51 Thank You for the Information Examples (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Information is everywhere, but sometimes it’s hard to know whether you can trust it. When someone has taken the time to provide quality information, take the opportunity to thank them for their kindness. Here are some ideas of what you might include in your note.

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#1 The thing that helped me most was being able to take small steps through your email to being able to define goals for myself and then put them into motion one at a time until they are done. Thank you for making it sound doable instead of impossible or too difficult for someone like myself to do.

#2 You were able to give me just the information I needed instead of overwhelming me with everything that I could possibly think of as well as all the ways that this is done and that is done. It is nice to know there are some people who still believe in simple solutions and not over complicating things.

#3 The information you sent was so helpful because it made me feel like I wasn’t alone in needing help, and knowing there is a way out makes the whole process easier and less frightening than what it would be if I only had my own ideas on how to survive this time of life without your help.

#4 It was exactly what I needed to hear because you said what I knew deep down inside but was afraid to say, and put it into the kind of words that I can refer to when needed. It allows me to remember what is important in life and not just get caught up in all the daily grind.

#5 Thank you so much for helping me see a way out of this mess that I have gotten myself into because sometimes we just need a little waking up call to realize there are people who will help if they can rather than criticize or judge.

#6 I was able to take the information you sent me and turn it into something real that I could put my hands on, which really helped because now there is proof that this method works instead of just telling someone about it over and over again until they either give up or start listening long enough until they fall asleep.

#7 Thank you for helping me get on track with my life and not making it feel like I am doing something wrong or trying to make up excuses about why I can’t do what everyone else does because sometimes we just need a little help in getting back the confidence that got lost somewhere along the way.

#8 It helped me see that there are options out there for people who know they have gone down the wrong path, but don’t know how to climb back up and follow the rules again even if they want to and take responsibility for their mistakes instead of feeling like a victim.

#9 The reason I was able to accomplish what I did is because you offered solutions rather than just criticizing or judging, which all the difference in the world to me. I am now confident that I can go forward and accomplish what needs to be done without having to take any backward steps because it will all be the right moves in the right direction even if they are small ones.

#10 Thank you so much for making all of this possible with just an email, and giving me the confidence to do what needs to be done rather than telling me why I can’t or there isn’t a way. It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time when I needed it most instead of on my own trying to find a way out from under this mess by myself which is something that would have been impossible had someone not been willing to help.

#11 I did not know that there were so many details to consider when it came to [topic]. Your article helped me understand the topic more, and gave me a better direction as to where I wanted to go.

#12 It’s nice to know that I have a friend in [friend]. Thank you for taking extra time out of your day to help me figure this problem out.

#13 Thank you so much for spending the time and money on sending me this information, even though it was something that we really couldn’t afford. This has made all the difference in what we are able to do now and how we see our future.

#14 The thing that helped me the most was the detailed and step by step process you outlined via email. It made things seem more possible than they did before, and gave us an achievable goal to work towards instead of wondering if it would ever happen or not. Without your guidance, none of changes would be happening.

#15 Thank you for taking the time to send me all of this information. I made immediate changes, and I am already seeing good results. You really helped put things into perspective for me.

#16 I was so excited when I got your email with the information attached because it seemed like there was hope after it felt like we had tried everything possible before this point. Thank you for bringing back a sense of positivity in our lives.

#17 You have no idea how much this has helped us out, not just monetarily but emotionally as well. We were able to see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, and know that brighter days are ahead of us once more! All thanks to your help!

#18 The best thing that came from all of this was the step by step process. It made it seem more feasible that I have found in the past, which is why I know if I stick to this plan, everything should turn out great!

#19 I never thought something so simple would change our lives so much, but after reading all your information, I’m feeling better than ever about things. You really took a lot of stress off my shoulders just with what you sent me in the email.

#20 Thank you for sending all that information my way about [topic]. It was definitely very helpful, and made things a lot clearer for what I needed to do next.

#21 I’m really glad that you emailed me with all that great information. I took the time to read through it, and you were right – there is a lot of important stuff in there!

#22 It was really interesting reading about [topic] from your perspective! I learned a few things from your article, and hope this might help me make an informed decision when dealing with these situations in future business dealings myself.

#23 Many thanks for your email, we value the extra insights that you have provided us with and will be in contact sometime regarding our next steps. In the mean time, please feel free to forward any details you have that we may not be aware of.

#24 Many thanks for all your help and information about [topic]. It has been a great aid in helping us make our decision about what will best suit our situation. I really appreciate your efforts.

#25 Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this matter – it is greatly appreciated!

#26 I would like to take this opportunity once again to say thank you very much for sending me those materials. This was definitely very helpful and gave me exactly what I needed! I’m sure I will soon contact you again as we plan on expanding our business abroad.

#27 You were extremely helpful and we found the information pack invaluable when making decisions about this topic.

#28 I wanted to thank you for your help with this topic, which I have found very interesting and of great use to me in the future.

#29 Thank you so much for helping me with my enquiries regarding [topic]. I know it must be busy but appreciate all the effort you put into the information pack that was sent my way. Your knowledge is excellent and I can’t wait until I am able to start using it all!

#30 Thanks again for sending over that article; it definitely came at a good time as we were discussing something similar in our department today!

#31 I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the information that you sent over to me. It made it so much easier for me to decide on what I need to do for my [topic].

#32 Thank you very much for sending across the documents – we’ve found them extremely helpful and will definitely make use of this information.

#33 Thank you so much for sending through more information about [topic], this has helped us a lot with our decision making process.

#34 Thanks again for getting back to me on such short notice. We really appreciate having extra time at such short notice to better prepare ourselves before finalizing our decision on whether or not we want to proceed down the route of [topic].

#35 I was very appreciative of the information that you sent over to me. It gave me a lot of insight into [topic] and what I need to do if I choose to go down this path.

#36 Thank you so much for sending over the information pack today. We really appreciate having more time before we make our final decision on it.

#37 I simply wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for sending me all the information. I have been struggling with [problem], and this is exactly what I need to help resolve it!

#38 I would like to take a moment out of my day and let you know how much I appreciate your efforts in sending me all the information that you did. With everything that has happened, it still means so very much.

#39 Thank you so much for sending me all the information regarding [topic]. You really helped us consider things we hadn’t before, and gave us some perspective on stuff we already knew about. Thank you for taking time out of your day anyway to point us in the right direction.

#40 The information pack was extremely helpful, and it has given me some solid ideas to take to my own [topic]. I can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your day to help us.

#41 I am simply writing to thank you for sending it all at once, because that was much easier than what would have happened if you had sent them one at a time. Thank you for thinking ahead.

#42 I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the information you provided in the email about [topic]. You were more than generous with your support, and I can never repay you for it!

#43 I was very grateful for the information you sent me regarding [treating acne]. It helped me to understand what was going on and how I may be able to treat it.

#44 I want to thank you again for your help, and all the information that came with it. You were right about all of it, and I appreciate you sending over such useful knowledge.

#45 Thank you again about the great advice that you emailed me regarding [relationship goals], it really helped me out a lot in my personal life!

#46 I am looking forward to reviewing all the material that you emailed me regarding [adoption]. I find this whole process so interesting and it is going to be a life changer for us.

#47 Thank you again for your email, which provided a lot of useful information about [home loans]. We will take some time over the week end to consider what we have read and get back to you as soon as possible with our decision.

#48 I appreciate very much your sending those articles on [LED lighting] as I trust it will assist me in completing my report successfully. Thanking you once more, I remain yours ever sincerely.

#49 Thank you again for sending me information on [health insurance] and I will certainly follow up with you when we go ahead with this idea.

#50 Thank you very much for sharing the article on [property investing], it really helped me focus in on what I am doing and gave me some great ideas as well.

#51 That is such an excellent article about [401(k) plans]. It is really helpful and I appreciate you sending it to me. Thank you once again.

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