52 Examples of What to Write in a 2 Year Olds Birthday Card (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

2nd birthday cards can be tricky to write. You want to say something unique and thoughtful for the kid and parents. If you’re looking for inspiration when writing your a 2nd birthday card, here are some ideas that you can use.

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#1 Happy birthday to one great big kid! You’ve thrown tantrums and you’ve been a little rough. But you’re learning your way around and have become a big boy or girl. You are wonderful. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

#2 Happy birthday to one terrific toddler! You are a little terrier, my friend. You love being out and about, exploring the world, and making new friends. I can always count on you for craziness too!

#3 Happy birthday to one fantastic toddler! Succulent treats don’t even cross your mind till you’re two years old.

#4 You’re the most adorable 2-year-old on the block. And let me tell you, there are some pretty cute 2-year-olds around here. You’re smart, silly, and snuggly all in one. You ask so many questions about everything, and it really makes you seem all grown up. Keep your energy up like that as you turn two!

#5 Just because you look like a grownup now doesn’t mean you need to act a fool. Have fun being two and have a wonderful birthday! I love watching you grow into a fun-loving kid.

#6 Happy Second Birthday, Terrifically Two! You’re so mature now, and starting school soon. No more baby teeth, no more baby clothes. It’s time for new toys, new adventures and a whole new life!

#7 Happy birthday to my son, who’s 2 years old today. I love to hug him and kiss him and give him a treat the size of his head, but I also know that he needs to learn how to treat me better because I am his Mommy.

#8 When you first learned to talk and walk, I knew there was something special about you. You were different but it wasn’t until now that I realise just how special! Here’s your present. Happy Birthday! You’re terrifically two, that’s what counts!

#9 If there’s any card that is perfect for a 2nd birthday, this is it. Happy birthday to the most wonderful little boy ever! And best of all? He loves the most wonderful people ever. Best wishes on your day, my love. It’s a great day for you to celebrate

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#11 Here’s the birthday wish that everyone always says. Happy 2nd Birthday!

#12 I can’t believe it! You’ve turned two already! What a time to be alive. You may be smart, but you’re not too old for hugs and kisses! Happy birthday, Terrifically two!

#13 There are some birthdays that are so special that they are literally remarkable. And you’re one of those birthdays. I just want to give you a big hug and tell you how excited I am to see what comes next – and how lucky we are to have shared these first two years of your life together.

#14 Happy birthday to a big, beautiful boy. It’s your big day. And I know you’re going to make every second count. You’re so smart, and you make learning fun. I can’t wait to see what you learn next. 2 years olds are the best!

#15 You’re totally two! Have a fabulous birthday, big kisses to you! You’re happy, you’re silly, you’re cute, and you’re sweet. Being around you is such a fantastic treat. We love celebrating your birthday. It makes us so happy that we get to spend this time with everyone we love most.

#16 Happy birthday to the greatest kid on earth! You’re my hero, my buddy. Before I even met you, being a mommy was incredibly scary. In fact, it scared me so much, I almost aborted you. So, I’m so glad you came along. From the time we were first introduced, you have been a wonderful influence on me. And when I look at you now and think about your future, I realize that it’s going to be great.

#17 This is the second year of your life, so I know it’s going to be “terrifically” awesome. You’ve already made such great strides, so I just know you can carry on. Just remember the three “Rs” of toddlerdom and you should do fine: runny noses, rough play, and lots of screaming! Happy birthday!

#18 Happy birthday to the one and only who makes me proud to be a mom. You’re so smart, so funny, and so full of personality. Your creativity, imagination and energy are so much fun. I am inspired just watching you grow up!

#19 The way you smile is breathtaking. The way your eyes light up when you see something new is amazing. You always find a way to make us all laugh. And your hugs? Totally tops! Happy birthday to Terrifically Two!

#20 Happy birthday to everyone’s favorite little miracle! You’re totally two today, which means that two years ago, today would have been your 1st birthday.

#21 Wow, you’re 2 already. You’re not crawling anymore, so maybe we can call it a celebration to mark the occasion. You are such a great kid and I know you always will be. So, I have a great birthday wish for you today, as I do every day . . . Happy 2nd Birthday!

#22 Happy birthday to one amazing little guy. Don’t spend your birthday in your room sulking or wishing it was over already. Enjoy your time with mummy and daddy today.

#23 Happy 2nd birthday to the toddler that totally amazes me with his smartness, craziness, and cuteness. I have to say, you’re one of a kind. But then again, so is everyone else. So far as I know. Seriously though.

#24 You’re older than you’ve ever been, and wiser too. Today on your birthday, it seems that almost anything can happen. All because you’re turning two! Take this gift from me and have some fun. Happy 2nd Birthday!

#25 Watching you turn two has been an inspiration for me. Just when I thought that was the last time I would see a new trick, here comes another one to delight us all. Happy Birthday sweetheart, you’re a star!

#26 It has been so much fun watching you grow over the last year. Every time I turn around you’re doing something new and wonderful. Like standing on two legs one day, and walking a mile the next. Happy second birthday to you!

#27 It’s so exciting watching you grow up. You’ve been such a good sport trying everything I threw at you – from crawling to walking to running and back again. Today you turn two. Have fun with it!

#28 It takes so much to keep up with you, but I never want it to stop. You’re the best kind of trouble that I can have. You know what I mean? How about tonight we celebrate your second birthday?

#29 Hello birthday boy! You’re already two! Isn’t that great? Of course it is. Let’s celebrate. We can go to the zoo, or maybe even the aquarium. We can check out all of your favorite places and then have some ice cream on the way home.

#30 Happy birthday to a precious little girl who is so darling and is so adorably cute and adorable. I hear how much you love looking at your books and all. You’re always reading, but sometimes you don’t do that great. No matter how much you read, you’re still learning all the time. Happy birthday to a happy star!

#31 Happy birthday to my daughter. You are such a sweet little girl with all the sweetest smile. With sweet, bright eyes and a very cute face, your beautiful brown hair makes me want to hug you tight every day.

#32 Another year gone by, and another year of you becoming the terrific person you’ll be. My wish for you is that all your dreams come true! Then again, I guess since you’re turning two today that wish has been granted! My second wish? That all your dreams come true, too. Happy birthday!

#33 I know it’s tough to turn two. But now that you’re one year older, how about giving me a little help? Mommy could use a break from cleaning up all your messes. All you have to do is try and stop making them.

#34 Two is the perfect amount of fun. You’re so smart, you can perform simple tasks like telling jokes and picking up your socks. And you’re a great friend! We love having you around. Happy birthday, sweetie pie!

#35 What a terrifically terrific birthday it was for Terrifically Two! From that first day of being in the world with your sisters to that last day of being in the world without them, there are lots of wonderful memories to look back on. And we’re not talking about the party either. It was a terrific day for Terrifically Two! Let this be just one more memory to look back on with happiness and delight.

#36 A birthday is a day to mark with a celebration, and what could be more important than your birthday? Because today you’re one year closer to being the big Three! So, may all of your wishes come true. And remember, there are no kiddie rides that you can’t handle, so go for it! Yay!

#37 Happy birthday to my favorite kid in all the world! I am so proud of how far you’ve come. We never had to worry about counting to two. You’ve been counting by twos since you were one.

#38 One more year. Wahoo! Happy birthday, and to you, Terrifically Two! You’re so exciting and you make me smile. You’re strong-willed, and you look after your younger brother or sister. You help them learn to walk, talk, and count, too. I love you!

#39 Today is Terrifically Two’s birthday in the Year of Our Lord 2012. You are one year old today. Everyone knows that it takes a lot longer for babies to figure out everything else about being a new baby in the world including how to smile, wave good-bye and take their first steps.

#40 Happy 2nd birthday to a very special little girl. There isn’t a thing you can’t do! You’re great at reading, counting, and drawing. And you have the cutest little personality. But there’s one present that you really want today and so I brought it for you. It’s called, “All The Chocolate Cake You Can Eat!” Happy birthday my dear!

#41 Wishing my terrific daughter a very happy second birthday. Look at how much fun we are going to have together this year! There are so many exciting things that we are going to do together this year.

#42 You’re officially two today! I know it’s only been a year, but it feels like so much longer. I wonder who you are now? What are you like? Are you funny and shy like your daddy, or silly like your mommy? Or maybe you’re just becoming a big girl! No matter who you turn out to be, we will always love you. Happy birthday!

#43 Happy birthday, Terrifically Two! My wish for you today is that you’re happy and healthy, and that you stay golden forever. You also see how much I love you and I hope you keep my love in mind all day so that it might last forever, too! And remember what I said about cake. Have fun with your friends today!

#44 Happy birthday to a terrifically fantastic kid. You’re smart, cute, adorable, sweet and playful. Being around you is so much fun. And when it’s time to grow up and go to school, we can still count on your being by your side every day.

#45 Happy birthday to one happy, healthy kid! From being a baby to a toddler, and then a little boy, you’ve been kickin’ it up and still doing it with style. You’re hilarious. You make us laugh every time we see you. Two is going to be so great!

#46 Happy birthday to one sweet, funny kid! You have all the makings of an amazing child, but you have so much more potential. You can do anything. I mean anything! But don’t let anyone tell you differently. You know best what your future holds. So just go for it and make all your dreams come true.

#47 You’re Terrifically Two, you’ve grown so much since your first birthday. It seems like just yesterday you were such a baby. So, I took the liberty of sending out this card to let everyone know your true age, in case they forgot. (I’m sure they didn’t.) You were born on this exact day, so it only makes sense to celebrate your two-year birthday by giving you two kisses. Happy Birthday!

#48 This year we added one more thing — how could we not? — and that was a second birthday cake! Now you get two lot of cake instead of one little piece of each kind.

#49 Before you know it, you’ll be number one. And if I had my way, you’ll never make number two. You’re maturing right before our eyes, and I love it more than you could ever know. Wishing you a very happy 2nd birthday!

#50 What do babies say when they see snow? “Waa! Icy! Waa! Cold! Waa! Frosty snow is fun to play in, but the sun warms me up so much better. Thanks for understanding that things are not always black or white. Happy 2 nd birthday, sweetheart.

#51 Big smiles and a big heart from mom to one big-hearted girl! I know how much you love your car. You like to drive it, especially when we go out to run errands. We’re so proud of you as you take your first steps. You can even clear that first step by yourself! So happy birthday to one awesome kid!

#52 You’re two, in case no one told you, and everything is a new adventure for this young lady. New friends and new places are exciting for you, but most of all, new skills. Keep up the good work.

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