51 Thanksgiving Message to Coworkers (Heartfelt & Inspiring)

Thanksgiving is the perfect day to consider the people who make your days at work easier. Take the opportunity to thank those around you, and wish them a happy holiday as well. Here are some sample messages you can use.

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#1 May the grace of Jesus Christ be with you on this Thanksgiving day. I pray for this special blessings and never ending happiness to be yours forever.

#2 May you all have a pleasurable holiday season with your families, my best wishes to them too. May your days ahead be filled with pleasant surprises. Happy thanksgiving!

#3 My dearest colleagues, I am overwhelmed by gratitude for keeping me in their esteem even when my work is not up to par. Here’s hoping that our relationship will grow deeper and stronger as time passes by. Thanks so much for being so patient towards me, may God bless you more abundantly than you can ever wish for yourselves.. Have yourself a joyful Thanksgiving celebration!

#4 Thanksgiving dawns every year but there are still so many things to be thankful for, I am grateful to have a co-worker like you who’s always there whenever I need your support. May our workplace continue to shine through the years with your dedication and commitment!

#5 Thanksgiving comes every year but my wonderful colleagues are sure an added reason to celebrate this year! May you prosper more than just wealth, may peace prevail in all our lives, may our friendships remain strong too. Wishing you all a very happy thanksgiving celebration!

#6 I just want you know that every single work day that passes by is filled with gratitude because of people like you around me. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

#7 Thankful as I am for the happiness and we get from this holiday, I’m also grateful for my wonderful colleagues who are always by my side even in the darkest of days. May our friendship be deepened more and may we continue to grow in faith together.

#8 Thanksgiving is a time for celebration so let us be joyous! I pray for peace and prosperity to be yours always, may our friendship remain strong until end times. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

#9 May the wonderful day of Thanksgiving fill your heart with joy and cheer. Happy Thanksgiving to my dearest friends at work.

#10 As I gather around with family on this beautiful day, I found myself thinking about all of you whom God has brought into my life as a blessing from Him. Enjoy a blessed and happy thanksgiving with my best wishes.

#11 Above everything else that we have today, what matters most is having each other as a part of our lives. Thankful that I have you as a great friend and coworker. Happy Thanksgiving!

#12 Whatever good things come our way, it doesn’t matter if we are together or apart because of the fact that you will always remain dear to me so does our friendship which keeps us going. Have a safe and happy thanksgiving.

#13 May the light of thanksgiving brighten up your life today and remind you of God’s Love for us all. Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend!

#14 On this day when we gather around with our families, I feel blessed to have you as a great co-worker and a friend who is always there in good times or bad. May you have a blissful time enjoying the beautiful day of Thanksgiving with family and friends.

#15 Thanksgiving is a perfect time to show how grateful we are to be part of each other’s lives because without each other it would make our journey through life very lonely indeed. Wishing you a blessed and happy thanksgiving my dearest friend at work.

#16 I wish a very happy Thanksgiving to the kindest and hardest working person I know. Thanks for making this workplace a better place.

#17 Your thoughtfulness make me feel wanted and appreciated at all times. For your case, it would be an honor if you count me as one of those you cherish most on this day. May I have the honor of sharing this happy thanksgiving with you?

#18 You are my best friend in the office. Thank you for being there for me always during my tough times and celebrating with me on good days! Happy Thanksgiving!

#19 From now until forever, I am going to say a million thank yous to express my gratitude for having a great colleague like you around. You’re awesome! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

#20 Now, it is time to stop being so naughty. It is time to be grateful for all the way you have been showing your love for me around the office. This Thanksgiving day is no exception. And I am truly thankful for that! Happy Thanksgiving my dearie!

#21 You are my partner in crime at work and one of my best buddies in life. Thank you for making everything worthwhile with just a single smile on your face, have a happy thanksgiving!

#22 For having made this place an amazing workplace that everybody adores including me, this special holiday belongs to us too, share our joy by celebrating together. Have a great year ahead of us.

#23 I have so much to be thankful for this year. Maybe, it’s because of your efforts that I got what I wanted out of this company. Thank you my friend, happy Thanksgiving!

#24 This is an opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the noble men and women who stand by me day in and day out including my greatest friends like you. My special Thanksgiving blessing goes out to everyone especially those closest to me. God bless you.

#25 Thanksgiving brings back memories of how life has changed for me since joining this organization two years ago. We worked hard but we always had fun doing it didn’t we? And it was all because of you guys. To show our love for each other amidst the trials and heartaches we had to face, I am sending you all my heartfelt thanks and wishes for a very memorable Thanksgiving.

#26 I want to say thanks for being an excellent colleague this year. You are a great coworker and you are wonderful. I would love to have you in my team anytime.

#27 You are not only my good friend but also my best colleague at work. Happy Thanksgiving!

#28 Here’s wishing you all the joy, cheer and success in everything that comes your way in life. Being around someone like you makes it worthwhile coming to work every day! Thank You!

#29 May God continue showering His blessings on our company as He has done so far? A very happy Thanksgiving day wish is sent your way with much warmth and gratitude from me and mine.

#30 Happy Thanksgiving! We should cherish the moments we spend together because they add meaning to our lives. Thank you for your friendship and support, I hope there are many more special moments ahead!

#31 I cherish our pleasant working relations; keep thriving in life with happiness. Wishing you all the best in everything you do! Happy Thanksgiving.

#32 My warmest thanks to my co-workers for being so supportive and nice, without whom my job would have been a tough nut to crack… I am grateful beyond words for your cooperation and guidance. Now let us enjoy a wonderful day of Thanksgiving!

#33 Warm Thanksgiving wishes from me and mine… May the Lord bless each one of us abundantly today, always and forever more? A heartfelt thank you from me to every single one of you who matter so much in my life. Enjoy today folks!

#34 I am so grateful to have you as a friend and as part of our team. I’m thankful for all the wonderful memories we share at work, and hope that there are many more to come! Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

#35 Have a blessed Thanksgiving… We just want to say thank you for being such an awesome colleague this whole year, your support and motivation have been our pillars of strength. A big thank you from me on behalf of my co-workers here. May the Lord continue showering His blessings on us all?

#36 Hope this short note comes across as a whole big thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for me. My day is always brighter and happier because of you and I wish that we can always be like this forever.

#37 Hope you all have a great thanksgiving my friends, with lots to be grateful for and even more blessings to come!

#38 God has been really gracious in everything he has done for me and the least I could do was to say thank you by sending these words across. May your Thanksgiving celebration turn out as fantastic as you are!

#39 Thankfulness is humility; Thanksgiving is acknowledgment of God’s work; Gratitude is a heart response back to him for his gifts. May each one of us be enriched abundantly more this Thanksgiving season!

#40 Just wanted to say thanks for all the things that we share every single day. You’re an awesome co-worker and I wish you the best for this Thanksgiving!

#41 Thanksgiving is about being with family, but it is also great to be in a position to celebrate with your coworkers. A friend like you makes life so much better. Have a happy thanksgiving, my friend!

#42 You make work fun even when life seems tough. Thanks for always lending me a helping hand when I need it most. Having someone like you around really makes work time easy and enjoyable. Wishing you all the happiness on this Thanksgiving!

#43 Best wishes of happiness to my fellow brother who has made work time productive and fun at the same time. Keep up that noble spirit of joy all year round especially on holidays like these. I wish you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

#44 You don’t know it but your kind words and encouragement really give me great comfort and strength when I am down hard in life. Thank you for being real, thank you for working with me, and above all, thank you for showing the world how amazingly inspiring your kindness can be. Sending my wishes to you on this Thanksgiving!

#45 I wanted to take five minutes of my time to say thank you to the best co-worker in the world! You make work feel like home and it is such a pleasure being around someone as caring as you are. Wishing us not just a wonderful holiday together but a bright new year ahead too!

#46 Happy Thanksgiving! May God bless you and your family with a day that is filled with joy and prosperity!

#47 I have been working for a while now and I have never seen someone as hardworking, diligent, smart and humble as you. You are an inspiration to everyone in the office, especially me. Let’s celebrate this Thanksgiving with our families and friends but also share it together at work to keep us motivated. Here’s to raising the roof higher every day! Enjoy your holidays!

#48 It is so great being around people who always try their best to get things right. Thank you for being a co-worker who respects my decisions. Happy thanksgiving ahead!

#49 I am really thankful to have people like you, my best buddies at work. Enjoy the new life that Thanksgiving brings and let’s hope it will bring us more fruitful resolutions for our future endeavors.

#50 Wishing you the happiest of thanksgivings on this festive day. We may not all be equally blessed with things but sharing your happiness and good feelings with your friends and colleagues on this day will bring you more happiness than any gift ever could.

#51 My dearest colleagues, I am grateful for having such close friends like you who make work feel like a place of second home. Happy Thanksgiving!

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