55 Farewell Message to Boss (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Sending a farewell message to a boss can be a great way to show your appreciation for all they did for you. Here are some short messages that can help express your feelings at the end of a relationship with your boss.

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#1 You have taught me much over the years, and helped me to grow in skills I can use in my next career chapter. Well done on moving on up to be a boss who can run a unit as required by the business. Best wishes in your next adventure.

#2 As you move on to new adventures, I can’t help but be a bit sad. A boss like you is hard to find, so I’m going to hold onto the lessons and memories you’ve left me with for as long as possible. Thank you for everything.

#3 You have been my mentor, my coach and my guide in life since the first day we met. These past few years have been very meaningful because of your presence in them. Thank you for all that you have done. God bless!

#4 Your contribution to our team, our organization, and the industry will not be forgotten. Thank you for having been a boss that empowered me and showed me the true meaning of leadership.

#5 I am thankful for all you have done for me during the time we worked together, and it’s been exceptional. You have taught me so much, and I am glad to work under your guidance. Best wishes to you as you embark upon this new journey.

#6 You’ve been an excellent boss and a great colleague. You’ve given me many opportunities and also pushed me to exceed my reach. Thank you for all this, as I move on to greater things.

#7 Even though I will miss you, your departure is nothing but a good thing; a blessing in disguise that gives me the chance to move on and grow. Your judgment and wisdom have helped me in my career. Thank you for all the advice and guidance you’ve given me over the years, you will be missed but not forgotten.

#8 Thank you for your hard work, especially as I gained in responsibility during our time together. You’ve always been on top of your game and I appreciate it. Thank you for being a good boss that helped me along my career path.

#9 Thank you for the great opportunities you have given me in this time together. Your support has really helped as we worked to achieve our goals and realize what’s possible, thank you for all your guidance, it means a lot.

#10 You’ll be missed as my boss, but I know the time is right for me to move forward and seize new opportunities. We’ve had great times together and I hope that when I look back at your tenure that it was happy times for both of us.

#11 Although you were only my boss for a short time, I learned more than I could have imagined. You have been an inspiration and an excellent teacher. The world is lucky to have you in it. Wishing you all the best in your new endeavor.

#12 You don’t know how much I’ve learned from you over these last few years and how thankful I am that we had the chance to work together. Your wisdom will be missed, but your memory will never be forgotten. Best wishes for your future endeavors!

#13 Leaving our team must be bittersweet for you, as it is for us as well. You’ve been an excellent leader, a good teacher, and I appreciated working for you. Best of luck to you in the future.

#14 I never dreamed that I’d work for someone like you at my age and in my position. You made it seem possible and you were a fantastic boss. Thank you for all that you’ve taught me. Wishing you success and happiness wherever your future leads!

#15 Our time working together has been a great experience, one I will remember always and tell my children about when they get older! You have taught me so much, not just about our industry but about life in general too.

#16 As always, you were the best boss I could have hoped for, and I am grateful for the time we spent together. Thank you for your mentorship and inspiration. May today be the first day of a long and fruitful future.

#17 When our time together began, I never thought it would come to an end. Yet here we are parting ways, after mutually applying our best efforts to the company’s success. You will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. Thank you for everything!

#18 You are so wonderful to work for. I’ve enjoyed being part of your team, and know that your presence will be sorely missed. I hope you enjoy the next chapter of your career in the same way you’ve enjoyed this one.

#19 You were a great chief executive officer, and I hope your replacement proves as adept at the job. Thank you for mentoring me and teaching me how to be a better leader. I wish you all the best in the future.

#20 We became friends over this past year and that was a good thing. A year ago we didn’t even know each other.

#21 While I will miss the daily interaction with you, I can’t wait to hear all about your new adventures. You were a great boss, and I wish you the best in everything you do.

#22 Thank you for being such a good boss. Your wisdom and guidance have been invaluable, along with your sense of humor and all around awesomeness. I won’t forget everything we’ve done together and hope to continue learning from you wherever life takes us.

#23 When it comes time to leave, most people remember their bosses fondly as they fade into their rearview mirror.

#24 You’ve been a great boss, and my opinion of you has not changed. I hope when we meet again you’ll still have the same energy, enthusiasm and drive that made our relationship so enjoyable. Good luck in your next venture.

#25 It looks as though I will be losing a good, old coworker after all. And what a shame that is because as far as I’m concerned our time together has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you for everything and wish you the best of things to come.

#26 I’ve been with you since the beginning and I’ve learned so much. You’re a fantastic boss who has helped me to achieve great things in my career. I wish you the best in your new endeavor, and look forward to keeping in touch and seeing how this chapter of our lives continues.

#27 You were the first person through that door and you made an instant impact. Thank you for being a great boss even during our toughest years here. Best of luck finding your next adventure. I hope we keep in touch after you depart and wish you the best of luck as you move forward.

#28 You’ve been a great boss. I’ve learned so much from you and appreciated your kindness, support and guidance. Thank you for all the help you’ve given me and wish you the best of luck in your next role.

#29 You are a great mentor who has inspired me with your determination and passion. Thank you for helping me to stay motivated throughout my career, and best wishes in all that comes after this chapter of your life.

#30 Thank you for being such a wonderful boss when I needed one most. Your support has meant so much to me and I was lucky to have worked with an inspiration like you.

#31 Thank you for your guidance, both as my boss and as a follower of Christ, in the years we were both here. I’d be delighted to work with you on other projects in the future, either together or apart. Best wishes for your future and all that is to come.

#32 [NAME], you’ve been a great boss to me. I am grateful for how you guided and mentored me. I wish you all the best as you move forward into your new role.

#33 [NAME], having worked for someone as wonderful as yourself has been a pleasure. Thank you for everything and wishing you much happiness in your new endeavor.

#34 Leaving a job is hard, but leaving a boss like you is harder still. Thank you for your guidance and leadership, which made it easy to do both my best work here and helped me reach my full potential in life.

#35 You leave a lasting impression on everyone in your path. I’m sure those you’ll meet in your future will be no different. Keep doing what you do so well and enjoy yourself along the way. You deserve it!

#36 I’m sorry to see you go, but I know that every step leads to new opportunities and new experiences. Whether you miss me or not, I’ll miss working with you and wish you the best of luck in all that you do.

#37 It’s hard to know when a good thing is coming to an end, but we all have to face it eventually. My time here has been the best and I’ll miss working with you. Still, it’s been a pleasure and I wish you all the best.

#38 There are many people in this world who deserve the title of boss, but few who really earn it like you have. You’ve been the ideal boss to me, but your work goes beyond that. Thank you for doing such great work over these years and here’s to more success in your future.

#39 We have both grown over the past few years and I hope that our paths will cross again someday in the future. I wish you all the best as you move forward.

#40 You’re a great boss who’s been a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all that you’ve done. You’ve helped me to be the person I am today and I wish you luck as you move forward in life.

#41 We may have had some disagreements but we always made up quickly and continued to work together on projects. Thanks for everything, and best wishes in your future endeavors.

#42 I’ve loved working for you and really admired what you do. Thank you for your humanity, professionalism, and for always being a good boss. I wish you the very best as another chapter in your career unfolds.

#43 The world is filled with bosses who aren’t so nice, so it was good to know that mine was one of a kind. Thank you for all your good deeds, but more than that thank you for everything else. You were a great boss. Ahh…you will be missed! (Please don’t take my job.)

#44 It has been a pleasure working for you and getting to know you. I wish you the best with your new adventure. I hope we stay in touch, and I’ll certainly remember you as a great boss.

#45 Time spent working for you was more than just an employment period. In fact, it allowed me to grow in ways I didn’t realize were possible. Thank you for being such an encouraging boss and showing me that there is more potential within me than I ever thought possible.

#46 Bosses are like teachers and mentors, who are guides for someone to learn from on their way up the career ladder or mountaintop or wherever life takes them.

#47 You were a good boss. Now you are my boss, and I like it very much. I wish you happiness, wealth and success as you move forward. Farewell!

#48 You were a good boss. Now you are my boss, and I like it very much. I wish you happiness, wealth and success as you move forward. Farewell!

#49 You taught me the value of hard work, perseverance and dedication – values that have carried me through the years since then. Your leadership has been inspirational, your generosity commendable and your attention to detail exemplary. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me! Best wishes for the future.

#50 Working with you has been a pleasure, and I’m sad to see you go. You have been an excellent boss, and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

#51 Your time as my boss has been a brief but incredibly valuable experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your example—I wish you the very best in all that comes next!

#52 Thank you so much for being such a great boss to me during this time in my life. You have mentored me wisely, taught me well and worked with me patiently. With all that I am grateful for your love, support, friendship and discipline.

#53 You’ve been a great boss and I think you’ve done a wonderful job. Thank you for all your help and for making me feel like part of the team. Have a wonderful career.

#54 No one will ever be as good as you are, and I hope I can live up to your standard. Thank you for everything you’ve shown me and taught me in the past few years… Good luck!

#55 You’ll be sorely missed, but I wish you the best on whatever journey awaits. Good luck on your next adventure.

#56 You have been a huge part of not only my professional growth, but of my personal development as well. Thank you for everything you’ve learned from me to share with the rest of the world in upcoming articles and publications.

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