61 Employee Farewell Message (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

A colleague who is leaving an organization to go somewhere else is always missed. Take the time to write this person a farewell message that will be remembered for years to come. Here are some ideas of what you could include in your message.

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#1 You’re a genius when it comes to office politics. I’ll miss learning from you. Farewell.

#2 You’ve grown so much when it comes to your professional performance, your behavior, and manners; you are a role model for the younger generation in our company! Farewell.

#3 After working along with you in one place for so long; it is hard to imagine my life without you.

#4 You are the best colleague that every employer could have ever asked for. Farewell.

#5 The bright smile on your face and the energy you brought with you was always a pleasure to see. But I guess we won’t miss it now. Farewell, dear!

#6 When someone is loved by everyone at work, one day that person must leave. And that day is today! Farewell, friend!

#7 How do I thank you for being so awesome and supportive? You’re the best, bae! Farewell…

#8 I don’t think I’ve ever had a decent morning-after party at work. You are the reason why I want to celebrate my last day of work with you. Farewell to my boss bae pretties.

#9 You’re in my top three favourite people at work and that makes me sad, because we’ll probably never be great friends again now that you are leaving.

#10 I will miss you in the race. But don’t worry! Your inhuman speed and agility will always be a meme in our office. Farewell.

#11 You are just too fabulous, and the way you run on the spot when you hear that a new customer will walk through your door is funny. Farewell.

#12 Your expertise and experience in your field helped us progress too fast, which means that I owe you for taking me to the next level of work. Farewell.

#13 I’m jealous of your natural talent to be a great employee. You always inspire me and I hope that you’ll stay inspired moving forward in your career. Farewell.

#14 You were an inspiration to me and we have become great friends without ever exchanging a single word between us. I hope we always remain friends, whatever the distance brings us. Farewell.

#15 As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder and you would soon be missed by all your colleagues including me, now that you are going to leave us so soon. Farewell.

#16 Our friendship is priceless. And I wish we could go drinking together next week, but don’t let it make you feel bad. You’ll be missed a lot. Goodbye.

#17 In this office, you were my true brother and the greatest friend that I could ever imagine having in my professional life.

#18 Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. Farewell and thanks for your help.

#19 May our friendship never end even in the afterlife, a friendship forged and strengthened in the battlefield that is work. Farewell.

#20 Not all of us get to work with friends, just like how not everyone gets to be born as a CEO of Microsoft or Apple Inc.

#21 I have developed a habit of sharing every small thing in my life with you. Farewell and hope that we’ll share everything as friends in the future too.

#22 It’s definitely not easy to bid goodbye to a colleague who is so cool and caring. But I can only hope for your happiness. Farewell.

#23 You sometimes get so involved in some task that you forget about time, but the fun memories we shared at work will never fade away. Farewell.

#24 No one can replace you. You’re irreplaceable. I wish you a safe journey and that you’ll never have to see me or any of your co-workers here again. Farewell.

#25 We shared many great memories together. Tell us what we did wrong to be scolded so much, ok? Farewell.

#26 I won’t ever forget how you were always there to help me out when it was needed most. Farewell.

#27 Working with you is not only a great passion but also a great learning experience. Thanks for being a part of my journey. Farewell.

#28 Your honesty made my job more easier and joyful, two things I will always cherish and miss about the work environment. Farewell.

#29 We worked together in a very troublesome and stressful period in our workplace, and we managed to revive, turning it from a one-way street to an open road that leads us to new horizons. Farewell.

#30 I’ve always been a bad friend and an even worse colleague. But you’re a great exception, who makes me feel like I’m becoming a better man every day. Farewell.

#31 Staying away from you will be harder than I thought, so I’ll set my desk next to yours just for this morning. Farewell.

#32 Farewells are not final; they are only one of the beginning phases in the cycle of life.

#33 You’re a smart and talented person. Your sharp mind will be missed by everyone. Farewell.

#34 The trust and faith that I have in you made me a better, confident and successful person. Farewell.

#35 You know how to make me laugh when I need to relax, or keep my cool when I get angry or upset. Farewell.

#36 I wish you all the best for your future endeavors, and hope we work together one day again! Farewell.

#37 You were always the professional I missed while looking for a partner to fill my shoes. Farewell.

#38 You gave me the right advice during difficult times. Farewell.

#39 I’ve been wondering how you do it, but now that you’re leaving, I know who to ask for tips! Farewell.

#40 We have been together a long time and had many ups and downs in life together. Now that you’re leaving, I fancy our future together even more than before! Farewell.

#41 Having you as a colleague made work a real pleasure. You’ve been my best ally, I will miss you. Farewell.

#42 Our professional relationship made it possible for us to become friends, and now we’ll be able to spend more time together outside the office. Farewell.

#43 The office will feel empty without your daily kindness and faith in teamwork, but the door is always open for future reunions. Farewell Wishes…

#44 We are going to miss your company, wishes and suggestions that were always useful for the company to grow better. Farewell!

#45 We are not part of your daily routine, yet we are close to you by nature. Farewell.

#46 You have no idea how much you meant to me as a friend and a coworker. I will miss you but my door’s always open for the time being, hope we meet again sometime in the future. Farewell…

#47 There is nothing that can replace the company of an outstanding employee at work. Farewell.

#48 I have no words to thank you. You’ve been my greatest support and a constant advocate in the company. Farewell.

#49 Your commitment was an example for everyone, especially for me. You were a great mentor and I’ll always be grateful for that. Farewell.

#50 You are a pillar of support at work, and I’ll always cherish the times we’ve spent together. Farewell.

#51 Your departure has created a great vacuum at work, but it will be filled by someone else. This is what globalization does to people. Goodbye.

#52 Your departure will not just leave a hole in my heart; rather, I’ll feel like an orphan without a mommy to care for me. Farewell.

#53 You are irreplaceable; your replacements will not do justice to your work ethic and your spontaneous attachment to professional ethics.

#54 You grew at work and became a milestone in your career. I’m really proud of you. Farewell.

#55 Having you as a colleague was one of the best plans that the employers had, and your colleagues were no exception. Farewell.

#56 People are leaving us because we’re not so good anymore, and that means we need to make up for what we’re losing as swiftly as possible by being better than ever before. Farewell.

#57 The best things in life are not those that last forever, but the ones that come with a lifetime of memories. Farewell.

#58 We will always be your colleagues and partners, no matter where you’ll end up. Best wishes for your new life ahead. Goodbye.

#59 My world is truly emptier without you around to help me fight the demons of work. Goodbye, my friend.

#60 I will miss your smile, which lights up a thousand hearts at once and your caring heart that knows no bounds when it comes to your colleagues. Farewell.

#61 Remembering the way you helped me with my work was an unforgettable experience. Farewell.

#62 Having you as a colleague, I never had to worry about solving all the office issues. Farewell.

#63 In life, there are two types of memories—ones that we make and ones that are made for us; you’re the source of both. Farewell.

#64 You were a big part of my team and now, it will be difficult for me to keep up with all the changes that I have been working on without your support. Farewell.

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