51 Amazing Thank You for Dinner Notes (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Thank you notes are always a nice gesture, and they can be especially appreciated after a dinner party. If you’re not sure what to say in your thank you note, here are some examples to get you started. Whether you want to express your gratitude for the delicious food or the fun company, these thank you notes will show your appreciation. Plus, they’ll make the hosts feel good too!

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#1 The food was delightful and the company even better. Thank you for a wonderful evening and great conversation.

#2 Thank you so much for your invitation to dinner last night. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed getting to know you better. If only every meal could be shared with such interesting people!

#3 There is no pleasure equal to that of enjoying delicious food in good company, and it has been my great joy to share an enjoyable evening with you! Thank you very much for extending this wonderful invitation – I’ve had a splendid time.

#4 I’m grateful for the invitation to spend a few hours sharing stories about life-it doesn’t get any better than this! So thank you again for making me feel part of your world.

#5 Thank you for a wonderful evening full of great conversation! The food was delicious and the company even better. I always enjoy spending time getting to know you better. You’re one classy lady! Thanks again for a lovely evening.

#6 What a delight it is to find unexpected gifts, such as fine conversation with gifted people over sumptuous fare like this! Thank you for your gracious invitation – I look forward to more occasions like these.

#7 It’s an amazing privilege when someone allows us into their home and opens up their life to us-sharing stories about themselves, their family, ideas they cherish, their favorite memories…etc. It was my pleasure to spend last night with you; thank you so much for inviting me into your lovely home.

#8 Thank you so much for inviting me over for dinner the other night! It was delicious, your family is wonderful, and I’m so glad to have met them! You’re a very talented chef! Thank you again for an amazing evening.

#9 What a great way to spend an evening – what could be better than sharing good food with good company? Spending the time with you allowed me to see just how beautiful your heart is; thank you for extending this invitation. It truly means the world to me. Thank you again for such an enjoyable evening.

#10 I can’t remember when last I enjoyed myself as much as I did at dinner the other evening-you are all fabulous people! Hopefully, these next few weeks will allow us to establish a closer friendship. Thank you for inviting me over for dinner-it was delicious, to say the least!

#11 Thank you for extending this wonderful invitation – I’ve had a splendid time. The food and drink were excellent, but your company was even better! I enjoyed myself immensely and hope to see you again soon.

#12 I loved getting to know you during dinner the other night! You are one of my favorite people in the whole world, not only because of what good friends we are, but also because how much fun it is to get together with you! Thank you again for an awesome evening.

#13 Cooking creates art that nourishes our souls while food brings joy to hearts-sharing quality time among family members or friends with delicious food is what makes life worth living. Thank you so much for sharing your kitchen and your heart with me during dinner the other night; I loved every minute of it!

#14 Thank you so much for inviting me over for dinner the other night! It was delicious, your family is wonderful, and I’m so glad to have met them! You’re a very talented chef! Thank you again for an amazing evening.

#15 I enjoyed last night tremendously-sharing stories about work, hobbies, my family…etc., with lovely people like yourselves – it doesn’t get any better than this! Thank you for having me into your home; hope to see more of you soon.

#16 Thank you again for such an enjoyable evening. The conversation flowed easily and we laughed a lot. Not only did I enjoy the company and conversation, but also the scrumptious food you prepared! It was delicious!

#17 Thank you for making me feel so welcome at dinner. The meal was fantastic and the conversation even better! I look forward to next time!

#18 I was thrilled when an invitation came to share a meal with such wonderful company and such amazing food. Thank you for doing all of the preparation, work and careful planning that allowed this evening to go so smoothly. It’s rare we get to eat out in such quiet and pleasant surroundings where every bite tastes like it is filled with fresh ingredients and love and care has gone into its preparation. And it’s also great not having to do any dishes!! Now there is a bonus!!!

#19 You made my day, week, month–and year–by asking me over for dinner. You always turn me into an instant enthusiast for whatever you’re cooking. Thank you–and thank you for always being such a generous, warm hostess!

#20 You are the most gracious of hosts! Even though I don’t know your culinary style, your wonderful dinner made me feel as if I were dining in one of the world’s finest restaurants. Your thoughtfulness is indicated by every aspect of this delightful evening…the sumptuous food, beautifully set table, charming candlelight and conversation…all surpassed my highest expectations. A heartfelt thanks to you both for making it all happen. You are much appreciated!

#21 Thank you for a wonderful evening at your beautiful home. The food was fantastic and the company superb. It is lovely to share a meal in such a tranquil setting with good friends. Until next time…

#22 If there were an Olympic event for gracious dining experiences, you would be a gold medalist! Thank you for your thoughtful planning and amazing effort that went into making our dinner so special from beginning to end! I’m still savoring the memory of what was truly one of my best meals ever.

#23 It’s been many years since I’ve enjoyed such an exquisite evening growing closer to people so fascinating, enriching my life with their connection… I shall cherish this unforgettable experience forevermore!

#24 You have given me not only a scrumptious dinner but also a sweet memory. Thank you very much for making this day special for me. I was so glad to have been with you. Wish your days be as wonderful as the dishes you served on the table!

#25 It wouldn’t come close to doing justice if all of these words were written on paper; suffice it to say that our evening together was nothing short of spectacular, and I am still trying to wrap my head around how quickly it passed us by. You are an amazing chef, host, friend…all rolled into one! What more could anyone ask for? Until next time…

#26 I am grateful beyond measure for having had the opportunity of dining at your home yet again (it’s always such a pleasure). Your thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and obvious care for your guests was most evident. I certainly appreciate you opening up your home to us; it was a wonderful evening that I will not soon forget. If only every week could end like this!

#27 Many thanks for the delicious dinner and warm hospitality. I look forward to dining with you again soon!

#28 I had an amazing time at dinner last night — thank you so much for creating such a lovely atmosphere in which to let our guard down & reconnect with friends, loved ones…and ourselves (!) Thank you also for the opportunity to share what’s been going on in my world lately; it felt like old times having everyone gathered around one table — very special indeed. Until next time…

#29 You’ve enriched my life in more ways than you realize. I’m grateful for your thoughtfulness and generosity, and I never forget a good dinner with good company!

#30 Thank you for the lovely evening we spent together. It was wonderful to see the famous Gourmet Collection again!

#31 Your hospitality is most appreciated. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to dining at your home again soon.

#32 You’ve made dining a true pleasure – every bite a delight, every conversation a joy. Thank you so much for a simply delicious dinner party last night. Sending our best wishes from Vermont,

#33 I’m not sure what’s better…the food or the company! Thanks for having me over last night, it was great.

#34 You really know the key to great dining – wonderful food, delightful company and a super host! Thank you for hosting such a memorable evening.

#35 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share your most special of evenings. You are a most gracious host and talented chef, and I am very grateful for the wonderful conversation we had during my time with you.

#36 A cherished evening shared with people who are important to my life is priceless; the meal was extraordinary; the service exquisite; all hosts were most gracious. Thank you for an experience that will be remembered forever.

#37 That was one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve spent in quite some time! I hope that it is not too long until our paths cross again. Thank you so much for sharing your home and food with us, and thank you also for your delightful conversation – it made my day!

#38 What a wonderful night

#39 Thank you for inviting me over for dinner the other night. I had a wonderful time getting to know you and your family a little better. It was a pleasure to be invited in and treated so well!

#40 Your home is lovely, your table delightful, and most of all, I am honored to have been my welcomed guest in this very special place. Thank you for sharing it all with me.

#41 This evening will remain one of my fondest memories! A spectacular meal in an enchanting setting is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such gracious hosts and creating such a memorable experience.

#42 You invited us into your beautiful home, introduced us to some new friends, and treated us royally to a wonderful evening. Thank you for making our time together such a pleasure!

#43 I was delighted to be invited to dinner the other night. The conversation was lively, the atmosphere enchanting, and the food divine! I thank you from my heart for a magical evening.

#44 This is another opportunity to say how much I enjoyed this evening. What a treat it has been getting acquainted with your family, friends, and—of course—the world-famous chef of Gramercy Tavern!

#45 Thank you so much for including me into your home last night. Everything about the evening was just perfect – from being greeted at the door by your friendly dog, to enjoying an amazing meal prepared by someone who clearly loves what they do. The entire evening was a joy and I very much look forward to being invited back into your home.

#46 Tonight’s meal lives on in my heart as a great experience not only of the delicious food but also of good fellowship with family and friends. Thank you for such warm welcome and wonderful memories!

#47 Thank you for such a special evening, an evening filled with love, beauty, tenderness; it nourished not only my body but my soul – which is where it matters most.

#48 Your dinner invitation came as a wonderful surprise. What could be better than sharing an evening with good friends? Add to that the beautiful garden where we gathered, the delicious delicacies you prepared for us, and the lively conversation . . . well, I don’t think it gets much better than this! Thank you so much for such an enjoyable evening.

#49 I was so pleased to have been invited over to your home last night. It really was a treat to dine in such lovely surroundings! And the meal itself – delicious! Not only did I enjoy myself thoroughly but also got to meet some wonderful new people along the way. Thanks again for making me feel welcome among your friends.

#50 The dinner party was wonderful! It was so nice to have the opportunity to get together with you both again, along with meeting some of your lovely friends. And what’s more, it gave us an excuse to sit around all night drinking wine and laughing – not something that happens often enough! I hope we do it again soon.

#51 Thank you for hosting last night’s dinner party—it was a lovely evening! You made us feel very comfortable and relaxed (and well looked after!). Meeting your friends, having the chance to chat in such beautiful surroundings . . . oh yes, I would like another invite please! Give my love to everyone else who attended.

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