51 2nd Birthday Invites Wording (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Birthdays are always a special time, but it can be hard to think of the right words for your invitations, especially for the 2nd birthday of a child. Here are some ideas that you can use in your next birthday party invitation.

cake beside candles and flowers


#1 Join us to celebrate the second birthday of our lovely little girl. We are all looking forward to see you and wish happy day to our beloved granddaughter. This is a day of joy, so do not miss it at all.

#2 The little princess is turning two soon. Make the party extra special for this wonderful child. The food, decorations and gifts must be first class. Do not forget her presents too. Come in a beautiful gown, bring a gift with you and enjoy the party completely.

#3 Happy Birthday Missy! Have you ever seen such a cute girl like me? You are the prettiest little one among all your class mates. I hope that you receive many birthday wishes from us. Thanks for being our daughter, dear.

#4 Happy Birthday Dear Little Girl! The day for all my sisters is a special day. For my first sister Missy, I will cherish this day forevermore. The day when she was born is truly a joyous occasion which I will never forget.

#5 Come and have a blast with us. The best way to wish someone is with a party. We will surely celebrate you on your birthday. Let’s have a great time in our party.

#6 I would love to celebrate your birthday with you so join us We will wear the best of our dresses and shoes at our 2nd birthday party. Do not miss it!

#7 My 2nd birthday is near and we are having a blast planning the party, but we need help from each other.

#8 Invite all your friends and have a good time at the party. The party will be full of song and dance and lots of laughter!

#9 Make your own birthday cake. Be sure to make it taste nice. Let’s have some fun for my birthday!

#10 We will have a beautiful birthday party for my daughter. Please join us in our celebration.

#11 Second Birthday Congratulations to you, my precious son!! We are so happy that you are now 2 years old.

#12 Come celebrate my second birthday! I will give you a special gift. Wear your best princess gown and bring along some party food

#13 All of my friends are invited for my 2nd birthday. I hope you do not get lost on your way here. Please come as soon as possible. I am waiting for you all with a smile on my face.

#14 Take a picture of the birthday party and send it to your sister. We will post it on our facebook so invite more friends. It’s my second birthday! I want you to have some cake and balloons.

#15 We will have a great party for my little princess. Any princess who loves singing will join us in chorus. She is the sunshine of our lives. We have planned a great event for her sweet 2nd birthday. You are all invited to celebrate my little princess in style and fun.

#16 Hello! It’s my birthday again! I hope everybody feels the same way. Happy Birthday to my dear friend and I wish all of you have a great time!

#17 Please join us in welcoming our little angel for her second birthday. We can’t think of anything better than celebrating her with you all at the party. Hope you can make it on time.

#18 It is our great honor to invite you to celebrate my 2nd birthday with me tomorrow.

#19 The party is almost here. Dress up for my birthday, invite your friends and family. We will have a fun time and make your daughter happy!

#20 My birthday is coming close, so dress up and send a bunch of kisses. It would be an honor if you could bring her favorite presents for her 2nd birthday. Let’s have a wonderful time together.

#21 I am so happy to invite you all today to celebrate my 2nd birthday.

#22 You are invited to prepare a beautiful balloon and celebrate my birthday. I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate my 2nd birthday.party.

#23 Please come and join my 2nd birthday party. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. I hope you would like it too! We will all have a great time!

#24 Happy B’day to our little sweetie, We told her We all love her so much, Don’t forget to send her some love! Don’t be shy, we have all the time in the world.

#25 I am so happy to share this day with my sweet little princess I can’t wait till it comes! Happy 2nd birthday, my little sweetheart!

#26 We are sure that your second birthday is the happiest day of your life Your mind will be full of joy on party The only thing you need is fun and laughter. Have fun now!

#27 You are about to attain a new stage in growing up. It is the time for you to become independent and creative In order to celebrate your 2nd birthday, we all need to learn from you.

#28 Please come to the birthday party of Jack. At Jack’s birthday party you will surely meet Batman, Wonder Woman, and all the other Super Heroes! Come and play with us!

#29 For Armani’s 2nd birthday we have a special guest who will be singing her favorite song of “Cinderella”! Her favorite movie is also “Cinderella” so I know she will really love this extra surprise.

#30 It’s time for Alex to celebrate his 2nd year of being alive. We are all happy that you can share this joyous moment with us.

#31 My little man is now 2 years old. Celebrate his second birthday with us. It will surely be a blast!

#32 You are invited to my son’s 2nd birthday party. He is very happy to see you there. Don’t forget to wear your superhero costume along with him as costumes are not only for Halloween but also for birthdays!

#33 It’s my boy’s 2nd birthday! He prepared everything for the party. Let’s come out, kids and have a blast by playing with toys, dancing, eating snacks and singing songs.

#34 You are invited to my daughter’s 2nd birthday party! It is going to be a great time! There will be prizes for all who attend, so invite all your friends!

#35 We are happy to inform you that we are having a party for our little princess because she has turned 2 years old. Please join us, so we can celebrate this special day with lots of joy and glee.

#36 The birdy is turning 2 and he’s about to get hiccups because his friends and family will surely give him lots of gifts and surprises.

#37 Here is your super surprise. You are gonna love it. Let’s have a party [party] Let’s have fun!

#38 Have a wonderful time with your friends and family at my second birthday. Come celebrate with us and let me know how you like it at the end of the party, ok?

#39 You are our sweet little princess and we love you so much! We have so much fun together but this time, for my 2nd birthday, it’ll be an even better party for you.

#40 Dear Brandon, As your parents and family, we are looking forward to celebrate your second birthday with great joy.

#41 Dear friends and family, We appreciate for joining us for celebrating our Jayden’s 2nd birthday. We are so happy that you all could come on his special night. Thank you for your presence here this evening. Also thank you for the gifts which we received from each of you!

#42 You’re invited to celebrate William’s 2nd Birthday! Join us on his birthday.

#43 We will have a party so let’s join and celebrate the second birthday of our darling little girl!

#44 Birthday is here again. We are so excited to celebrate this day with our daughter. Let’s get together again and make her feel the love and joy of being a two-year-old girl!

#45 I wish my little sweetheart on her second birthday, an exciting one filled with fun and happiness. I look forward to seeing your blooming face at the celebration today.

#46 I have invited you to my 2nd birthday party. I am sure you will like my theme; Batman! Please come, because it will be fun!

#47 Everyone is invited to my 2nd birthday party at the Fun Park! Come on let’s start the fun now.

#48 All the kids of our town are here to make your 2nd Birthday event special. May you have a great time this evening celebrating your milestone birthday.

#49 We are celebrating my 2nd birthday. So I want all of you to be present. Birthday is the day of celebration and fun. So everyone please join the fun!

#50 It’s my 2nd birthday celebration. Don’t forget to wear your party dresses for my 2nd birthday party tonight. And make your hair look perfect because I have some surprise for you coming up tonight. I wish to have a fun and memorable night with you.

#51 It’s my second birthday. I’m so excited that all of you can celebrate with me. I have prepared some colorful balloons and cute cupcakes to make this day more exciting. So everyone please be present tonight. Thank you… (rest of the message is written in the actual invitation)

#52 Dear Friends, We are celebrating my 2nd birthday tonight! Be sure to wear your party dresses for this special night because we will surely have fun! Come and celebrate with me tonight! So don’t forget to come…

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