bow of your love and may every celebration be livened up by your presence? Happy birthday to you!

#36 All your worries can now evaporate because it is time for a celebration of a lifetime.

#37 You are the birthday wishes that I made a long time ago. Now my wish has come true. Happy birthday my love!

#38 The best way to enjoy your day is to think of me as it slips away. Happy birthday to you, my love!

#39 Life’s a lot better when we’re together, so I’ll always be here for you on your bday and every other day , too .

#40 Thanks for the awesome birthday gift, but the best one you could give me would be…you.

#41 You’re the birthday girl whom I want to wish and love. Happy birthday, dear my lady!

#42 Happy birthday, my treasure. You are an amazing person and the most beautiful thing that happened in my life these days. Your birthday is a great reason to celebrate.

#43 Your special day is one of the greatest gifts that your loving husband gives you every year! Happy Birthday!

#44 On your birthday, I will sing you a song that says ‘I Love you more than words can say’ because it fits perfectly to describe how much I feel for you.

#45 May your birthday be the best one of your life. Let it be special, happy and filled with loving memories!

#46 May your birthdays become more festive, joyous and memorable with every year of your life. Happy birthday!

#47 Here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday. I can’t wait for all the surprises you have in store for me today. Have a marvelous birthday! #Happy Birthday Greeting

#48 Wish to have a lovely, happy and memorable birthday? Here I am to wish you even better in my very own way.

#49 Happy Birthday to my heart’s only desire! Your love is like a delicious piece of cake without calories. It knows no age, no expiration date, and no artificial sweeteners!

#50 Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear friend! I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Keep smiling, laughing, and loving…for God has given you a brand new birthday to celebrate every year.

#51 I love our secret rendezvous in the moonlight, and I love you even more for that. Happy birthday to you.

#52 Happy Birthday! I’ll be thinking about you on your special day. May you have a memorable birthday filled with lots of joy and happiness. Have an amazing day!

#53 My wish for you is that on your special day, in addition to a very happy birthday, you will experience lots of peace, bliss, and happiness. Happy birthday!

#54 When the days are dark and my heart is heavy with sorrow, some of my healing comes from your presence.

#55 A new star is born in the sky every year. This means that you are capable of filling your life with wonderful and amazing things. Happy birthday to you!

#56 I know you are somebody who loves adventure, which is why I got you this cool birthday parachute from the internet. It should make your next skydive a lot more enjoyable, because it’s prettier than normal parachutes! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart

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