51 Thank You My Daughter Messages (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

If you are looking for thank you messages and quotes to say to your daughter, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a list of heartfelt and memorable expressions of gratitude that will make your daughter feel loved and appreciated. So take a few minutes to read through these messages, and choose the ones that resonate with you. Then write them down and share them with your daughter today!

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#1 You do so much for me every day, the least I can do is say thank you. You fill my life with reasons to smile and for that, I am truly grateful. I love you, my little princess. May this day be your happiest yet!

#2 You are special, smart, funny and I’m incredibly lucky to have a daughter like you. We know that you’re not perfect- but to us, there are no flaws in our little girl. You are amazing just the way you are, and we thank God for blessing us with an angel like you daily.

#3 Thank you for being the sweetest girl! I pray each day that God gives me enough strength to raise you well… And keeps his watchful eye over all of your days… Even though I never stop loving or caring about my daughter… I hope she knows how much she is appreciated by her Mother.

#4 I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with such an amazing daughter like you. You are really the best gift that he has ever given me. I pray to God every day that he will protect and bless you the same way that I do. Thank you for being such a sweet daughter!

#5 Thank you for teaching me what it’s like to be a parent. Thank you for your strength, your courage, and the example you set everyday for both of us. Most of all thank you for being our special daughter- because without you in our lives, we wouldn’t know how sweet true happiness really feels like.

#6 From here on out I promise to always give back everything that the love & care that you have given me over these past years! You are an angel sent from up above.

#7 You motivate me daily to become a better person than who I was yesterday. Thank you for your love and inspiration. I couldn’t do this without you.

#8 I could never find the words to express how much joy you’ve brought into my life since the day you were born. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in this world!

#9 Thank you for seeing me through the difficult times when I didn’t always have the strength to do so on my own. You give unconditionally, which is something that I can learn from.

#10 All parents think their child is perfect, but with our daughter, this is truly the case! Every day we are reminded why we fell in love with you all those years ago – because of your kind heart, beautiful soul, and loving spirit.

#11 Thank you for being there through it all- my good times and bad. Thank you for your unwavering support every step of the way. You make me stronger!

#12 Thank you for challenging me to be a better person everyday! Who would have thought one small child could make such an impact on my life?

#13 I don’t know how I ever got by without having you in my life, because now that I do have you, that void has been filled with nothing but joy and happiness!

#14 We had this dream of having a baby (you), but it also came with sleepless night and nappy changing. But all those sacrifices were all worth it because we now have the most beautiful daughter ever.

#15 I’m grateful every day that you were born. I love you more than words could ever say, and I would do anything for you. You are our beautiful daughter, and we want you to know how much we love and cherish every moment with you.

#16 You may have grown up a lot now, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to give my little girl a tight hug whenever I see her. It also makes me realize how fast time has passed us by as a parent. But whatever the case is, through thick and thin, nothing will change the fact that I am so proud of my daughter…more than she could comprehend!

#17 I know that there are times when we get annoyed with each other- but no matter what happens between us in the future, please know that nothing changes how much I love you and cherish every moment that we have together. You may not stay little forever but in our hearts and memories you are our little girl always.

#18 With every step you take towards becoming an independent woman, I pray that God has his mighty hand of protection over you. You are a special daughter to me and I’m thankful for your presence in my life!

#19 Your mom and I can’t stop thanking God for giving us such a wonderful daughter like you! We know we will not be blessed with nothing as long as we have got you in our lives. We love you dearly and we’re really glad to be your parents.

#20 My dearest daughter, every time I look at you all I see is beauty and gracefulness- from how you move around to even the tone of your voice when speaking it makes me beam from ear to ear knowing that such a beautiful soul resides inside your body!

#21 I know we’re not perfect parents. In fact, I’m sure that there are times when you think we don’t know anything about parenting and maybe even wonder why you were put into our hands to begin with. Rest assured that the reason is simply because God knew that if anyone was going to do a good job at raising a wonderful daughter like you, it would have to be us two knuckleheads!

#22 Thank you for being willing to share your mind and thoughts with me as well as listen to my own. Having a daughter who loves me without condition or judgement has been one of the greatest blessings in my life .

#23 Thank you my beautiful daughter for always being there in my time of need. I don’t think I could have ever been stronger without your support and love throughout the years even when I was at my worst.

#24 Thank you for always being honest with me even when it isn’t easy to tell me your bad news. Thank you for choosing us as your parents; we still think back to the day when it came time to meet our potential daughter for the first time. We both fell in love with you at first sight and knew immediately that no one else would do.

#25 My dearest daughter, I find my soul is most at peace when I look towards the future and see your face brightening it up. You are one of God’s special treasures; my only hope is that you always feel loved and treasured by everyone around you. By us first of all. We love you dearly!

#26 Thank you for being so understanding about life sometimes not going how we want it to go just yet- but still being patient with us as parents. Thank you for being a great kid who willingly does chores without having to be told too many times, who goes to bed on time every night, helps clean up the house after dinner- basically thank you for being an amazing human being! We are so proud of you and love you dearly.

#27 My dear daughter, thank you for always putting a smile on my face no matter how tough things get. I’ve never felt as though I was just your mom but also your friend too- because we can talk about anything and everything to each other. And that is one of the greatest gifts in the world, to have a bond with my own child like this. Thank you for our ages increasing together instead of apart.

#28 We want you to always know that we’re in your corner. We believe in you, and love you unconditionally no matter what.

#29 As parents, it is our responsibility to guide our children in the right direction- towards success and happiness. Thank you for being a child whom I have been able to guide successfully every step of the way. You are my dream come true!

#30 You may be unaware of this, but just by being yourself, you bring us so much joy. Everything about our daughter is a blessing from God sent down from above for us to enjoy and cherish all the days of our lives together with her as one big happy family.

#31 Thank you my beautiful daughter for choosing me as your mommy! I am so grateful to God for giving me the blessing of being your mother. Loving you is an absolute joy and privilege, and I can’t wait to begin another day together with my amazing daughter.

#32 Every child comes into this world unique, but you take that uniqueness a step further- being so determined from such a young age! We thank God every day for sending us our precious, talented, intelligent daughter. We love you so much!

#33 Thank you my sweet angel for spending this time with me today. These days are always the best because we get to spend them together as a family- just enjoying each other’s company and making lasting memories that we will cherish forever.

#34 You have taught me what it means to be patient in the most challenging circumstances. You have taught me what it means to love unconditionally, and you have taught me the true meaning of courage when you constantly put up with your illness day in and day out without ever complaining about it. As your mother, I want you to know that everything I do is for my daughter who has shown me more strength than anyone else in this world. Our family loves you very much!

#35 God has given us many gifts in our lives- but His greatest gift is YOU- my amazing daughter who constantly brings joy into my life every single day that we share together. Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie!

#36 I could say so many wonderful things about our little princess- I could go on and on talking about all of her amazing accomplishments, but the best thing that would come out of my mouth would be that phrase I’ve said countless times before: “You are perfect just the way you are, my Love.”

#37 Waking up besides you is another reason why I’m grateful for every day God gives me! Our lives changed rapidly and it’s wonderful to spend all those moments with you learning new things everyday! Having a daughter YOU – is the greatest blessing.

#38 When I look at you, my daughter, all I see is the most beautiful person on this earth. Well-rounded and perfect in every way. I love you, girl!

#39 I hope these thank you messages for a daughter from mom will show just how much you really mean to me. You have brought so much joy into our lives that we could never thank you enough.

#40 No matter how old or grown up a girl is, she’ll always be a princess who deserves to feel like one every single day of her life. How lucky are we to have such a wonderful daughter? We want you to know that we cherish ALL of those memories and moments with you forever because they truly make us happy! Nothing beats being called as your parents.

#41 We’re not just glad to have a daughter like you, we’re thankful that you’re our daughter! There’s no one else we’d rather be with and enjoy life than with YOU! We love having you as our daughter and we can’t wait to watch you grow up into such an amazing woman of God!

#42 The best thing about waking up every day is seeing your beautiful face. Thank you for always allowing me to wake up beside my princess each and every day. It’s the greatest honor I could ever receive. You are perfect and wonderful and I’m so blessed that I get to be your mommy.

#43 Our lives changed instantly the moment we heard the news – we were going to become parents! Today, our lives are complete because we have you, the most beautiful daughter in the world! No one else deserves to be called mommy and daddy more than YOU!

#44 These messages for daughters from mom remind her that even though she is grown up now, she will always be our little girl. We love having you as our daughter and cherish every moment with you. We’re thankful that God chose us to be your parents.

#45 Every day with you is a new adventure filled with happiness; which brings us profound joy every time we see your face or hear your voice! We can’t wait to live many more wonderful memories together my dear daughter. I’m so blessed to call myself your mother… it’s my greatest honor in life!

#46 There are daughters who are angels, there are daughters who are blessings, and then there’s my daughter- the girl that brightens every day of my life with her beautiful smile. I love you darling mommy’s angel.

#47 It wasn’t always easy being a mother-sometimes were bumps along the road for both me and your dad… But it was all worth it since we now have a wonderful daughter like you… For this reason, I want you to know that thank God everyday that I am able to call you mine. You bring so much joy into our lives sweetheart!

#48 Happy birthday little one! Mommy wishes she could be celebrating with you today, but as always, she is sending you all her love and hugs from a distance. You are her little girl today and for always.

#49 Thank you daughter for being the very best part of our lives! Your presence in our world has been an absolute blessing. We pray that God will continue to keep your light shining bright and guide your way through life’s highest highs and lowest lows because we love you so much!

#50 Dear Little One, Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter…even though at times I have been hard on you…I really do appreciate who you have become…especially now that it’s under my roof that I can see just how amazing you truly are..so thank you again sweetie..and also know no matter what you do I’ll love you just the same.

#51 When we were looking for a name, we thought about which of our favorite girls names would be fitting for such a lovely child… But as soon as we saw your sweet face, there was no question as to whether this would be your name. We didn’t choose “Emily”, we chose YOU. Because from that moment on, you’ve been YOU.. and will forevermore be YOU. You are our Emily, and our joy.

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