51 Funny Farewell Cake (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Farewells are often accompanied by cake. If you’re writing a goodbye note to someone on a cake, be sure to include these funny farewell cake sayings.

person holding lighted candle on clear glass container


#1 Congratulations on Quitting, Please Apply at Starbucks.

#2 Goodbye Wrecking Ball. If you Leave Your Axe, We Will All Love You Even More.

#3 It’s Hard to Find a Nice Guy at a Bar So I Had No Choice But to Keep Looking.

#4 This Is the Cake of Failure You Deserve. Get Out While You Can! Good Luck with The Job Search.

#5 Maybe This Wasn’t the Best Fit for You After All.

#6 We Wish You Would Stay… But Go Ahead and Leave.

#7 If You’re Leaving, Please Take the Pizza Cutter with You.

#8 Good Luck in that New Job… We Hope It Sucks.

#9 Best Wishes! The Best Wishes! In Fact, I Hope You Fail.

#10 Congratulations on Being Fired.

#11 I’m Not Crying, You Hurt Me to Get Here.

#12 Your Intentions Were Valid, but Your Credentials Were Weak.

#13 You are Not the First to Quit, and You Won’t Be the Last either.

#14 You Have No Idea How Much I Loved Being There… But Enough About Us, Let’s Talk About You!

#15 We’re Just Glad to Have You Out of Our Hair.

#16 We’re Not Sorry to See You Go.

#17 You Can, If You Want To.

#18 To Anyone Quitting Their Job, Good Luck!

#19 Quit Because You Think You Can Get Away With It. No One Believes That.

#20 We Hate You But We Love to Hate You.

#21 Good Looking (Not)! Congrats on Your New Job. Keep It Up!

#22 Congrats on Your New Job. Hope It’s Better Than the Last One. – For Afternoon Tea Cake.

#23 I Wish You Had Stayed With Us.

#24 It’s the End of an Era. And I Liked it.

#25 Never Forget. (Justify it with chocolate)

#26 Goodbye, Asshole. We Hope the Next Job is Better.

#27 The Escape Artist is leaving. (Justify it with chocolate)

#28 May the Road Rise to Meet You.

#29 We’ll Miss Your Irritating Quirks.

#30 We Wish You Well on Your Journey.

#31 Another Good Day at Brietbart

#32 It’s over between us. We need to part ways.

#33 God Bless You. We Wish You the Best of Luck in Your Journey. May the Good Lord Smile Upon You, and Lead You to Success, Happiness, and Joy. It’s a Wonderful Life.

#34 Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

#35 Fitting Farewell to Your Career.

#36 Time To Go. I Guess This Does Not Need a Goodbye Cake.

#37 Welcome Back To Everyday Failure.

#38 You Know What’s Better Than Saying Goodbye? Not Saying Goodbye.

#39 How did your body die?

#40 You Will Never Be a Jokester Again.

#41 The Space Shuttle Challenger… You Stole All of Our Jobs.

#42 May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You.

#43 Ironic, Normal and Normal. (Oli Wood)  – Too Many People Fail At This One.

#44 Everyone has a favorite brand of cologne, but you’re still wearing mine.   – Oli Wood

#45 Best Wishes on Your Biggest Failure (Oli Wood)

#46 Out to Get a Life.

#47 So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.

#48 Stealing Back Your Stolen Lunch. Have a Great Life.

#49 Farewell, but Not Good-bye. (Maybe)

#50 Handy… You’re Leaving Your Last Job Dead.

#51 I Hope Your Goodbye Is The Last Thing You See Tonight.

#52 Being fired is just like getting a divorce. You’re not going to get along with your partner anymore.

#53 Congrats on Job Hopping! Hopefully you won’t get fired from all the companies you worked for.

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