51 Thank You Messages to Bosses (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Appreciation is key when it comes to employment, and bosses are no exception. If you’ve just received a raise or promotion, take the time to write a note of gratitude to your boss. Here are some suggestions for things you might include in these messages.

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#1 I cannot express how much I appreciate your willingness to mentor me. You are an inspiring example of what it means to be a professional. Not only have you taught me the tricks of the trade, but you’ve also shown me how much can be achieved with patient and gentle criticism.

#2 Thank you for all that you do for our department. Your passion is incredibly contagious, and I know that everyone here loves working hard because it makes us better at our jobs. The amount of support that you give us is immeasurable, which is why we will always enthusiastically go above and beyond for you.

#3 I am so grateful for everything that you do as my manager! From your excitement about new projects to your drive to always grow as an individual, I admire you. I thank you for always providing me with the support that I need to thrive in my day-to-day job responsibilities.

#4 I cannot express how lucky I feel to work with such a respectable person. The way you guide your employees is appreciated more than I can put into words. It is incredible to be able to work under someone who inspires creativity and honor at the same time. Thank you for everything that you do for this company and me personally.

#5 You always make it possible for me to complete my projects without fail, while simultaneously teaching me what hard work really means. You are very intelligent and dedicated in all that you do, which is truly refreshing. We need more people like you in management positions everywhere! Thank you so much for being such an awesome boss!

#6 Your ability to manage difficult tasks with ease never fails to impress me. When other bosses would smack their employees with a stick for making one mistake, you calmly guide us toward success and offer appropriate criticism instead. You really care about your staff and it shows. Thank you for all that you do.

#7 You are the kind of person who makes your workplace great to be at every day. Everyone knows we can count on you to get things done no matter what obstacles stand in our way. Because of your talent and dedication, we continue to succeed as a team and company! Thank you so much for everything that you do!

#8 From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for being such an amazing boss. The way you make sure everyone is doing their part without micro-managing is truly admirable. It has been such a pleasure to work under you and I hope that happens for years to come.

#9 I don’t think I can put into words how much you mean to this company and me personally. Your leadership style is something to be emulated by all, as it produces the best results possible. Thank you for always having my back, even when things get tough.

#10 You have been an incredible boss ever since day one of working here. You go out of your way to make sure everyone has what they need from the business, while also maintaining a sense of humor throughout! I consider myself lucky to be on your team and look forward to what we accomplish together. Thank you so much for being an amazing coworker and leader!

#11 I’ve been in this industry for years now, but nobody has ever possessed the same patience and candor as you do. Your calm approach makes coming into work much more enjoyable than it otherwise would be because I know that I am not going to have things thrown at me that I cannot handle. You’re like the father I never had! Thank you for being such an incredible boss.

#12 Many thanks to my supervisor for managing things well at work and elsewhere as well. Thanks to you, everything runs smoothly and without a hitch, making it all much easier on those of us who have been given responsibility by your good example.

#13 I want to thank my boss from the bottom of my heart for being one of those rare individuals who can combine great managerial skills with excellent people skills so perfectly. It is a privilege learning from somebody as talented as you are in this industry!

#14 Your faith in me means a lot, and I am so thankful that we have a relationship where you feel comfortable giving me important projects to handle. Without your support, I would not be as productive as I am now. Thank you for being such a great boss!

#15 Thank you for finding me worthy of this assignment. Your faith means a lot to me because it shows that you are confident in my abilities to take on responsibility and grow into an even stronger employee. You are always trying to push us forward even when life feels like it’s at its worst-thank you for that!

#16 I want to thank my manager from the bottom of my heart today, because without her caring nature, I certainly wouldn’t have come this far or accomplished all these things. She has been there for me whenever I needed somebody the most. Thanks again, Boss!

#17 I cannot tell you how much I love that you are the kind of boss who appreciates a little bit of fun at work. Without it, everything can just be so dreary sometimes. Thank you for being an inspiring leader to look up to each day!

#18 You have opened my eyes to new ways of doing things and continue to inspire me every chance you get. You are so good at what you do, and people should know it. We all know it here, however-hope the rest of the world catches on soon so we don’t have any surprises down the line! Thanks for being such a great boss!

#19 Thank you for helping us reinvent this company into something better than ever before even though we have a long way to go still. Without your encouragement and leadership, this company would be so far behind that we’d never catch up.

#20 You have been such a wonderful boss from the moment I first started here, and it is only getting better as time goes on. You are always there for me whenever I am having trouble with something, and you’ve displayed more patience than most people could ever dream of having! Thank you for all the help over the years-I wish good things for you in return!

#21 I’m usually one to complain about my supervisor, but I can’t say anything negative about you. You are understanding when I make mistakes and straightforward when I need assistance. Thank you for your patience during the time it takes me to become comfortable in my role here with the company.

#22 Thank you for helping me find the best way to serve our clients. It is always nice coming into work knowing that you will be by my side to guide me through any problems that may arise. Your support means everything!

#23 Enjoying your position as supervisor has given me renewed hope of being successful in the workplace. No more days where I dread opening emails or feel nervous calling potential customers on the phone. Thank you for being so great at your job.

#24 It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a good relationship with my supervisor. Thank you for seeing my potential and making sure I have what it takes to be successful here. Your positive reinforcement has helped me gain confidence in my position.

#25 I am grateful that there are leaders out there who recognize the value of their employees, even when they are new to the workforce. You have gone above and beyond expectations, not only by offering help whenever you can but also by being friendly and personable. Without you, I would still be searching for my purpose here at this company. Thank you so much!

#26 Thank you for taking care of all of our concerns without yelling or getting about them—a rare thing in supervisors. You always make sure that we are doing our best and never hesitate to offer us helpful advice when it is needed.

#27 I appreciate the fact that you do not nag me about tasks I am struggling with instead of offering encouragement on those where I excel. It makes coming into work easier knowing you care about what I am doing and how well I do it. Thank you for being such a great boss/supervisor!

#28 Thank you for your support during this time of transition within my career. Things can be tough at first, but after getting over some initial hurdles, things seem to be going much better now than they were before. Of course, that’s thanks to you! Your management style really helps new employees find their footing quickly and easily.

#29 I don’t know what I would do without you! You have been a great support when I was going through some tough times, giving me a place to vent and always offering a helping hand in return. Thank you for being such a wonderful supervisor.

#30 It is an honor to work with someone as capable as you are. Your ability to resolve even the most difficult of conflicts has proven invaluable during our time together here at this company. Without your leadership, our team would not be where it is today. Thank you for being such a great boss/supervisor!

#31 Thank you for your willingness to listen to my concerns, without judgment or criticism. I have found that this is rare from supervisors who are as busy as you are. You truly embody what it means to be a concerned and empathetic manager/supervisor.

#32 Thank you for your willingness to take the time needed to train me and answer all of my questions, despite how busy we both may be. It is always nice knowing I can come into work and you will be by my side if I need any help or advice along the way. Thank you for being such a great boss/supervisor!

#33 I do not know what I would have done without your advice and support these past few years. You’ve helped me turn my dreams into reality. No matter how much I accomplish, you are always pushing me farther. You are the best boss that anyone could ask for!

#34 It is a privilege to work with you every day. Thank you for teaching me new things all the time! Every lesson has been extremely valuable in shaping who I am as an employee and person, so thank you again for being such a great mentor to me.

#35 Every business needs someone dedicated enough to keep it running smoothly, which is why I’m grateful my company has leaders like you. Your tireless efforts make sure our customers are always happy—something everyone in this office should be thankful for. Thank you for being a great boss.

#36 There are not enough words to express my gratitude towards the way you have taken care of me during my time here. You’ve taught me how to work hard while also having fun while doing it! I appreciate the job you have done as my supervisor, and hope that I can follow in your footsteps one day.

#37 You are incredible at what you do. From knowing our customers on a personal level, to making sure deadlines are met—you are an irreplaceable part of this company’s success. As long as there is someone like you around here, I know we will continue to grow and exceed expectations. you for being such a great boss.

#38 It is such a privilege to work for someone who has made such an impact on my life. You have shown me that there is nothing I can’t accomplish if I work hard enough for it, and I am so grateful to call you my manager. Thank you for always treating me like family—it means the world to me.

#39 You are the kind of boss everyone dreams of having, so I consider myself very lucky to be working with you every day! Your leadership and expertise makes our company shine, and we appreciate your efforts more than you know. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your help! Thank you for being such a wonderful supervisor since day one.

#40 You have had a tremendous influence on my development as an employee, and I am very grateful. I value your kindness and leadership abilities so much. In many ways you have been more than just a boss to me – you’ve been a mentor . Thank you for being such a great leader.

#41 Thank you for making this job feel like something that matters – because it does! You have made work fun again, and I really appreciate the support of working under your guidance. It is truly a pleasure to come into work knowing that you will be here with us all.

#42 Thank you for everything. You are one of those people who make those around them better at what they do, simply by being themselves. Your company has been more than a job – it has been a learning experience and I am extremely thankful for all you’ve taught me.

#43 I appreciate the opportunity to grow and learn with you as my supervisor . It is an honor working under your guidance, knowing that I can develop into who I want to become. You are one of the best bosses out there, hands down. Thank you for everything!

#44 Thank you so much for believing in us enough to promote us. We will not let you down! Thank you for being more than just a boss or coworker, but also a friend. I look up to your leadership skills on a daily basis. You are truly an amazing person, thank you so much!

#45 You have given me opportunities that I would never have had any other way. You’ve pushed me to be more than I thought was possible, and allowed me the chance to prove myself worthy of your belief in my abilities. Thank you for being a great boss.

#46 It may sound cliché, but honestly, there are simply not enough words in the world for me to say thank you enough times! There are so many things that you have done for all of us here at work, but especially for me. Thank you so much for everything!

#47 Thank you so much for everything! The opportunities that I have been given while working under your guidance have truly changed my life around. You are one of the best bosses out there, and if anyone deserves an award it is definitely you! Thank you for your leadership, honesty, and most importantly your friendship.

#48 Thank you for everything! You are an amazing boss to work under who truly cares about all of us here at the company. Your guidance is something I look up to every day, and has helped me grow exponentially as an employee. Thank you so much!

#49 Thank you for caring enough about this job that you make coming into the office on weekends feel normal. It motivates me greatly knowing that there is nothing more important than our clients. I am grateful for the wisdom that you have shared with me these past few years. Thanks to you, I’ve become a better professional and person overall.

#50 Thank you so much! Without having such a great mentor as yourself, I don’t think I would have been able to find my love for this industry. You are a true inspiration on so many different levels, and I appreciate all that you have done for me the past few months! Thank you for being such an amazing boss to work under.

#51 I just wanted to say thank you … for everything!!! The support that you have given me is something I will never forget or take lightly. You have helped shape me into who I am today, and I look up to your leadership skills with complete admiration. There are no words of thanks big enough to say how grateful I am, but at least know it comes from the bottom of my heart.

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